Loot-Ninja: Glyph Review

Loot-Ninja writes: "The App Store is loaded with puzzle games, so it's quite difficult to find the right one to suit a person's specific tastes. Do you go for value, graphics, replay value or something entirely different? Glyph is able to offer all of the above and more at a great introductory price. Sounds kind of like an advertisement, doesn't it?

Glyph has the basic concept of most Bejeweled style games. Match three or more like colors to remove the pieces from the board. What Glyph has going for it is variety of gameplay and longevity. The main campaign of Glyph consists of 200 stages. Yes, 200 stages that attempt to tell the story of Kuros and how discovering glyphs can save the world. The story itself isn't exactly mind blowing, but we're not here for the storytelling, we want to match some colored pieces".

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