WTF! Sony Raising Price of 160GB PS3 in Canada

For close to a year now Canada has enjoyed prices on par with the US. The recent turn around in the Canadian dollar (1 CDN = .80 USD Approx) seems to be reflected (not fully) in the new price of the 160GB Uncharted Bundle.

The Uncharted 160GB bundle in the US is selling for an MSRP of $499.00 USD and Canadians have come to expect that the price would be the same there, but denominated in Canadian funds. Sadly, this isn't the case.

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badz1493516d ago

but this is more than just a foreign exchange! last year I was at Australia when the AUD was quite high compared to USD but the game price stayed at AUD99.90 to AUD119.90...about double the price in NA!

Sarick3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Can you give the US to CAN dollar rate?

$400 US = What in Canada?

I'm guessing like $400 in Canada = about $500 US If this is the case they're losing about $100 more for every PS3 they sell in Canada.

USDCAD=X 400 Nov 28 1.2340 493.6000

Panthers3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

The story says that $1 CDN = .80 USD meaning that $400 CDN would be $320 USD

The US dollar is worth more than the CDN so $1 would not get you as much in the US.

Zip3516d ago

be gratefull you dont live in denmark then, a launch ps3 game can easily cost 104 $ ... im not kidding you guys

BattleAxe3516d ago

For a while the Canadian Dollar was worth more then the US Dollar and thats why Sony harmonized their prices on the PS3 in both the US and Canada.

The problem with raising the price in Canada now is that the XBOX 360 is $199. 00 in Canada right now. I've found that the 360 seems to be more popular over the PS3 here in Vancouver and if Sony raises the price then I think they will not be all that competative.

Sarick3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

For a while, LOL

I haven't been watching the markets and the US Dollor fairing less then the Canadian dollor was a shocker to me. I always remember seeing items on books etc saying US $2.50 and CAN $5.33.

Bad economy flip flopping.

Well, now I'm confused more then ever, anyway I must have had it backwards.

Mr_Bun3516d ago

Futureshop has also been increasing the price of games released after Fallout 3...Everything new that comes in is being sold at 64.99 instead of 59.99

wetowel3516d ago

Even at a $20 markup, with the current exchange rate us canadians are still getting a better deal then our brother in the south.

JohnSlaught3516d ago

@1.4 Zip, so true ... and the availability in most stores are appalling. I guess that is why I buy my games and blu-rays in Jersey/Switzerland (, or Hong Kong ( The price for a PS3 (80GB) is around $550 in Denmark (bundles +$50) and all I hear is my friends asking "when is the PS3 going down in price?".

monfa3516d ago

I'm pretty sure the bundle was only $499 CAD last weeks flyer.
Might as well just get the $400 80GB + $104 250GB 2.5" and pick up some used games at Blockbuster or EBgames :/

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Fishy Fingers3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Still works out cheaper than the lowest spec UK SKU. £272 compared to £294 for the 40GB in the UK.

Still how you can call 2 lines of text and a cropped image from a retail outlet news. They should at least try and contact Sony or similar for an official response.

GrandTheftZamboni3516d ago

In Canada, we have to pay 14% tax on top of the advertised price. In Europe, you pay what you see, right?

Fishy Fingers3516d ago

We pay 17.5% (just cut to 15%) VAT (value added tax), but yeah, it's always included in the display price.

die_fiend3516d ago

IT's £294 for a 40GB?! What a rip off!

Fishy Fingers3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Admittedly it is a bit of a rip, you can find an 80GB with a few games for around £300 though which isn't to bad. I paid £450 for a 60GB launch SKU with no games :/

Pretty sure the 40GB is on the way out though, so why they're still trying to sell it for £20 less than the 80GB with games is beyond me.
^PS3 80GB Console with Motorstorm: Pacific Rift + Fallout 3 + Mirrors Edge = £323
^PS3 80GB Console with LittleBigPlanet + FIFA 09 = £293
^PS3 40GB Console = £293 <------ ?

anh_duong3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

amazon sells the 80gb with 3 latest games and a hdmi lead for 299 pounds sells 80GB PS3 with LBP
Rambo BR
Motorstorm Pacific Rift
HDMI for £306

the 40gb is technically discountinued so its priced fluctuates wildly. i have seen it price as low as 225 pounds this week.

InMyOpinion3516d ago

Fishy the sales rep lol! ;p

PirateThom3516d ago

£225 is a bargain.

Sony should keep the 40GB in production and price it at that until the end of the year.

die_fiend3516d ago

£225? It that another worthless random utterance from the might Pirate Thom PS3 lover? Where you pluckin that number from? Sony need to drop the price in a big way cos 360 is gaining momentum and since it's coming up 2 xmas and the world economy is crippled, pricing a PS3 at £300 is extortion. Before when I was contemplating gettin a blu-ray I thought PS3 is a no brainer cos it's also a console, but now you can get blu ray players for £150, there's no way I'll still gonna pay £300 when there are only 2 games I'd want on it (MGS4 and FFvs which probably won't stay exclusive anyways)

PirateThom3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Are you now going to follow me about in a feeble attempt to troll any time I post?

If this isn't relevent to you, since you obviously hate the PS3, why are you posting here?

Since I'm obviously a PS3 lover and this site is run by PS3 fanboys, could all my PS3 buddies just remove this guys bubbles for being a hypocrite and a troll?

die_fiend3516d ago

Don't hate it, would get one if they were a decent price. But yeah I'll let you carry on with ur little infatuation of a piece of hardware...

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Citizen Cook3516d ago

Howe dare you screw the moddest gamer AGAIN!

InMyOpinion3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

It's ThatCanadianGuy420's fault for being a douche.

SONYSLAVE3516d ago

lol yeah canadians are weird

Bangladesh3516d ago

The salary that Sony pays him, and the slew of other viral marketers on N4G that pretend the PS3 is a good game console has something to do with this.

HateBoy3516d ago

Right, that is their huge december marketing storm, expect about a 1000 new members every day starting december 1 talking about teh cell here.

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