Electric Playground: LittleBigPlanet Review

• Easy to control
• Extremely customizable
• Cutest game ever
• Great community features
• Great outlet for creativity
• Thorough and friendly learn as you go tutorials

• Server lag troubles
• Floaty physics can sometimes frustrate
• Camera can get wonky in multiplayer
• Ocassional sensitivity when jumping through the forground/background

Bottom Line
A true killer app for the PlayStation 3.

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LightningPS33523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

I'm shocked by those sales numbers in October.

I just hope Sony continues to push this game and word gets out because it's something really special. All the qualities of a game that could keep on selling well after it's release are there in Little Big Planet.

I don't bullsh*t around or create false stories or go easy on the PS3. I just say the truth. I'm as hardcore a gamer as any with my favorites franchises in the past being the likes of Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, and Grand Theft Auto.

There's been times when I've played Little Big Planet for more hours in one day, than what it took me to beat and get over Metal Gear Solid 4. This is truly a killer app. If this game can't help PS3, then I do think the PS3 is in trouble.

CrazzyMan3523d ago

atleast in Europe all PS3 will be bundled with LBP, and more people will be able to enjoy this AMAZING experience. =)
of`course there will be resistance 2, motorstorm:PR and maybe other game bundles, but by default it will be bundled with LBP.
So expect +1,5 mln. to LBP sales in Europe only during december. =)

and with time and people recommendations, LBP will reach 10 mln. LTD. :)

vitz33523d ago

Wow Lightning. You got ganked for bubbles.

Protip: A game console isn't a person. There is no battle. It's just about your money.

Sez 3522d ago

10 min LTD. thats the funnest thing i heard all day. lol

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

BEST Platform game - LBP

BEST FPS - Resistance 2

BEST Racing game - MotorStorm 2

BEST Action game - MGS4

BEST Flying er Floaty game - WipeOut:HD

BEST Download Game - PJ:Eden(Well WipeOut:HD is 1st tho)

|.......|...|................ .|
|...................|........ .|
|............____|...____| ;)

Now xBox 360's BEST of - can't think of anything!!! ;-D