Top 10 Lists : The Top 10 Videogame Controllers Ever

Gamefaqs have been thinking seriously about videogame controllers, and I gotta say it's really hard to come with a top ten list of them. There's a difference between controller and peripheral, one is used to play a game, and the other just enhances the videogame experience. Gamefaqs will set one rule only to this list, one very important rule: 1, if it has buttons and it's used to play a game, then it's a controller. So there you go, let's roll!

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Yi-Long3432d ago

... and apparently written by a Nintendo fan-buy, by the looks of it.

The 360 controller and the old Controller S for the Xbox are among the very best controllers ever (apart from the shoddy D-pads, which is supposedly fixed now with the LE green controller).

Also, the Saturn joypad was pretty good, as was the 6 buttoned Megadrive/Genesis controller (for their time).

I also quite like the Dual-Shock 3. Definately better than some of those listed here...

I Call 9MM3432d ago

I definitely have to say that is the crappiest controller list ever. GameCube controller as number 1? Not in this universe, maybe in bizarro world. Let's fix that list up a bit (I'll keep special controllers like guitars and dance mats out, because only a few games work with them).

1 - Mouse and Keyboard (muhaha. You want to get head shots and play RTS games properly, this is the only way to go. 3rd person platformers, well they still work I guess, awkward for other games too like 2D sidescrollers)
2 - Wireless Xbox 360 Controller (best balance of shape and layout out there, too bad the crummy D-Pad ruins it majesty)
3 - All variations of the official Dual Shock (wired or not, still awesome. Lots of buttons, rumble, comfortable, but not as good with FPS's as Microsoft's, just face it)
4 - SNES Controller (Shoulder buttons and layout beat crappy Genesis controller hands down, great evolution of NES controller)
5 - WiiMote + Nunchuck (not always well implemented, but when it is this controller is GRRRREAT!)
6 - N64 Controller (delivered us to the analog age, though when you look back at the shape, you gotta think they must have been high coming up with the shape. Awkward getting at all those buttons)
7 - NES Controller (no more stupid keypads, hurray, but later rounded versions nicer then the hard angled original. Classic though)
8 - Original Playstation controller (Nice evolution of the SNES style with two extra buttons. A blatant copy of the SNES, but nobody cared).
9 - Dreamcast controller (Nice you could put two packs in at once, but why no second analog, guess they didn't learn nothing from the days of the PS One??)
10 - 6-Button Genesis Pad - Much more comfortable, more buttons, great for fighting games, platformers, the works. Still not as good as the SNES, but better then the first effort.

And my dishonorable controller mentions

5 - Game Cube controller. Works good in games especially designed for it, like Metroid, but that C-Stick sucks ass and is uncomfortable for aiming, missed many a head shot because of it, Z-Button is crappy and there is only one of them, triggers are wonky too. Good for racing, bad for shooting. Nintendo definitely couldn't think of anything good after the N64 days.
4 - Original Genesis controller (well, not bad really, but when the SNES came out, it's controller was just so much better by comparison. The 6-face button version though was great for fighters like Street Fighter however, same with the Saturn's).
3 - Jaguar Controller (plain old NES/Genesis clone, but with an awkward keypad on it thrown in for fun)
2 - CD-i controllers (too many different kinds, all unreliable and ungainly)
1 - Stupid keypad controllers (because we all like to use a calculator or a telephone for playing games. I'm looking at you Coleco and Intellevision).