Xbox 360: Jasper has arrived

New 65 mm GPU is officially confirmed- with pictures to boot.

Edit: Jasper comes with built in 256 MB of internal flash. The memory card that used to come with the Arcade is taken out as a result. Unknown if this applies for Elites and Pros. NXE comes preinstalled on a Jasper 360 as well.

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tatotiburon3403d ago

Nice, this are the picture i want to see.

To all the kids reporting this post. Yes it's a forum, but where do you expect we can find this kind of photos, on IGN?? give me a break. Fake???, are you blind, look the pictures again

devilhunterx3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

Looks real enough

EVOLVED3403d ago

You a reeee. you at least got to pay for photobucket if your going to put out alot of pics. not showing anymore you putts.

Cicinho3403d ago

PS3 day 1 owner, getting an Xbox for Christmas, what does this jasper mean?

y0haN3403d ago

Jasper is the new chipset which lowers heat and power consumption by using a lower manufacturing process (size of and space between transistors gets smaller) and because the Xbox 360 is prone to the Red Ring of Death which is primarily caused by too much heat, people are jumping at this Jasper model for the lower chances that it will break.

Tempist3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

What chip revision are we onto now for the 360? Isn't this getting a bit much?

As far as we all know, the PS3 is on CELL chip number 2.

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Lucas223403d ago

cool now i can buy an xbox 360

Lord Anubis3403d ago

yes please report back how long it takes to RROD. Thank you :) we will be waiting.

solidsnakus3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

youll be waiting a long time indeed. but you ps3 owners know all about waiting

Eiffel3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

Oh Burn...

Tiberium3403d ago

LMAO bubbles to solidsnakus

ultimolu3403d ago

And the waiting paid off, didn't it?

Maybe if Microsoft had waited and not release an unreliable product on the market, I would have had a 360/PS3 by now.

At least the waiting ensured that the PS3 got some really great games.

Please, don't start.

Eiffel3403d ago

Yo, ultimolu
Wrong section fool don't get all defensive just cause one of your fellow droids got burned.

ultimolu3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

Eiffel, you used the wrong word. :)

And he got The RROD still exists you know. Why do you think some people are scared to buy 360's?

Oh, and btw, this is in the Tech section, fyi.

Whoo-hoo! Disagrees! Keep em' rollin'! ^__^

Traveler3403d ago

How do you know that the RROD still exists? I know that people with older consoles sometimes have their consoles fail, but I don't know anybody with a console bought in the last year that has had one fail. I do know that a lot of people on the internet lie and pretend that they have a 360 that has failed on them 5 times, but those reports aren't reliable. If the problem hasn't already been mostly eliminated with the Falcon chipset, there is a very good chance that the 65nm Jasper units will.

ultimolu3403d ago

Traveler, the RROD still exists. Stop with that nonsense of 'I know a friend who didn't have it and his friend didn't have it'. It's true that all electronics have a chance of breaking but I have never heard of a product breaking down so much like the 360.

I'm not a blind consumer. I have heard and seen with my own eyes that the RROD is very real and it still exists.

That is *why* I never bought a 360. You 360 fans can hit disagree buttons, yell at me, rant, yada, yada but it doesn't change my comments one bit. You will always hit disagree buttons and yell at anyone who has told you the problem still exists.

I hope the Jasper is more reliable so I can finally pick up a 360. There are games I *do* want to play on it.

Shocking...I know. I love games.

ThatCanadianGuy3403d ago

Splinter cell conviction
Alan wake
Hell,it took almost half a year to get the GTA DLC.And it's STILL not here yet.

Surely you can't forget Too human? Waited 10 years for that failure.
Please,any "Waiting" jokes for PS3 are completely void.

Waitbox 360 confirmed.

solidsnakus3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )


come on lol thats just pathetic.

LOL!!!(im talking about you)

ThatCanadianGuy3403d ago

I know man..360 fanboys and their hypocritical logic really are pathetic...

sniper45343403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

lord anubis s got own lol hahahaha

Emmo3403d ago

I love my 360 and no doubt the RROD does still exist, but Jasper should help massively.
I have had RROD twice, but you know what. I don't care, I have a 3 year warranty.

