Review: Midnight Club: Los Angeles

iTWire writes: "It's hard, it's tough, and yet a great way to explore Los Angeles, welcome to the club. Midnight Club: Los Angeles will drain the blood from your knuckles, which will return when you throw the controller at the screen.

In our hands on preview earlier this year, the description of experiencing Midnight Club: Los Angeles (MCLA) was pretty vivid: "The blood has recently returned to my knuckles, enabling the typing up of this report, with any luck both my hearing and sight will return within due course as well."

And with valid reason, MCLA's sense of speed and recklessness has translated into the final code, as has the non-stop racing structure of the game.

Engineered using the GTA IV RAGE engine, the faux LA is presented in glorious detail, though unlike GTA IV the city can only be enjoyed on or in a vehicle."

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