TGS: Bring Back Shenmue

ThatGamingSite takes a look back at the Shenmue series looking at the past games, the failed online attempt and the sequel that never came.

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Bigbangbing3492d ago

Sega ... What are you doing ? wasting time and money on some sh1ty Sonic games , and yakuza .. yes i just said YAKUZA !! yakuza is not even 1% of Shenmue ...


Elven63492d ago

I agree, although I heard good things about Yakuza it's definitely not Shenmue.

Elven63492d ago

Shenmue was a really great game, it did much that is still to be matched by any game! I would only get Shenmue 3 if:

1. Yu Suzuki is involved
2. Good Production Values
3. Not another Sega Wii game which will kill another franchise, infact, not on the Wii at all!

Cernex3492d ago

I have good memories of playing this game on a friend's Dreamcast... pretty darned good times, though sometimes, I just wish it was even MORE open, like the Elder Scroll series...

El Cernex

Elven63492d ago

I didn't feel that, it was "open" enough for my liking :p

raiden_933492d ago

Shenmue II actually had a much bigger open world sadly not enough people played that game...

Elven63492d ago

Yea but Shenmue was a technical marvel, the ability to FULLY interactive with your environment, open any door, every single cupboard, etc is a feat very few have even come close to.

Lumbo3492d ago

Not gonna happen, and if some other studio does it it won't be the same as a real 3rd one anyways :(

raiden_933492d ago

I doubt they'd hand it over to anyone else. It just wouldn't be right.

Elven63492d ago

How much of the original team is still at Sega? Also, Yu Suzuki would be a vital part along with AM2.

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The story is too old to be commented.