Exclusive Resistance 2 DLC for OPS readers - Gameplayer

Quote from article: We love free stuff. Free stuff can make something awesome 'uber awesome' – a level of prestige that is only one tier below 'radular'. This being the case we were well interested when heard that OPSM is offering their readers some FREE (and exclusive) downloadable Resistance 2 content...

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callahan093372d ago

Bastards. Why only available in Australia? I want this skin, too!

PS3 FTW3372d ago

Yeah Australia only...

I already have the skin from pre-ordering R2 from Best buy :D

sirbigam3371d ago

Hey it's about time our Australian friends had something nice happend to them, tough being a gamer over there.

Rhythmattic3371d ago

Yes sir re !!

Being in Oz, We either get things later than most of the other countries. or not at all (due to censorship) , And pay top dollar for the Privilege.

nirun3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

that's bad ass. so they hold guns like the regular chimera class? they have to right...

or if they actually made it melee only? :O
with a really fast run speed?

i wonder if they have specific berserks too

TheHater3372d ago

it a skin dude. you play normal, but just look different.

austere3371d ago

the Grim is not already unlockable? I haven't played in awhile but last week or so I already saw someone running around in multiplayer as a Grimm. Thought it looked kewl. Guess I won't be able to play as one if it is only exclusive to this thing.

dragonyght3371d ago

me too i saw someone playing with a grim skin he probable beat the game on superhuman

TheHater3371d ago

you don't get anything for beating the game on Superhaman. I know, I finish the game on superhuman a week ago

Nathaniel_Drake3371d ago

Grims are one of my favorite chimeras, I love it when they run at you its like they are the first in a marathon and they only have a few feet to go so they have to hellishly run and break the tape

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