Unlike PS3 owners, I haven't had to wait to play the games I want and for all the potential PS3 owners waiting for a price drop, forget it and jump on board with the 360.

Once the word gets out that Jasper has arrived it can only help 360 sales.

sirbigam3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

Props to the CanadianGuy420 solidsnakes yu just got burned hoe, yur image & beleifs don't match, just a lost caus.

Kill Crow3403d ago

ultimolu will ask you to name the names, and then he's won the argument apparently

InMyOpinion3403d ago

Try comparing the 360's game catalogue with the PS3's and come back to me later mmmkay?

The first year there was nothing to play on the PS3, then you got Lair lol! You had to wait until December 2007 until you got a game worth playing. Drake's Fortune. One game. 10 hours of fun and then it it was back to waiting until MGS4 dropped this summer. No wonder you act like you have ADD.

Shane Kim3403d ago

As I recall Jenzo, you had to wait a year as well for Gears 1. Then 6 hours of gameplay and then you had to wait another year for Halo 3 and Bioshock.

devilhunterx3403d ago

Damn man. Now thats what I call a "BOOM!! HEADSHOT!"

Ogrekiller3403d ago

Oh, so by that logic [email protected] were waiting 2 years for Movie Gear Solid 4... and then nothing.


xwabbit3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

Jenzo what u said just makes the 360 look bad Lol, cus the box has been out 16 more months than the ps3 and it has how many more games out right now than the ps3 lol ? and be honest with your self, look at all ps3 games and box games and look at the exclusives.. box got more out right now but how many are awesome ? i can name only 3 right now. Halo, Gears and Fable. Ps3.. MGS4, Uncharted, Little Big Planet, Resistance 2, heavenly sword, GT5P. That's two more at least :) some might disagree and i can totally agree with that bit if you tell me viva pinata beats uncharted or too human beats heavenly sword than ur just lying to your self lol. Both systems are done fine

Bubble Buddy3403d ago

Actually I had fun on Resistance: Fall of Man on the first day. Not groundbreaking, but worthy to purchase at launch. Now what games did you purchase at launch for your 360? I think you should get your facts straight. RRoD still exists with old owners and I have no clue with new owners. When my friend stops putting his 360 on the floor with a 2m floor space radius with a fan, then I can tell if there is no more RRoD.

Fallen_Angel3402d ago

xwabbit the 360 has Kameo, GoW, Halo 3, Mass Effect, Forza2, Lost Odyssey, Fable 2, GoW2. On and for timed exclsuives Bioshock, Lost planet, dead rasing, overlord, oblivion, eternal sonata and Last Remnant. Mean while the ps3 has .............................. ummmmmmmmmm let me think ............................. well if they ever get a worth while exclusive I'll let you know

xXbebofisherXx3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

becomes a flame war between ps3 rtards and 360 rtards. rly guys its a chipset stick the the damn post. who cares about fail rates and blah blah blah. 360 has a new chipset good for microsoft. when ps3 gets ibm to makes a smaller chip u guys r gonna flame about that too?? whats up with u ppl now a days consoles r consoles drop the war between them. gaming is supposed to be fun not ratrds yelling about which console is better. this isnt a d1ck measuring contest its just a company trying to improve give em a break.

cmrbe3402d ago

Which set of fans waited for this jasper chipset?.

Which set of fans waited for their consoles to get back?.


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ultimolu3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

If it's more reliable, I'll get one instead of the Wii and get the Wii later.

Oh, the hatred is mighty strong here. In denial the RROD still exists, right?

It still exists! No disagrees will change that.

Qdog3403d ago

I got a Wii, and actually liked it. On topic, what exactly besides the internal memory addition, has been changed, in the Jasper revision? I might have to consider trading in my elite.

3403d ago
badkolo3403d ago

hopefully you wont be waiting till the next gen.