PS3 Sales Stagnate; DS, PSP, 360, and Wii All Going Up

Japan - The PS3 and PS2 were the only platforms that didn't receive a significant boost this week as the end-of-year climb finally begins. The DS and PSP platforms are both up nearly 20k units, the 360 almost doubled last week's effort from 8k to 15.5k, and the Wii is up 10k units from the previous week.

Defying the weekly gains for every other platform, the PS3 sold only 17.4k units this week, exactly what it sold last week.

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Raoh3435d ago

LMFAO tell the writer that even after the 360's price cut the ps3 is still selling well at the current price with no price cut.

the story should read the 360's price cut has helped in japan, but not by much and it may be in trouble in 2009 when the ps3 gets its own price cut.

saruwatari3435d ago

Be a gamer, not a hater.


sutton323435d ago

same can be said for the author of this article

AAACE53435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

Grow Up! Either one of these consoles should be selling at least 30,000 a week! So these small numbers mean almost nothing because they both lag extremely far behind the Wii!

Danja3435d ago

wow I was expecting to see Terrible sales for the PS3..mis-leading title...this article is flame-bait....

Coheno3435d ago

Please... 360 got a boost from Last Remnant, not the price cut! It has had the price cut for some time now, and it's still lacking in Japan.

Though i'm looking forward to seeing the numbers AFTER White Knight Chronicles comes out on the 25th dec. First REAL and decent JRPG for PS3! Especially because it has ad-hoc play, which the Japanese seem to really really like...

Aclay3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

To be honest, I was expecting the 360 to outsell the PS3 this week in Japan because of The Last Remnant.

However, the only reason why 360 sales doubled from last week is JUST because of The Last Remnant and nothing else. The Xbox 360 is like HALF the price of the PS3 in Japan, the 360 has more JRPG's, yet the PS3 still outsells it and the 360 hasn't reached a million in Japan after 3 years.

PS3 sales in Japan will be through the roof once White Knight finally drops in less than a month from now.

littletad3435d ago

The ps3 outsells it because that's it's homeland. But the fact that the 360 is selling much better than expected and even sometimes beats the ps3 in weekly sales is an amazing accomplishment. Japanese people are very private and tend to like their own products. And boy do they like their rpg's. So the 360 has been bringing more to the plate and has a better price point. So quit comparing the ps3 to the 360 in it's homeland when it has an overwhelming advantage not just in familiarity but in self conscious buyers. For the 360 to even rise buy a few k's is a good thing for Microsoft and a great thing for all gamers.

DocEvil3434d ago

PS3 seems to be selling well to me? What's with that title? Only a couple of months ago the 360 was consistantly struggling to reach 3k sales per week... now it is usually over 10k so they seem to be finally making some progress in japan.

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aggh im on fire3435d ago

Im starting to loose all interest in Japan's gaming culture. The ps3 sales are still low, the games they buy often bizzare and there development teams seem to have got stuck in the past. There was a time when they had the most respected teams and games in the world but it now seems to me that western developers are the ones taking chances and pushing the hardware.

littletad3434d ago

There was a time when rpg's were coming out left and right. I miss those days. Maybe, it was because things are so sophisticated these days. And just maybe, the consumers ourselves have changed the market so much, their as confused as they can be.

GlibGamer3435d ago

Nice spin on this story. Even though the PS3 still outsold the Xbox360 by nearly 2k units while being more expensive in a poor economy, they would have you believe the 360 is slaughtering the PS3 in sales.

Poorly worded to the point of losing almost all objectivity.

SaiyanFury3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

Well put, sir. The PS3 sold about as much this week as last. It's like those authors who were saying that last month's minor 360 sales increase over the PS3 in Japan was a complete triumph. It outsold the PS3 by a couple of thousand units for a couple of weeks. Sorry, that doesn't constitute a victory in the long run.

Sayai jin3434d ago

LOL. True, but remember a few years back no one would have ever thought the 360 would sell about the same or more. The original XBox did not come close to even selling the same amount to the PS2 and no one ever thought that the 360 would ever out sell the PS3 this gen in Japan. albeit only for a few weeks. The 360 will never catch up in Japan this gen, but MS never thought the would. They are going at it one step at a time, releasing one JRPG at a time. Look how much better the 360 is doing in Japan this time around. Now imagine next gen.

I do not own any stocks any either company, but you can expect to see a nice surge once White Knight Chronicles is released.

Cheers, heres to great gaming no matter what console it is on!

xaviertooth3435d ago

lol! the PS3 sold a measly 17k and the 360 sold a MASSIVE 15k!!!

spin, spin, spin! xbots love it! spin, spin and more spin!

spin for more hits! mindless xbots are ready to give hits!

alexM3435d ago

even with LR x360 couldnt move past ps3 in weekly sales

imagine ps3 sales next week when PES is launched.
so far i know that PES ps3 is the most preordered HD game in Japan

IzKyD13313435d ago

the fact that the PS3 can hold a solid 17K each week is more impressive than the 360's little spikes here and there

maruchan27six3435d ago

Don't forget xbox costs half the price of PS3.
Don't forget there is a The Last Remnant Xbox 360 Bundle.
I think aside from the JRPGs, Japanese have no reason to own an Xbox 360.PS3 is just more appealing as a multimedia entertainment.

HateBoy3435d ago

You people have absolutely no idea how the japanese market works, right? Read a book, preferably one about economic development worldwide after WWII. Seriously, you all sound retarded.

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Serjikal_Strike3435d ago

the wii and the ds is selling as well as they are since Its gettin close to xmas and the kiddies still want it....