PSXE Rebuttal To Edge's R2 Review: Get Over Yourselves


"This is a subject that I've been paying close attention to over the years, and it seems to have finally come to a head. Some of you may or may not be aware, but Edge Magazine gave the recently released Resistance 2 a score of 6 out of 10...which, as you can see, contrasts drastically with our analysis. Obviously, a 6 is especially low; a statistical out-lier that has gained plenty of attention."

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DJ3430d ago

And actually applies to critics of every field.

Serjikal_Strike3430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

I agree with you 100% and with the article!

Bubbles to all who agree

rucky3430d ago

Exactly what I thought. Edge got owned with this article big time

r2kcipher3430d ago

"Get over yourselves, and please remember that you work for the public (it's really nothing more noble than that); not to feed what is apparently an ever-growing and never-sated ego."

i swear i said that to a cop once too..

arika3430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

couldn't have said it better myself. this is an article that is spot on where it counts. every gamer who has played r2 are saying that the game is probably one of the best shooter around and then edge would say totally the opposite. so that is where the problem lies, either they don't know what the gaming public wants or they just want to mess up the sales of an awesome game for some unknown reason that would greatly benefit themselves whether financially or egotistically. which ever way it goes they have failed in lowering the sales and keeping people away from an awesome game. boooyaaa!

animboo3430d ago

so true, the reviewers are not reviewing it for themselves but for the consumers. if they enjoyed the game then who cares if its not "innovative", but it was actually pretty damn innovative for me. if they see that the consumers are gonna have a helluva fun playing r2 then why not give it better review and stop whining if its innovative or not, and honestly the simple joe who will buy this wont even care, they jsut want it to be entertaining you know the purpose why we play videogames in the first place..

PirateThom3430d ago

You know, this gen has really brought major changes, many of them for the worse.

Before this gen, the war for consumer's wallet was fought with exclusive games, not demos and DLC. No one in their right mind before this gen would have spent $50 million on DLC for a game. No one. And that's a problem I have. Give a console a HDD and games become less important than the ability to offer content you can't trade in at a later date.

Reviews were taken as nothing more than opinion, not fact, last gen. Last gen, if a game scored 7s, it was still considered for purchase. 8 was unquestionably a game that was a must have and anything above was a bonus but, more importantly, people didn't allow reviews to have too much say in their purchase decisions. We used to understand that reviews were opinion and nothing more, the words were more important than the score because if someone is an FPS fan and reviews an RPG, of course the score is going to be lower, but if you're an RPG fan, what's to stop you enjoying it? If it was reviewed correctly, it should give enough information that you can decide if it's something you would like. Reviews now are offten too nit-picky, too focused at finding flaws in certain games.

It seems we, as gamers, have lost the ability to think for ourselves because we'd rather listen to biased/paid off/bribed with goodie bag journalists, than listen to people who have played the game and have nothing to gain from telling you "I had more fun with Uncharted than I did with Gears of War" or "Mass Effect is the best game on the 360 and you should definitely pick it up".

The gaming industry is essentially ruined, too many fanboys in the guise of unbiased journalists telling you too many lies to get you to buy into their choosen product.

RememberThe3573430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

GI gave GTAIV a 10. Prime example.

MGS4 is the best game I've played this gen, one of the best ever, and I still wouldn't give it a 10.

Game reviewers inflate(or deflate) their scores to generate hits on their respective sites.

The problem is that most people don't see it. We're in N4G all the time, we see it, and we know what to look for. But, most people don't look that hard, they goto the site of the magazine they read and take their opinion at face value.

EDGE's review of R2 was pure bullsh*t, hot and steamy. Just like many of the 10's given to MGS4, they didn't explain why they gave the score, they just gave it to appease somebody. I am personal completely against that. Some of the reviews I read about MGS4 didn't even say anything about the game, just how much they either loved it or... didn't.

And don't even get me started on Halo 3, don't even... You know what, f*ck it. Halo 3 was not a freakin 10 in any way. There is absolutely nothing that is prefect about that game. I had a good time with it, I'll give you that. But, the graphics weren't that good the story was... yeah. I loved Halo 1, one of my favorite shooters ever, but 2 and 3 were nothing to brag about. Yet both got 10's with little validation. R2's 6 is just as legitimate as Halo 2/3's 10's.

I know that many of you think(know) that Kotaku is bias, but their review system seems to be the most solid. They tell you what they liked and what they didn't like. No score, and you get their straight opinion on the game, bullsh*t or not.

The gaming industry is not screwed or ruined, it just needs to evolve. This industry is still a bit niche, and we as more avid fans still have a voice that is loud enough to be heard. If the industry doesn't know where to go, we need to guide it.

Why o why3430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

i agree. Great great comment. All should read it. +1. I also agree about bukaku's reviews being very good. Its the only thing i like about them at this present moment.

Edge gave ninja gaiden 2 an 8.......please open ur eyes people. go figure

Pirate Tom
i agree. Great great comment. All should read it. +1. I also agree about the gaming media on the whole being broken. Too much variety in scandals over this gen and it seems last gen after looking back. Seems there was always some kind of an agenda.

DiabloRising3430d ago

Pirate man... I agree with you 100%.

BattleAxe3430d ago

I'm glad another game site had the balls to write this article. Although they should have included GameDaily in there too.....

phosphor1123430d ago

Edge got KILLZONED!!...wait...wrong game..

