GTA IV Lost & Damned Priced: $20

Developed by series creator Rockstar North and set in Liberty City, The Lost and Damned features a new main character, Johnny Klebitz, and a plot that intersects with the storyline of Grand Theft Auto IV offering an entirely fresh way to explore Liberty City.


Gamestop now lists this again.

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solidsnakus3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

wow, this is alot bigger deal than i thought it would. day one purchase!

gamesR4fun3489d ago

yeh doesnt look like their adding anything to the map but I'm interested in seeing what the new story's like and the online stuff's a nice bonus.
Still sad its only on the 360 tho :(

ultimolu3489d ago

You would rather waste $20.00 on this than to put it aside to buy a new game...

solidsnakus3489d ago

you fanboys forget that gta4 IS a good game with really good core gameplay. the dissapointment about gta4 was the content and what you couldnt do. but hey, this is a new story with another character. im shure theyll make it so you can buy houses this time around and maybe buy buisnesses since its a biker gang, they have a giant empire to run so it fits perfectly into the story. this might just be what we wanted gta4 to be. yea it might be the same map but come on, gta4 map is HUUGEEE. you guys write off gta4 like it was a huge dissapointment but just go back and remember how much fun you had while you were playing it. 20$ for a full fledged expansion pack with new story, weapons, vehicles, and multiplayer modes for GTA4 is a must have in my books.

ultimolu3489d ago

solidsnakus...this game SUCKED.

I'm sorry but it did. I bought this game, thought it was cool at first, until I felt like I wanted to punch Niko's cousin out if that was an option.

But it's your money. Do what you want with it but I still say that Microsoft should have used this money on new games.

solidsnakus3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

right.. this game suckd... that still dosent change the fact its the highest rated game of all time.. who to belive? some fanboy on n4g or all the gaming sites? such a hard choice.

20$ for an expansion to the highest rated game of all time? yes please! its not like 20$ is alot of money.dont worry i can afford both this and RE5 or w/e is out that month.

Harry1903489d ago

You can't punch Roman in the face. Niko would be very angry if you did that. You could punch Brucie, his shark testoterone allow him to endure everything and no one minds kicking him.

sirbigam3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Solidsnakus don't write people off as fanboys just because people don't follow yur views, the guy even said I'm sry he beleived it sucked, he was just too kind. How do yu admit this game sucked but say it had a high reveiw at the same time, freackin hypocrit. Now I'm call yu a fanboy sucka.

On another note I never having purchased it, but would buy the game because of the DLC,I previously played the game halfway & just gave it back to a freind as the whole game just started dragging & feeling like a chore.

solidsnakus3489d ago

lol.all ps3 fanboys are saying gta4 sucks. why? because the expansion isnt coming out on ps3 thats why all of a sudden they all hate it.every thread of these is infested with ps3 fanboys saying "ohh this game was soo dissapointing" and "this game sucks" just go look how many dissagrees i got^^^^ 17? this news isnt even ps3 news! DLC is exclusive to 360 so why the F*** are they even posting in here in the first place.

morganfell3489d ago

No you dumbass. We are saying it sucked because it sucked. If I want to bowl I have the Wii for that.

High review scores mean that it received high review scores. It doesn't equal quality. You are a danger to yourself and society if you think as long as a large group of people say it is good then they must be right. I guess it's a good thing you were not in Jonestown. Drink up.

xhi43489d ago

mate, stop calling others fanboys go to the open zone.

read ALL OF YOUR POSTS, read your OWN posts, they're the most biased and backward thinking comments on this site, okay maybe not the MOST but definitely up there.

Anyway, the price seems a little much for Biker side missions, but you know good on Rockstar for getting all that cash on GTA 4, then getting another 50 million, for something that would take maybe 10-100,000 grand to make, plus getting money for each 'expansion of biker side missions' they sell. Rockstar are laughing, all the way to the bank.

sirbigam3489d ago

You still talking smack ya little hypocrite, guess wat I look at all news ya dypsh!t. Mybe it's because ohh thats the front page that it happened to be on, and yur fanboy ass only looks in the xbox360 section keeping yurself isolated in yur world of 360. Take that snake pic off and change yur freackin name too!

original seed3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

$20 bucks for an exapnsion pack is great. This was the second GTA i've passed. It was great. I just wish you could do more stunts.

Too many fan droids on this site. Its sad.

Edit- BELOW> It's maybe because he is a MGS FAN. NOT A SONY FANBOY. Its simple, he is a gamer that enjoys games regardless of what system it is. It might be hard for Sony Fnaboys to understand,

Gerry3489d ago

i dont get why solidsnakus is hanging crap on ps3 owners and calling us fanboys, when he has a Metal Gear Solid 3 avatar and name.

