The Trader's Dilemma

GI.Biz writes: "There has been an attempt in recent months to portray the whole question of the second-hand market for videogames in extremely simplistic terms. As the development and publishing sectors rail against second-hand, the narrative has been uncompromisingly black and white.

Retailers - the parasites at the end of the value chain - make huge profits from second-hand sales. Developers - the creative minds at the start of the chain - suffer major financial setbacks as a consequence. Looming over it all is the spectre of digital distribution, which publishers wave like an admonishing finger, muttering darkly about how the end of High Street sales - and our new, second-hand bereft future - is coming sooner than anyone expects.

As so often happens when the industry decides to gaze upon the navel that is its own value chain, there's something missing from this picture - consumers. You can have whatever value chain you like, but it doesn't matter a damn unless there are consumers sitting at the very end of the chain and feeding their hard-earned cash into the system."

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thisguywithhair3370d ago

Digital Download will never work. I laugh every time someone says that it is the future. All the proof you need is to look at newspapers. When the internet was first becoming widely used become became upset that it would eliminate books and newspapers. Look around you, do you see the lack of books? How about in book stores like COLES and CHAPTERS? How about newspapers? For a dying media they seem to take up alot of space in convience stores.

Please stop talking about digital downloads as the wave of the future. They are not coming, not in the way that people say they are. At least not until we become so mobile that we no longer have homes like we do now and thus have no place to keep actual hard copies of anything. Until that happens there will always be ademand for a copy of ANYTHING that people can actually hold in their hands and say that it is theirs.