Top Five Things We Hope Will Be in Fable 3

Now that Fable 2 has been on the market for well over a month, we thought it would be a good time to start discussing what needs to be added in for the third installment. If you've haven't had a chance to play through Microsoft's amazing RPG, then you have missed out on a much more open world in comparison to Fable 1, an online cooperative mode, and a superb canine companion to assist in finding treasure. But even so, Fable 2 wasn't without its imperfections and we'd like to present five features that need to be improved or added in.

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jadenkorri3371d ago (Edited 3371d ago )

the main storyline is no more than 3-4 hrs, id give it 6-8 for someone who was not familiar with the story... Now, half the stuff you do in the game is not even necessary, big woop, i own every house and have inf money to spend...on what!, after you buy every townhouse theirs nothing left to buy but potions...and weapon selection, I'm not going there, once i got my halo armor and weapon, that's what Ive used since. Open world my a$$, the game was still linear, a golden trail led you everywhere you needed to go...we should of had an option to turn it off. The ending was the biggest kick in the nads ever, not even a final fight, just chatting which i skipped and did eye for an eye, he shot my sister, well, i shot him in the head. The only thing that i found to be good about this game was the dog companion, despite the dog smelling a gold coin miles away, the dog was done was the only thing I enjoyed about the game...oh btw drank the trans gender potion in the castle, yes good autosave right after...Good Job... anyways having played Fable 1 the lost chapters only on pc, the story on the 1st one was much longer than this... this was not what i was expecting for a game that i heard/read so much about and bought a 360 just for this Game... Oh well, so I've moved on and started another game, Infinite Undiscovery, yes the 1st hour made this game great, until 2 kids have joined me....oh why does this game have to crap on me too...guys is Lost Odyssey good...ive picked that one up same time as Infinite.... what we were suppost to have in fable 1 and 2 will hopefully be in Fable 3...RIGHT

UltimaEnder3372d ago

ya, I think a lot of the things would be good in Fable 3; very happy with Fable 2 but a couple more features would have made it a perfect 10.... .. ....

InMyOpinion3372d ago

I want to have my own baboon.

UltimaEnder3371d ago

I was thinking more along the lines of a giraffe....

Pebz3371d ago

Animal most likely to be added: Lion.

A cookie to whoever guesses why.

InMyOpinion3371d ago

As in head? I wish their name was Baboonhead...

Caspel3371d ago

hecks yeah, a monkey would be amazing to see in the next game. He could go into buildings and steal items for you.

UltimaEnder3371d ago

@Pebz: because a lion is the king of the jungle?

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The story is too old to be commented.