3489d ago
RememberThe3573489d ago

But I would say that it was underwhelming. I liked the game, it was very solid, but since I beat it I haven't played it.

I think I'll just pick up Crackdown again, that game was good.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3489d ago

$20 on a GTA IV expansion pack for the 360


$30 on Grand Turismo 5 demo for the PS3

^^^oh yeah^^^

barom3489d ago

So I guess it really is kinda like a Liberty City Stories (GTA 4 version).

Sarcasm3489d ago

"1.18 -
$20 on a GTA IV expansion pack for the 360


$30 on Grand Turismo 5 demo for the PS3

^^^oh yeah^^^ "

Give me the "$30 demo."

Sarcasm3489d ago

"We are saying it sucked because it sucked."

LOL So true.

I see about three groups in this argument.

One group, is the people who really does think GTA IV sucked and didn't live up to the hype, didn't live up to the GTA name, and was just overall disappointed. (Including me.)

The second group is the 360 fans who no matter what think that's an automatic attack at the DLC. Which results in the "Oh you're just saying GTA IV sucks because the DLC isn't coming on your system." (Note to those guys, some people really think GTA IV Sucks! Ok? Regardless of exclusive DLC, or all that junk. If they think it sucks, then that's their opinion!)

Then there's the group of people who really did just enjoy GTA IV, very excited about the DLC, and could careless if anybody says it sucks or not. Big +'s for you guys.

SuperM3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

id take the demo. Actually i already have it and ive played it more then GTA4. Thats right, more then the full game, so its a pretty neat demo alright

Oh and GTA4 didnt suck alright, but it was pretty disappointing. Especially concidering all the over the top reviews the game got. I was led to believe it was the second coming of jesus, and while the game was solid it was just to repetetive and boring.

ultimolu3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

solid, I can rate a pile of poo the highest score. Does that mean the poo is awesome?


Sony fanboys are nuts? No, they just find it laughable that 360 fans are wasting $20.00 for DLC when the very company they support should have used that money towards new games!

Oh, and Jason...I'd rather spend my money on an amazing looking *demo* than DLC.

kopicha3489d ago

and go back to open zone. you are just pure ignorant. i dont say GTA4 suck but you can stop right there with the which site dont say its good comment. thats the case when it just came out. but not after awhile. i already lost count of how many articles have proven that this game is basically just being over rated at first. you can disagree and go play the DLC and go bullsh1t on everything. but i would save the $20 on new games. its better spend else where than on an over rated title. and stop calling other fanboys when you are worst than others out there. you are one of the most irritating fanboy i come across in this place. disagree with me all you want. you have a 360 so do i. but i just cant stand the way you create story and assuming things like the world evolves around you. so STFU

Dannagar3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

The expansion is clearly for those that loved GTAIV want to experience more of Liberty City. If you're a Playstation 3 owner whinnying about how GTAIV sucked, this expansion is most defiantly not for you.

If you're a PS3 user that is concern about the effect this DLC might have on the PS3, if the majority of people agree that the game sucked, you have nothing to worry about. I bought the game and played it a little. It was OK. I wouldn't pay for DLC. Microsoft would be better off releasing this as a stand alone disc independent of GTAIV.

Jack Meahoffer3489d ago

This thread is a prime example of why I barely even look at N4G anymore. Its a total joke. The moderators are horrible. Look at all the instances of the word FANBOY in this thread for hours and hours and NO ACTION.

GTA IV is the best open world crime game ever created and it owns all your Sony fruits that hate it only because Rockstar took a crap on Sony by giving the PS3 a sub-HD crap port and no DLC. WAAAAAH!

N4G sucks. F U Mods! You should be ashamed of yourselves. You couldn't moderate your way out of a wet paper bag. Do the internets a favor and QUIT. Go suck at some other NON PAYING job. *spits*

Bubble Buddy3489d ago

I don't know bout you guys but me or my friends aren't going to touch that DLC. Why would we? Too many great games coming out and I like blew a lot of cash for games that came out recently: Gears 2, NBA 2K9, Resistance 2, Little Big Planet, Fable 2, Midnight Club: LA... You get the drift. Plus Killzone 2 is coming so no thanks. We're done visiting Liberty City. $20 is a lot considering what came out and what is coming out.

nycredude3488d ago

Stop trying so hard man. You're starting to look like a tool. Your comment don't make any sense. You agree the game sucked, then proceed to say that it doesn't change the fact that it is the still the highest rated game ever?

That comment is so fail!

My train of thought is more like this game is the highest rated game ever, but that doesn't change the fact that it sucks!

