Nokia pulls out of Japan, does anyone care?

Nokia, the biggest mobile phone manufacturer of them all, has all but pulled out of the worlds fourth largest mobile phone market, Japan. They will continue to sell their 'luxury' feature-poor Vertu line of phones (the ones where if you have to ask the price you can't afford them) in the country, but cease all other phone sales due to dwindelling market share.
Thing is I'm not sure anyone in Japan will care. With their amazing feature phones with TV, 3G plus and crazy cameras in weird and wonderful form factors, no wonder no one bought the comparatively mundane Nokia phones. Unique Japanese business law has prevented outside manufacturers competing effectively against their domestic rivals.

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badz1493490d ago

no one (at least the Japanese, I mean) cares! Japanese are used to their own country's made phone specifically for Japanese market! and trust me, these phones are far better and fun to use compared to any other phone be it Nokia, Sony Erricson, name it but none of them rivalled their own phone in terms of usability and features! been there done that!

kevnb3489d ago

but it doesn't affect most of us here at n4g.

specialguest3489d ago

Japan is so far ahead of everyone in terms of mobile phones and they don't need Nokia's help.

I on the other hand want the Nokia N82.

sirbigam3489d ago

Those Japanese need to bring their phones to America, but I guess America is protecting the phone companies here from competition, yu don't hear about Japanese phone makers.

kevnb3489d ago

so we would be getting their old phones, and none of them are gsm.

Cicinho3489d ago

Japanese phones a geared towards Japanese culture, every aspect of the phone is built for the Japanese way of life and way of thinking. Its why outside companies cant make a sale and would prob be the reason why there phones would suck abroad

I myself am from the UK and I have an HTC Touch HD, currently running windows mobile 6.1 and I would not trade it for any of the stupid Japanese phones, as soon as windows mobile 7 drops this phone will be epic beyond epic.

heyheyhey3489d ago

..that's because Nokia suck nowadays... they've gone the way of Motorola and become redundant after being the most prolific

it's all about the iPhone's, Sony Erickson's and Blackberry's (the latter sucks major ass, but they seem to be gaining a lot of popularity)

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