10 things you DON'T want to see in Diablo III

TOP 10 Diablo 3 things we DON'T want to see:

1. Insta-kill mobs
Do you remember insta-kill mobs in hell difficulty, that could kill you with one to few lightning bolts? We sure don't want to see such mobs in Diablo III.

2. I am immune (Help your self!)
You are playing a wizard and you meet this monster that is immune to your magic school (lightning). How should I kill this monster! With my staff? HELP ME!

3. Lost connection to
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BlindMonkey3495d ago

Remove hammerdins and enigma armor and the game will be great.

ThanatosDMC3494d ago

But his complains about the enemies are what made Diablo 2 great. He's complaining about those Oblivion Knights. The challenge made it memorable. No one wants a game to be a walk in the park... that's why it's called "Hell Mode"!

Gun_Senshi3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Be World of Warcraft offline, from art direcation to armor.

Just look at all the screenshots, not colour, look at armor! Is that Diablo's style? NO

Filet of Children3495d ago

Awesome, then let's give it a 3/4 fixed perspective and sprite-based graphics too. We wouldn't want it to be true 3D, that would be TOTALLY unlike the original Diablo games.

Gun_Senshi3495d ago

Diablo is a Dark Gothic World.

Nothing wrong with making it 3D just keep the same morifs not going to WoW.

Who disagreed is a WoWtard 100%. Fans of diablo agree with me.

Charlie26883495d ago

@Filet of Children: Good job at not reading (or understanding) his post....but I guess the contra fanboys never do...sigh

Same BS with Fallout 3 someone complains or questions something within the new game and we get the usual Contra Fanboy attacking them out of something the original poster hadn't even mention -_-

Filet of Children3495d ago

@Gun_Senshi - I'm a fan of Diablo. I play both of the original games to this day. And yet somehow, I've got no problem with the updated visual style. I think it's a reasonable balance between realism and fantasy. Not all of us are tied up in the "gothic" (as you call it) art style of the originals... Personally, I'm only concerned with how it plays - you know, since it's a game and all.

@Charlie2688 - I've read your post a couple of times now, and I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to say. I don't mind the new art style so... I'm a Contra fanboy? Gun_Senshi said he does not want to see the new visual style that Diablo III *is* going with, and I just took it to the "reductio ad absurdum" conclusion.

Seriously folks. This is what the game's going to look like. So let's either talk about things that actually matter (like the gameplay), or just get off the bus.

Charlie26883494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

@Filet of Childre: Art Style =/= technical graphics

Gun_Senshi mention he doesn't like the "WOW/High Fantasy" art style the game (he even gives an example with the armor styles) is getting and you come and mention "3D", "sprite-based graphics", "3/4 perspective" I mean WTF is THAT? that is STRAIGHT up the contra fanboys guidebook same way a buchu of Fallout fans like my self were talking how the new point system for Fallout 3 wasn't as predominant or important as it is in previous fallout and out of nowhere is the same fashing you did a user comes and tells us "not to live in the past since games need to move on from 3D and isometric perspectives" I tell you AGAIN WTF is THAT?

If you had told me that maybe the new ART DIRECTION is in you opinion better then fine its a simple matter of preference but you weren't even responding to his complains and that marks as the usual contra fanboy...sad but truth :/

Daver3494d ago

I Know what Gun senshi mean, i dont want diablo 3 to look too familiar with WOW, and so far from what we have seen its very familiar, thats suck they didnt have to go that way i think

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shadowfish3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

"1. Insta-kill mobs
Do you remember insta-kill mobs in hell difficulty, that could kill you with one to few lightning bolts? We sure don’t want to see such mobs in Diablo III."

>>>>>Maybe if you had some lightning resistance you wouldn't die, or friends who have a char with sanctuary.

"2. I am immune (Help your self!)
You are playing a wizard and you meet this monster that is immune to your magic school (lightning). How should I kill this monster! With my staff? HELP ME!"

>>>>>Once again, for this, we have the legendary mercenary, which will kill these, its part of the game for things to be immune, otherwise it would be too easy. A good example is the hammerdin, nothing is immune to it. Also, try getting a FRIEND to help kill them.

"3. Lost connection to
This one is classic, constantly be dropped out of the diablo games or completely lost connection to"

>>>>>Only valid point.

"4. Random PKs joining games
Random player killers join your happy game and kill your character deeply inside the game."

>>>>>Fun to watch, funner to do.

"5. This quest cannot be completed
The quest you really wanted to finish got finished by another player, who can ’meh’ at you for your hard afford to reach your quest."

>>>>>Try making a private game. Also, if I went to the USA on World 1 and killed Obama, could you then kill Obama? No.

"6. Gold sellers spammers
“I want to sell Diablo Gold for 2.95$” constantly popping on the screen."

>>>>>When has this happened? Also, it won't happen.

"7. Dungeons: love to get stuck’d in Maggots Lair
We are 8 people inside level 3 Maggots Lair, ‘MOVE’ somebody keep saying, ‘HELP I’m stuck’d’. Am I perma stuck’d?"

>>>>>Never been in a small tunnel before? Kinda hard to move past people isn't it?

"8. Item scams
Random people trying to scam you: ‘Hey this item is worthless, give it to me!”"

>>>>>Don't be so gullible then.

"9. Broken characters
I’ve reached level 69 and found out my character was completed wrong build. DoH! I’m gonna quit the game, I don’t want to level yet again… ;("

>>>>>That's your own fault.

"10. Finding high level runes
Just the rune you never found in the game… after playing Diablo II - 3 years and 88 days, and you keep saying: “This rune does not exist in the game anymore.”"

>>>>> But it this way, how often do you find a diamond on the road? Not very often. Same goes for high runes. Rare = Expensive. It's also called LOGIC.

I like your disagree with no comment. -.-

Daver3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

i didnt diseagree with you but when you say:

"`>>>>>Wh en has this happened? Also, it won't happen." at number 6

Are you SERIOUS? Have you ever played Diablo2? This thing is the most annoying thing i ever had to deal with in a game

dexterwang3494d ago

Agree with shawdowfish... the author sounds like a complete noob to diablo 2.... facepalms*

Obama3495d ago

A lite sorc can kill lite immune with infinity merc...this guy doesn't play d2 much.

shadowfish3495d ago

Exactly. Tbh, the sorc could actually use the infinity. xD That'd be great. Ooh, or what about a light soso.. who was actually a melee soso? Technically a melee soso is a lightning soso due to Light Mastery, Telekenisis and ES.

crinale3495d ago

Isn't that very difficult to create infinity merc?

shadowfish3495d ago

Not if you're good, and play enough.

IaMs123495d ago

the freaking failed to joins lol or Realm down

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