Joystiq: The best reviewed games of 2008

With almost all of the big games of '08 now on shelves or available via Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, you're left with a lot of choices. Some of them you've already bought; others you've been on the fence over; others you didn't realize were "supposed to be" any good – but, if you're anything like Joystiq, you don't want to miss any of the must-plays this year has to offer.

Enter their "meta-metareview," a list of every game released this year that's scored above 85% on average from reviewers around the world. You won't be surprised by the games that made the list; you will be surprised that some of your favorites didn't make it.

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Hockey113375d ago

Breaking it down by console, PlayStation 3 has the most presence on the list with 22 titles, followed by Xbox 360 (20), PC (15), Nintendo Wii (8), DS (7), PSP (2) and PS2 (1).

PS3 wins?

theEnemy3375d ago (Edited 3375d ago )

PS2 is the real winner.

PS2 (1) - Xbox (0) - Dreamcast (0) - GameCube (0)


timmyrulz3375d ago

Well not really, bioshock is already out on the x360, and i dont quite understand how the same game can get different scores on dofferent systems, they maybe a slight variation in graphics but the core gameplay would still be the same?

Anyway the real winners are gamers and especially people who own multiple consoles

LeonSKennedy4Life3375d ago

Some reviewers only review ONE platform. That's why some games are higher/lower on different systems.

SuperM3375d ago

If you dont count XBLA and PSN games and you dont count games that are on both systems but got slightly better score on one console you basically have 4 more games on PS3 then 360 on the list. (unless ive counted wrong)

If you count PSN and XBLA games then the score is pretty much even between the two consoles. Though arguably retail games is kinda better then the arcade games. And wipeout on psn is also more of a, lets say real games then the arcade games on XBLA.

So all in all id say PS3 has had the better year software wise, but its been a good year for everyone (well maybe not for wii fans)

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really randumb3375d ago

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InMyOpinion3375d ago

Best comment I've read here on N4G. You make it sound so obvious. Bubbles!

Why o why3375d ago

i never knew that. the meaning of life i mean;)

gamers are the winners here. Im half hearted but my mates have 360's so i dont really miss out

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Evildoomnerd3375d ago

and I'll be directing the level headed readers into the fallout shelter...

donnie-21053375d ago

defo agree with race driver grid being on the list most fun ive had with a game since pgr4/motorstorm,and the graphics are some of the best ive seen on a multiplatform title cant wait to see what codies can do next with the wonderful EGO engine.most disappointing game of year has to go to gta4,first grand theft game id ever played and was expecting something spectacular going of the reveiws.instead i got clunky controls and boring repetitive gameplay.all style and no substance.

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