Anyway, I have to agree..this is one freakin amazing article and it really does talk about standards that all writers (including me) should follow.

Bubble Buddy3430d ago

"In the end, you want to know the prime differences between our review and Edge's? First, we actually tell you why the scores landed as they did; we actually gave concrete in-game examples. Secondly, we correctly determined that the vast majority of all "scorable" and immediately relevant factors in the game (control, sound, gameplay, graphics, variety, etc.) were superior. And thirdly and lastly, we decided that it would be in the consumer's best interest that R2 was worth a purchase. ...and thus far, we've learned that the great majority of consumers agree with that assessment, which means that same majority doesn't agree with Edge's."

They speak the truth. Especially about the part why if they give a bad score, they give VALID points and examples. We need more reviewers like this.

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Sevir043430d ago

1up, Gamespot, Gametrailers, Edge. I really hope you all are paying attention. Bias. This is by far the nail to the head. and this is why I really like this reviewer site. because they assess what is the core importance of gaming, and with that they will forever be credible in my eyes and many. awesome job to the reviews and editors that belong to this site. you are all now on my favorites list.

alexM3430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

such a garbage website

Ninja gaiden 2 - 8 1/0
Banjo - 7/10
Halo 3 - 10/10

Resistance 2 - 6/10
Ratchet - 6/10
HS - 6/10

My god what a hater


yep God of war 2 got 7 from EDGE

and Gears 2 9/10 . what innovation was there in Gears 2?

Roukuko3430d ago

pretty sure they gave god of war a bad review too only 1 of the best games all time

callahan093430d ago

They even gave Ratchet a 6? It's worse than I thought. They ARE fun haters!

Rhythmattic3430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

Wow , that is no distortion field perspective...

The Scores say it.


Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3430d ago

99.9% of the internet sites are SONY haters :-/
It makes me SICK!!!
Oh well they can't force people to buy a xBox 360!!! ;-D
Only 20ish Million sold in 3 years??? + M$ have had 99.9% of the internet on their side to!!! ;-D EPIC FAIL!!! POOR M$ + xBot Lemmings!!!

+ Ratchet&Clank:TOD is a brilliant game!!!;) So is R2...Oh well.

HateBoy3430d ago

Shut up nasim.

Aww poor babies, everybody hates you, just like in real life! Good thing you have this site where you can all come and support each other through rough times.

I just wonder where this guy is when 360 games get bad reviews... It's weird really how these kind of articles only appear when sony's average games score low. Crybabies, pathetic, sad little crybabies.

HateBoy3430d ago

And banned from what? Are you retarded (lol, who am I kidding? of course you are!)? Or are you perhaps suggesting someone censor stuff you don't agree with? Maybe you should stop spending time on the internet, your life (or lack of) would be a lot easier.

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testerg353430d ago

Ummm.. you only like them now cause they gave high scores.

RememberThe3573430d ago

PSEX is a damn good site. Their reviews and editorials are solid, and they seem to actually care about what they write.

happyface3430d ago

I would give r2 a 5

r2 was just all hype!

PirateThom3430d ago

So was Halo 3 and GTAIV, but people couldn't wait to give those games 10s.

Michael Jackson3430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

I would give you a 5

for failing at life.

and that's probably your real age.
(call me. XOXO)

tako20003430d ago

ya~well, in my opinion HALO3 is most over-hype game ever...

Feel free to give a game whatever score you think it deserve.

We aren't professional reviewer and get paid for doing review, so its ok to involve "a lot" personal opinion in the score.

Why o why3430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

that was wrong man lol +1

the worst thing is i love MJ, he's a true fcuking pioneering legend but sadly i wouldnt even trust him to watch my kids on TV

InMyOpinion3430d ago

Halo 3 was overhyped in the eyes of PS3 fanboys just like Resistance 2 is overhyped in the eyes of 360 fanboys.

thor3430d ago

Therein lies the problem. Edge magazine's reviewers probably _were_ disappointed by R2, considering the hype. But that's no reason to take so many marks off. Had this game not been hyped at all, they would have been pleasantly surprised. Saying a game is overhyped is one thing, giving it a 6/10, which is usually considered pretty bad, is quite another.

Sarcasm3430d ago

While I agree Resistance 2 was over hyped, and the 8-9s scores is pretty spot on. It doesn't deserve a 6.

That being said, I think Gears 2 is OVERRATED. The foolishness of those websites handing it out 10s is ridiculous. It's a 9 at best.

Ilikegames763430d ago

I give you a 4, the number of your comment and you're down to 4 bubbles. Maybe it'll lesser by the time you reply. And go troll somewhere else.

thewhoopimen3430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

nice... now go see MR. MJ and let's him findout if you're all hype below the belt.

iHEARTboobs3430d ago

LOL, that was C L A S S I C!

DaTruth3430d ago (Edited 3430d ago )

I don't understand how your bubbles aren't maxed out after that. Here's one from me. 20 agrees 0 disagrees LOL!!! Even the disagree trolls agree.

acedoh3430d ago

R2 was not overhyped. It hardly had any commercials and coverage in mainstream press. It didn't have one midnight opening despite Gears having hundreds of Gamestops with midnight openings. If you went outside of the gaming bubble you would be hard pressed to find someone who knew what Resistance 2 was. Many more knew would know what Gears 2 was. So if this was overhyping SONY needs to work harder. The game is excellent but a overhyped game is not going to do only 300k in it's opening week. Overhype alone would sell a million right off the bat...

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