Electric Playground: MotorStorm: Pacific Rift Review

• Vehicle damage models still rock (and get used to seeing them)
• Stunning graphics
• More tracks and race modes
• More vehicle variety
• Track design and variety is an exercise in awesomeness

• Track boundaries not always clearly identified
• You'd better be good at the first game before you even think of trying this one

Bottom Line
If enjoyed the first game, you'll probably enjoy Pacific Rift. Also, if you enjoyed the first game, it probably means you got real good at it, which is a requirement here.

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Dragunov3467d ago

The cons are laughable. The only REAL con is that the game is near impossible in the last races, and lack of online modes. 9/10

GrandTheftZamboni3466d ago

Agreed. They gave Lips 8/10, too, BTW.