Capcom on why Bionic Commando Rearmed and Street Fighter 2 HD aren't on WiiWare, Street Fighter IV discussed

Capcom has commented on why Bionic Commando Rearmed and Street Fighter II HD haven't been released on WiiWare, mainly pointing out size and complexity problems. Capcom also commented on Street Fighter IV for Wii.

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sushipoop3339d ago

Both are HD, Wii can't handle them, etc.

Rock Bottom3339d ago

Cause Wii isn't cool enough, duh.

LethalToxins3339d ago

WiiWare's file size restrictions prevent it. They don't believe it's the right material for a disc. SFII:HD wouldn't even work if downgraded to 480P.

SFIV is a possibility, but there are concerns on imput. He's not sure about the nunchuk/wiimote combo.

sirbigam3339d ago

Were Theres A Will There's A Way, he definatly dosn't hav the will. I think they should sell games that are on Xbox live & PSN together as a collection on disk for the Wii since they can't be put on WiiWare.If games that can be downloaded easily on other consoles can't be played on the Wii there's something wrong.

Product3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

As much as i dont like the new Street Fighter 4,i do like HD Remix and do wish it would come to wiiware....but if it doesnt i could care less honestly i just like the online aspect and the alpha style visuals.
........actually just make a updated version of Alpha 2 or 3 for wii with online.

jtucker783339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

BCR is a brilliant title! But I'm biased about it as I loved BC for the C64.

Shame the Wii won't be getting it, but if you've played it, it is very much a current gen title with all the lighting, effects and physics, from the two big consoles - even though it is a little downloadable title.
Like the guy said they'd have to build the wii version from the ground up.

Perhaps an updated version of the original? Keep it 2D then it won't take so long develop. And that might get round the file size issues. Or perhaps the original for VC.
Megaman 9 went down well with gamers.

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