Neocrisis: New Star Ocean - The Last Hope Scans

Neocrisis: 4 new scans from famitsu.

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tako20003372d ago

Translate from the pix:

- have similar to Tales series' special move system, locate on LT/RT and activate after 3rd normal hit, can set up different combination with different move (eg: LT[Raising blade]-LT[Arc cut]-RT[Flash slash]-LT[Crossing air strike]-RT[Shinning arc] or different combination)

- both special move and spell can level up

- can learn and use "Limit Break move" after level up

- combat style "Beat": will affect character performance in battle and the growth rate when level up (similar to old Tales "title" system)

- character will "charge up" when attack or attacked during battle, when gauge full player can enter "rush mode" to increase attack power and move speed. (enemy can enter the release mode also)

BTW, I am Asia and Chinese is my first language. So I am sure I got it right ^^