Top 10 Beat-Em-Ups That Need to Make a Comeback

Ten 80s- and 90s-era beat-em-ups that deserve to be remade for today's retro-friendly videogame market.

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italianbreadman3520d ago

Some fine choices. I'm feeling a bit nostalgic...

cain1413520d ago

God I remember how addicted I used to get to some of those...

aftrdark213520d ago

and I'll say it again.

Consider the possibilities...

Game On!

italianbreadman3520d ago

And I will say it again, again.

Viva la RCR!

gidzilla3520d ago

I had double dragon on a watch, that was sweet.

cmrbe3520d ago

Double dragon. Its the reason my mum bought me a NES.

Product3520d ago

where is Final Fight???