GTA IV for PC has 32-player multi

Eurogamer writes: "One final, and quite tasty, morsel of information about the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV ahead of its release next week: there's multiplayer support for up to 32 players.

That's a twofold increase on the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, which were capped at 16 players in all modes."

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bumnut3462d ago

it was 50 players the last time i played it!

thor3462d ago

Yeah COD4 is so much more awesome on PC - it gets insane especially on the smaller maps. I couldn't believe it only supported 16 players on consoles! The major drawback is lack of prestige, however. So everyone's at lvl 55 the whole time.

bumnut3462d ago

i tried 50 player free for all on cod 5 last night, now that was insane!

evrfighter3462d ago

it's true. I've played cod4 on 360 and ps3 and nothing compares to when I have AA cranked up and joining a 50 man overgrown. you don't have to turn a corner find a sniper lying in the grass to knife.

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gauravraw3462d ago

Better textures, framerate and now more players too? and oh, it's cheaper too!

Nextil813462d ago

We've known this since they first announced it as I recall.

y0haN3462d ago

Cool, but GTA4 never felt all that lonely on the PS3. It's not like I bought it to play multiplayer, but it was definitely worth checking out. Here's hoping for the PC buyers that they give more co-op scenarios or some differentiation to the existing ones, they got boring fast.