Blu-ray Black Friday deal roundup

Transformers Blu-ray disc $9.99. Fri. only.

Get ready to be black and blue with the hottest Blu-ray player and disc deals on Black Friday. Give the gift of high-definition this holiday season!

Buy Three Warner Blu-ray disc titles and receive a free PS3 Blu-ray Remote.

Buy any Blu-ray disc player or PS3 and two Sony Blu-ray discs and receive two Sony titles free.

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Snake Raiser3343d ago

BIG BOSS finds all teh good deals.

kewlkat0073342d ago

Now that's a price I feel comfortable with...I'll pick it up.

I wish that was the norm but that would be DVD.

iHEARTboobs3342d ago

I just picked it up for $9.99. Great price. Wish that was the norm also but only just recently have the DVD's gone down in price drastically. I remember i got the Transformers SE DVD for around $23 when it came out.

dericb113342d ago

Got the Transformers from Best Buy for $9.99 and
Iron Man for $15 from Walmart. Both are Blu-ray.

aiphanes3342d ago

$9.99 you can not beat it....I am going to Circuit City right now to pick up my $19.99 per pair surround sound speakers! I will now have 7.1 surround sound! Now all i need to do is get a new HDMI 7.1 receiver...I got a 7.1 right now...but it is not HDMI...I got my PS3 and Xbox 360 hooked up audio wise using the optic fiber cable for sound. I need to go HDMI.

I am looking at the lowest pioneer elite models....they are around $500 on the net. I currently got a 5 year old Pioneer Elite 7.1 receiver.

Lacarious3342d ago

Now I can buy this instead of downloading. What a great idea!!!

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