Boomtown: Midnight Club LA Remix Review

Boomtown writes: "Build the revs, hover over the handbrake and get ready for the tire squeal, the streets of LA turn into a racing circuit in this latest portable street racing offering placed before us by the people at Rockstar. Midnight Club LA Remix is the little brother of Midnight Club Los Angeles on the home consoles, reworked and tweaked to work for the PSP.

From the start, when you pick up your first car (why does it always seem to end up being a golf GTI?) you jump straight into some racing. Launching into the storyline where, essentially, you are the new guy on the street, working your way through the list of street racers in LA, earning money and respect to upgrade your car and earn the right to race the elite of the street circuit. Take a leisurely drive round the neighborhood and you'll quickly find local races and drivers, who with merely the flash of your headlights, are happy to oblige you in a little car on car action. Wait for the countdown and folks, here is where the fun begins".

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