ONM: Monster Hunter 3 Preview

ONM writes: "Ahh, hunting. The great outdoors, getting together with your friends, being at one with nature... oh, and the chance to bag yourself a few dead animal carcasses in the process. It's not a hobby that we get to indulge in often (or, indeed, ever), but we can appreciate why it might be enjoyable to those gruff American types who do venture into the woods to shoot deer, bears or whatever else they fancy hanging on their walls.

Still, the rest of us have Capcom's Monster Hunter 3 to look forward to on Wii soon, which can only be a good thing. Not only will we get to satisfy our Elmer Fudd fantasies, but a few fluffy bunnies will be spared in the process."

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qface643519d ago

why must you not be in my arms right now MH3 >.<

one of the games i can't wait to get my hands on

TheColbertinator3519d ago

This game will be fantastic.I really enjoyed the Wiimotes implementation in the TGS 08 show.Hopefully Capcom gets a strong online following with this one

jtucker783519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

Looks brilliant.

Most anticipated Wii title for me.

kesvalk3519d ago

i want it, i really want it...