WorthPlaying: Dokapon Kingdom Review

WorthPlaying writes: "That's what it sounds like when you get three people in a room to play Dokapon Kingdom, one of the latest efforts from Atlus Software to establish that, when it comes to truly screwy games in the U.S., they are the publisher to beat. Dokapon Kingdom succeeds admirably. This friendship-destroying party title manages to combine a game session length of Civilization IV, the silly factor of Mario Party, and just about every existing role-playing game trope into something ... just plain strange, really, but also quite fun ? as long as you stay with short bursts of play.

This party RPG actually has a story. The seven-continent kingdom of Dokapon is a nice place, and the denizens really love their money. Unfortunately, the monsters also love money, so they're taking over every last town in Dokapon to steal it. You play a team of adventurers whose jobs consist of saving the towns and getting as much money as possible. Whoever is the richest gets the hand of the lovely Princess Penny in marriage, and thus becomes the next king or queen. That's about it, although different events start varying things over time in a typical send-up of traditional RPG structures."

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