MS Black Friday Deals Staying in America

Edge writes: "Microsoft's Larry Hryb has confirmed on his semi-official blog (writing under the pseudonym Major Nelson) that the Black Friday Live Arcade price-cuts will not be available outside the US, though the idea was considered.

The director of programming for Xbox Live has posted a list of titles that will be cut in price for US-bound Xbox Live Gold subscribers. From this Friday through to Sunday, subscribers can expect discounts on Live Arcade titles such as Rez HD and package downloads for games like Crackdown and Guitar Hero 3.

Yet following displeased comments from Canadian and UK 360 users on the deal's exclusivity in the States, Hryb confirmed that he "gave feedback about having this available for other regions, but due to a lot of issues it was not possible."

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Bangladesh3468d ago

All Black Friday sales stay in the U.S. Perhaps it's because Black Friday only exists in the U.S.