Resident Evil 5 demo confirmed coming to PSN

PS3Center writes:

Capcom, however, has confirmed that the demo will be appearing on both the PSN and XBox Live Marketplace, and in all major regions as well. The demo, however, will not be launching simultaneously worldwide, and as of right now, there is no word on the western release date.

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swiftshot933396d ago

but it doesnt need any. pretty much anyone who likes games played re4. re5 will be amazing...

glad the demo is coming to psn!

elorm93396d ago

I've never really been into zombie shooters... but I'll look into the demo :P

SCThor3396d ago

Downloading Day 1 from Japan PSN Store.

Bnet3433396d ago

It's not getting hyped because everyone thinks it's a game about a white male shooting black Africans. A game doesn't need hype to kick everyone's ass.

elorm93396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

I read about that article, but you've gotta consider that the girl helping the protagonist is black (right?)

Btw, he looks kinda like Nathan Drake :o

Bnet3433396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

Yes, Sheva Alomar. The left-handed african chick new to Resident Evil. :)

Yeah Chris and Nathan look alike but Chris is a buffer. Nathan is just your average joe.

IzKyD13313396d ago

I have to agree with you, this game is getting some bad publicity....I hate when people take the smallest things and accuse it of being racist. I think some groups accused that capcom made this game with racial intentions, and that is just ridiculous, it's just like the whole mass effect ordeal, when people have absolutely NO IDEA what it is that they're criticizing

DoctorBonzai3396d ago

I thought RE0-3 was racist for having too many white zombies. Well, not really. I don't see why it should be an issue now though.

Traveler3396d ago

I know, it's so stupid. You know....those Japanese are such racists. LOL Seriously, people are just way too sensitive nowadays. What about COD5 where the Japanese are the bad guys?

Sarcasm3396d ago

The most racist game this generation would have to be Locoroco.

Why do the black enemies have big lips and dreads?


lol j/k of course

Serjikal_Strike3396d ago

it is getting more hype than some of these other recently released games,and its still 3 months away!
Either way im also glad its coming to the PSN! :-D

paul-p19883396d ago

I know lol, i see an article on that AGES ago. Same thing for EchoChrome, apparently having a white man walking into a black man that then dissapears is racist aswell, even if the entire game is in black and white.....

Sayai jin3395d ago

Good! I really did not see the point on having one system having and EXCLUSIVE demo, LOL.

Conforming a demo is just as bad as claiming a demo is exclusive. Boy this gen.....

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BaSeBaLlKiD7213396d ago

my bet is that it will appear on PSN way before XBLM since capcom has their own store on PS store

chaosatom3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

I am just glad that it's also coming to psn.

Don't really care about a demo being timed exclusive, which would be kind of stupid if true.

darkdoom30003396d ago

ah, true. never thought of that. in any case, im just going to make use my hong kong account to download it. it usually has all the stuff the jpn store has, but the store text is in english (usually)

Spike473396d ago

I've heard good things about Resident Evil games, I might pick up this game if the demo is good.

cayal3396d ago

No they don't attack, they chase you and if you get caught you get Rick Roll'd

OOG3396d ago

wtf you heard resident evil games are good????? you never played resident evil???? wtf?

CrippleH3396d ago


LeonSKennedy4Life3396d ago

You haven't played RE4???!!!

Dude, here's some of the BEST clips from RE4...I think this will convince you:

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Skerj3396d ago

Good thing the PS3 is region free and we can just go on the JP store and download the demo.

Rob0g0rilla3396d ago

That's exactly what I plan on doing if it comes to the JP store early(usually it does).

kazuma3396d ago

i was finding it very weird that europe and america would get both platforms and japan only 360 when there's most interest in the other version lol
i guess it was just a matter of time until they told everyone

GVON3396d ago

yeah,Japanese store for me

Danja3396d ago

yup waiting on NA store to get it

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Sarcasm3396d ago

Why does the title of this article only say "coming to PSN" instead of "Coming to PSN/XBL" ?

Bnet3433396d ago

There was an article before this one stating it was only going to come out on Xbox 360.

dk_2kx3396d ago

PS3Center, maybe, think man, think

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