Euro SOCOM PS3 pushed to "early 2009" - Definitely not out here tomorrow

Eurogamer writes: "Sony has told us that SOCOM: Confrontation will not be out this Friday in Europe, as some retailers are still suggesting.

Instead, a spokesperson told us the online tactical PS3 shooter will arrive in "early 2009". No reason was given for the delay.

SOCOM: Confrontation has been out in America - where little mice go to make their fortunes - for a while."

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Counter_ACT3336d ago

Ugh. I really wanted this. This sucks, though I'm not surpised.

the worst3336d ago

the socom is so slow now
its not fun like the way it use to be
the game looks great sounds great
game play 6/10
now i played socom 1,2 and 3
its now the same


At least that will give them more time to make sure the game dose not suffer how the american version suffered.

OrganicMachine3336d ago

what do you want SOCOM to be? run and gun?

that's not how a tactical shooter should be. imo

kewlkat0073336d ago

Do they always get the better version

Now like some have said bad timing yet again, if this hits close to KZ2 it might not do as well but who knows..

Sony for the most par this gen has not been on time..and EU usually get the short end of the stick

Panthers3336d ago

This game is amazing. Seriously I dont see how the critics got it so wrong. Too bad for the people over seas. But by then, the game will be patched up and good to go.

kwicksandz3336d ago

Keep screwing over your most loyal base. I bet they would like a PS3 headset for under $90 as well but that aint gonna happen either.

CraftyGaz3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

I imported this from renchi three weeks ago and im glad i did it is truly awsome fun (think ghost recon 2) it only took a week to arrive and i didnt have to pay import tax.

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TheColbertinator3336d ago

I feel bad for Euro PS3 gamers who have to deal with the incompetence of Sony Europe

Aclay3336d ago

If SOCOM is coming out in early 2009 in Europe, it needs to come out in January because literally every PS3 owner in the world that loves shooters will be all over Killzone 2 in February. If SOCOM comes out in February, I have no doubt that it's going to get overshadowed by the massive release of KZ2.

When Sony releases highly anticipated exclusives from now on, I think that they need to give each highly anticipated game at least 14-21 days of breathing room before releasing another exclusive because in the U.S., Motorstorm Pacific Rift, Resistance 2 and LBP were all released within about a week of each other, if not less and I think that each game probably could have performed better if they had more breathing room, and now it's pretty obvious why Sony delayed Killzone 2 for Fall 2008 to early 2009.

Plus, SOCOM is a game that needs to be delayed and that should have been delayed to begin with in the U.S. to fix all of the technical issues with the game and servers before it was released.

All I want to hear now from SCEE is a confirmed KZ2 release date for February.

Radiodread3336d ago

Microsoft's incompetence with Europe, or everywhere else for that matter except the U.S. The only thing Europe got instead of U.S. was that green controller with the revised D-pad. That's it.

TheColbertinator3336d ago

Sony America has a video store with plenty of content and Qore.Sony Japan has a load of PS1 games and even a free MMO.Sony Europe has brought neither.Face it.David Reeves is a sloth for Euro PS3 owners

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