Neocrisis: New Ninja Blade Screens - Forget Ninja Gaiden?

Neocrisis: 5 new screens from famitsu.


Game comes out January 29th 2009. Demo gameplay video has been added which is broken up into 2 parts.

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Chris Hansen3492d ago

Is Neocrisis trying to promote their site using N4G? There's a sh*t ton of articles from neocrisis...

Homicide3491d ago

Doesn't every small or rising website use N4G to promote their site? I recently joined their site, and it's pretty cool.

ultimolu3491d ago

The screens look great so far.

JCDenton3491d ago

Wow, really nice graphics!

360 man3491d ago

wow that aint bad u know

gamfreak3491d ago

but will flop eventually.

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