Game Focus: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Review

Seeing Mortal Kombat getting the next-gen treatment alongside DC characters is treat and a cool idea but it leaves Game Focus wondering why Midway didn't go with just MK characters at first and then release a mash-up. Eitherway, the result is interesting but this may not be known as the best Mortal Kombat game as the most important element that made the franchise an instant classic (the extremely visceral fatalities) isn't present here.

Regardless, Midway should be happy with the final result. They took a risk trying to please MK fans with a softer game and offer DC Comics fans a respectable fighting game; a first for the comic book series. Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe is a fun game and will give fans of both franchises a taste of things to come, if there's indeed something coming. But Game Focus will say this; they still think gamers need a definite MK game with the gore and the blood that they all love and was definitely missed here.

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j4gs143340d ago

thats higher than i expected

Serjikal_Strike3340d ago

is the best character in the game to play with friends