Edge: A New Lexicon of Game Words

Edge writes: "Nouns like "Space shooter" and "MMORPG" and "Big Boss" are unique to gaming. Some of them can be grasped by outsiders; some not.

But what about 'moments' within the game? What about those particular things that are shared as stories with friends, like "that bit where you-" and "that thing that always-" and "this crazy thing where-"? What about gameplay?

As videogames have developed over the last three decades, their unique qualities and failures have become more deserving of a critical vocabulary that is able to pinpoint them. Here, Edge has decided to have some fun and give such a vocabulary a go, with a collection of simple nouns, verbs and adjectives. They're not describing the big deal-breakers of a game, but they may just ring a bell with you."

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nirun3342d ago

i've been playing video games for a very long time and have never heard
any of those words, n00bs :p