Professor Layton Animated Film Set for 2010

IGN writes: "The third and final entry in the Professor Layton DS trilogy, Professor Layton and the Final Time Journey, hit Japan Thursday morning. You wouldn't expect Level-5 to let the game drop without some buzz, and sure enough, the developer/publisher generated quite a bit of buzz through a commemoration press event on Wednesday night in Tokyo.

The big news to emerge from the event concerned a non-gaming offshoot of the franchise. Professor Layton The First Movie, the animated film that was announced just prior to the Tokyo Game Show, is scheduled for a New Years 2010 release in Japan, Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino revealed. The Japanese version of the film will feature the same voice cast as the game, with Yo Oizumi as Layton and Maki Horikita as Ruke."

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TheColbertinator3340d ago

Sounds great.This one of the best games from Level 5.

meepmoopmeep3340d ago

one of Level 5's finer franchises
(as though they have any that aren't fine)

Lucreto3340d ago

I love puzzles and I plan to get it for Christmas.

Homicide3339d ago

Professor Layton series have a great story. I'm looking forward to it.