Arabian Knights: GameZone chats with Prince of Persia Producer Ben Mattes

GameZone writes: "Ubisoft's Prince of Persia series has been around for quite some time now, but within the past several years with the Sands of Time trilogy, the franchise has really come onto its own as a stalwart force in the action-adventure genre. However, instead of building upon the story and gameplay arc the publisher had presented in the trilogy, Ubisoft has decided to start fresh with the first high-def entry to the series, the aptly named Prince of Persia.

Prince of Persia does away with the time control features that were the series' bread and butter, and instead introduces a brand new combat model, improved platforming, and an awesome open-world environment to explore. At a recent press event for the game, GameZone had the chance to sit down with Ben Mattes, the game's Producer at Ubisoft Montreal, for a candid discussion about the game's journey through development, it's influences within the industry, and what the team's biggest challenges have been."

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