The most expensive speaker cable in the world?

$21,000. It could buy you a car, it could be a down payment on a house, you could take off on a couple of amazing vacations, have a really nice wedding, or it could pay for your sick mom's liver surgery. Better yet, how about 3 meters of speaker cable?

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badz1493522d ago

it's made of gold or something? mind you I read it and I'd rather use that money to buy a car to park in my yard than to buy an audio cable which will be connected behind my home theater system and nobody can even see it just to have a slight improvement of sound! this is utter craziness!!

Pebz3522d ago

Buying and valuing things based on their ability to induce jealousy amongst neighbours could and should be considered craziness as well, but that's the world we live in I guess. Come to think about it, this speaker cable is starting to make more and more sense.

badz1493522d ago

even if somebody buys this, and then try to brag about it to any average joe out there, they'll simply think you're retarded! it's just a god damn cable, not a diamond neclace! hell we can even find many diamond neclaces that cost less than this cable!

Rhythmattic3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

I Actually work in the High End Sound Field as a Broadcast/Studio Consultant.

There is truth to Quality cables, But 21G's ??

Actually, some high profile Audiophile Magazine (a HiFi Mag, not a Pro Audio Mag)) did a blind test with all High quality cables on the market, and some other , non commercialized products...

You know what won ?

A Metal Coat-hanger !!!!!

Hey a few hundred bucks can make a difference, especially with Long runs..(Capacitance effect) , But 21G!!
I bet it even has arrows on the cable to tell you its signal flow...

Youve got to be joking !!!

(Unless you bought one of course as I dont want to embarrass you.)

BTW. Figure 8 mains cable is better than most high end stuff.

Heres one link.
For the Others, Google is your friend.

Pebz3522d ago

... Why?

That thing is like straight out of Colbert Platinum.

KobeT243522d ago

Don't you mean Colbert Aluminum?

El_Colombiano3522d ago

Wait a second...

*ruffles through closet*

Ah! These old things? Yeah I forgot I bought these a while back and threw them into the closet.

likeaboss3023522d ago

I buy my cable from Screw this $21,000 dollar cable and the hundred dollar Monster crap.

Serjikal_Strike3522d ago

Im happy with my $60 monster works just as good!

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The story is too old to be commented.