Resident Evil 5 demo confirmed for Europe

Videogamer writes: "Capcom has confirmed that a Resident Evil 5 demo, previously revealed for a December 5 Xbox 360 release in Japan, will be making its way to Europe and North America.

The good news is the demo will be making an appearance on both the Xbox 360 and PS3 (the Japanese demo is still only confirmed for Xbox 360), but sadly will be arriving a little later than December 5. Whether this means we won't see the demo this year isn't clear."

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kazuma3466d ago

they're making demo's exclusive to regions now?
this generation really is getting all f*cked up...

doctorstrange3466d ago

as japanese people get US and EU accounts to get the demo

buy a ps33465d ago

kazuma it is just business Europe must just be their targeted consumers.

OrganicMachine3465d ago

I won't call it "exclusive"..

more like targeting the right people at the right place and at the right time..

if you go all out with such things, that means more money goes to converting each demo that appeals to certain demographics. such as:

- translating RE5 from Jap to english to German
- Deleting things that certain country do not like (censorship isn't illegal everywhere you know)

not to mention man power to do those stuff..

Gitaroo3465d ago

RE5 JP demo is confirmed for both platform both are release on the 5th.

timmyrulz3465d ago

So what time frame do people reckon it will take before we get a "comparison" between the two demos? Im edgeing my bet on 0-11 minutes at 2:1

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The story is too old to be commented.