I have to agree with Ultimolu, or Juuken on this one. I waited on line midnight for this game, went home and immediately played it. At first it was great and the story was engaging, but it got old and repetive really fast. The animations was good and the graphics are ok it isn't even in the top five this gen. Story was ok, but the cutscenes sucked! I traded it in for Saints Row 2 and that game is so much more of a blast although graphics aren't as good.

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Mr Tretton3489d ago

so, is this what M$ wasted 50 million dollars on? LOL

El_Colombiano3489d ago

Patheticly, yes they did. It could have gone out to a new game. Or towards making an engine for the 360 that might be able to rival Killzone 2...but no. They wasted it on $20 DLC that nobody will buy.

iMarcus3489d ago

@ El_Colombiano

well mate, I enjoyed GTA IV, so I'll be picking this up.

I dont give a damn how much money microsoft spend to get it, I know I'll be enjoying GTA IV some more

tehReaper3489d ago

GTA's popularity is downplayed on N4G. In the REAL world(you know the one where actual human contact happens) this will sell a lot.

Bnet3433489d ago

dem0n makes a good point. bubbles up. I actually went back to playing it. I am playing it as I am typing this comment. It's quite fun to fool around on free roam with friends. Though I don't think I will purchase the DLC due to me not finishing the main game yet.

BananaSlug3489d ago

so magic number is... 2,500,000 buyers.


Dark_Vendetta3489d ago

The magic number would be 1.250.000 because they paid 50 million for 2 episodes. I don't mind what you say, after finishing the main plot and even killing all rats I need something new in Liberty City, so the DLC is welcome

Dannagar3489d ago

Not exactly, Microsoft paid $50 million for 2 DownLoad Packs. This is just one. I believe the investment is to get general users and casual gamers used to buying DLC off of XBL. There's a bigger investment here.

morganfell3488d ago

I said it before and I will say it again. It was never about getting a quality game add on. It wasn't about the gamer at all. It was about bragging rights. MS deceived every 360 gamer because 50 mil was for marketing, not the gamer.

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El_Colombiano3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Ok so its just a little side missions here and there describing the life of Johnny. Haha, and here I was, kinda worried that Microsoft was actually going to release something actually worth anybody's time and money. Nope, nothing to see here people! Just a few side missions, weapons that were left out of the original game and a few game modes for the online that I will be playing on PC.

tatotiburon3489d ago

oh boy, let's wait for the sells and reviews of this'll be crying as always, poor boy

GiantEnemyCrab3489d ago

Ok fine, nothing to see here so why don't YOU move along?

Don't know why you are in this article trying so hard to downplay this DLC, I just don't get it. You've called it everything from pathetic to a waste of money and of course your fellow PS3 trolls are all chiming in with agreement. You don't own a 360 so the only reason I can come to as to why you are here trying your best to p*ss on this news for 360 fans is because you're hurt by this in some way.

Many people enjoyed GTAIV and will get the DLC and will consider it a great deal to expand the game for only $20.

original seed3489d ago

How he tries to downplay this as "A few side missions". This is going to be great. It's sad that you are loyal to one system.

green3489d ago

You should know the drill on N4G now, "if it's not on the PS3 it obviously sucks".Watch their reaction on this site when their own exclusive announcement for Mirrors Edge will be announced.You would think it was the best thing since sliced bread.

RememberThe3573489d ago

I thought the Mirror's Edge DLC went multi-plat?

snakeater33489d ago

Even if this DLC is crap (which it wont), it would still be an additional selling point for microsoft. so no need to downplay this dlc. okay so its not vice city or san andreas, but it sure is better than nothing (i am looking at us, ps3 only owners)

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xhi43489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Oh dear.

How sad.

50 Million for BIKER side missions..........for the love of God.

geuss its back to little big planet, res 2, wipeout HD and far cry 2 for me.

original seed3489d ago

It will be a better place here without you.

Venomish3489d ago

do you think over 2.5 million would buy this DLC? I don't know myself.

DJ3489d ago

Hell, that's like Killzone 2's entire budget.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213489d ago

yeah, wasnt there an article on here couple days back about 47 GTA4 used copies at a gamestop???

i was recently at gamestop and i saw a full shelf of GTA4 used copies... soo just think about every gamestop in this country PLUS gamecrazy and eb games as well. i wont be surprised if MS dont make a profit on this DLC. this ought to teach MS a lesson about spending 50 million on worthless DLC's than investing in a new AAA game like sony.

tehReaper3489d ago

You guys seem to forget that there are two DLC expansions. Lost and Damned, and then whatever the next one is. Microsoft will make their money back eventually.

Really, they're already halfway there. GTA sold better on 360. That's what MS wanted to secure, the sales of the actual game. DLC is the icing on the cake.