360 Gains In Japan a Mirage

Japan - In the same week that the Wii has crossed 7 million units sold, the 360 is once again playing as a potential spoiler against Sony's PS3.

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Death3517d ago

they can be twisted to look like something they are not. This time last year the PS3 was averaging around 50,000 a week in Japan. The Xbox 360 was somewhere around 7500. Obviously today it's a different story since they are both selling about the same. What is different this year? Well, first off Sony didn't just introduce the 40 gig at a lower price in Japan. That is what caused the spike in sales last year. Prior to that, the PS3 was selling relatively poorly.

The Xbox 360 hasn't done well for the year. We all know this so it's not much of a shock to say it. What they have done though is found a way to increase sales in a region that they were believed to be dead in. These last few months we have seen Microsoft lower the price and introduce some exclusives that Japanese gamers actually want. This has resulted in year over year sales being slightly ahead while Nintendo and Sony are slightly behind. Who honestly thought they could say that this year in Japan? Sony is still over 1.5 million units ahead of Microsoft and the Wii is a solid 6 million ahead, so it's not like anyone is claiming Microsoft to be the new leader in Japan. What people in Microsoft's camp are excited about is they are atleast going forward instead of backwards.


DiabloRising3517d ago

Very true. Hopefully trends like this will spur on all companies to not sit on their asses because they "own" one region.

CrazzyMan3517d ago

BUT come on, EVEN Wii is doing worse, then year ago.
Just look forward to Japan Christmas sales, PES 2009 bundle released, which in first day(Nov 27th) did around 100k,
and then later expect boost by White Knight Cronicles. =)

And Wii, most games on Wii just bomb in Japan, even with 7 mln. userbase, because it`s casuals bought the system, and they don`t buy normal games usually.
Wii is NOT a competitor to HD consoles, because they are different.

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PimpHandHappy3517d ago


cheaper then a wii


bomboclaat_gamer3517d ago

cheaper THAN a wii

know your English

TheMART3517d ago

So do you know my language that well also? Not everyone in the world has English as their native language dude.

Zeevious3517d ago

NOT News 4 Grammar.


Thanks Mart & PimpHand for your comments!

Perjoss3516d ago

bomboclaat_gamer is undercover grammar police officer, watch out!

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Johnny Rotten3517d ago

I wonder if the Japanese fanboys go on all the forums saying "your system sucks, it hasn't even sold half a million in 3 years"

just wondering?

ROFL COPTER3517d ago Show
heyheyhey3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

wow.... so your a racist motherfvcker too huh?

your what's wrong with society buddy.... reported


awwww isn't that cute, your desperately trying to catch me out on grammar mistakes because your sad that your a pathetic idiot

ROFL COPTER3517d ago

its "you're" meaning "you are".

Get your GED before you speak loser.

Ryo-Hazuki3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Its a very simple thing......the ps3 is too expensive right now. Whenever they drop the price, sales will increase big time. It hasnt hit the mainstream price point yet.

With that said, it shows just how weak the 360 is in japan when the ps3 is still outselling them, even though its like half the price as the ps3

evrfighter3517d ago

Not really. Your argument was valid when they tried selling regular xbox's in japan. It never caught on with japanese gamers because they are a very very loyal consumer. For microsoft to do that well in the japanese market is almost a milestone with these numbers.

I'm strictly a pc gamer (who thinks bill gates is the devil) and its cheap hardware that drives my video card/cpu purchases. I'm strictly calling it as I see it. Microsoft news usually carries over into tech forums I frequent and over the years the trend has always been "xbox's don't sell in Japan period." I'm honestly surprised they are selling as much as ps3's. Even with the cheap price. Japanese gamers I've met online ALL seem to hate microsoft and windows.

Agent VX3517d ago

I really think the article should of focused on the bigger issue, what has happened to the PS3 sales???

It is quite clear that the 360 will never ever reach mass appeal in Japan, this is known! But what on earth is happening to worldwide sales of the PS3, and more interesting, what is happening to PS3 sales in Japan???

It seems that after the diehard Sony Playstation users have bought their PS3, it is really looking like the rest of the market is rejecting the PS3, as seen by the not so good sales of the PS3 recently.

Has the PS3 blown its load already, and now will slowly die a painful death??? Stay tuned folks, time will only tell!!!

PantherLotus3517d ago

It's hard to say much about the PS3 that isn't already known:

1. Wow @ that price. "If it comes down it will suddenly sell like gangbusters."

2. Wait until... (insert big PS2 franchise here).

3. It's more than just a "toy." ("the Wii is just a kid's toy so it doesn't really count").

So beyond that the article does briefly note that PS3 sales have flat-lined, but doesn't go into that further because it has been discussed to death. Rather than beat a dead horse, the article addresses the misconception that the 360 has really stolen the show from Sony.

Basically, the gains (for the 360 against its competitors) are short term and directly related to a series of above average RPGs. Those events are happening concurrently with year-end market increases and conclusions about market position should not be made.

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