BritishGaming: Resistance 2 Review

Resistance 2's single player campaign is laughably pitiable, an absolutely frustrating slog complete with monster closets, invisible enemies and bullet-sponge mini-bosses. If BritishGaming wasn't playing Resistance 2 for review, they would have given up and quit during the third chapter.

Verdict: Pass by

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vitz33343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

What? Any facts to back any of that BS up? Huh Bloodmask?

They must just be pissed since R2 doesn't happen in the UK this time.

Radiodread3343d ago

I'll pass on your website is what I'll do. No wonder I've never heard of you.

cmrbe3343d ago

are just pissed that Resistance is no loner focusing on them lol!.

Dragnipur3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

Well they definitely got some traffic on their site now! Guess all you have to do is say that someone's creation is "rubbish" then "ShaZam!!!" ...!

Absolutely stupid review, the writer does not understand the concept of the word "REVIEW", we don't need your personal opinion, just the bare bones!

If you want a more balanced approach to a review .. follow the link!

bob20833343d ago

I am english and think its embarrassing reading that review. They are just trying to get hits quite silly. I wish n4g would filter this crap and not let any site be posted on here.
They say to "Pass By" for this game but for games like lost they write give a try ..

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