IGN: Resistance 2 UK Review

Though it's certainly a competent package, the overall feeling engendered by Resistance 2 is underwhelming. For every breathless set-piece that powers the single-player campaign, there's another moment not far behind that peddles mediocrity, and every glorious vista is offset by sometimes derivative play. Ultimately the myriad multiplayer options atone for the patchy single player to ensure it's a worthy purchase, but one that's not quite essential.

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jamesrocks31473436d ago

when the US reveiw is 9.6!!!! such a f*ckin differance i call bullsh*t.

N4PS3G3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

Its not 9.6 ..its a 9.5

and its not BS..its an opinion

and its not the first score near the 8 mark

The diff. could be because IGN uk and IGN us editors and reviewers etc. are not the same

PimpHandHappy3436d ago

ppl have read about how "run of the mill" the single player is

they really dont understand why they are wrong

i have never seen so much going on on screen at once in any game! Im about done on my 2nd run and while the game is repetative it does do some things really well

its kinda like GTA4
the game itselfs inst that great but the world you inhabit is crazy in size and thought

if you like FPS its a must play thats 4sure

and if you dont buy it a week wont even touch what the game has to offer

JaPo3436d ago

Technological complexity doesn't equate to a good game. + There is no obligation to enjoy a game simply because it has 'a lot on screen'.

I own Resistance and enjoyed my single player run, but it was extremely overrated by the PS3 fans. Multiplayer was also fun but nowhere near as deep and intelligent as its main comparison, Gears of War 2.

I know I'm going to get hounded here, but Gears 2 is clearly a more polished title which has established a winning formula. Resistance 2 has a wealth of features but lacks that polish which a shooter (because there is so many) demands.

I don't understand why people overrated Resistance so much. The adoration seemed to grow further into the PS3's life which is when, I presume, fanboys needed a game to use in their arguments.

Danja3436d ago

um so if you played R2 and found it okay , why are you comparing it to Gears 2..? did you just come in here to troll..?

R2 is the best shooter of the year, I dont even see how ppl can compare it Gears when Gameplay wise they are both different games...

The SP campaign isn't the best but it's way better and longer than even most SP player games without online these days and the online is way better than Gears 2...I experienced some serious Lag when I was playing it with a friend..and other than Horde mode what is there to brag about..for Gears 2 online..?

JaPo3435d ago

You're just biased. I, on the other hand, am not.

Gears of War 2 is constantly compared to R2. Perhaps it wasn't wise to incorporate it into such a fanboy ridden article, but it's useful considering there was a decent level of buzz about them both getting 9.5's from US IGN.

Gears 2 online is a tight, polished, and intelligent package. There is a demand for tactics and you won't have some n00b using a rocket launcher to win the game. On the other hand R2 multiplayer is technically impressive, boasting 60 players, but is far less polished than Gears, and on most servers is simply a mindless affair of running and gunning. In retrospect, I played the beta everyday and thoroughly enjoyed it, so don't go thinking I despise ANYTHING about the game.

I can see from your post that you're the kind of guy who sees stats and says: Longer = better, More enemies = better. In other words you do not have the intelligence necessary to form your own opinions and therefore let media buzz determine them.

Before others start pooping about SP, let me lay my cards on the table.

I've completed Resistance:FOM and thought it was decent. It certainly wasn't exceptional, and I think most people should be able to admit that. Perhaps not you, though. It was the perfect length.

I have played Gears of War single player and never really got into it (didn't have the time to). People say it was a thrilling, if short, ride.

I have not played Resistance 2 single player therefore cannot input ANY opinion, and don't plan to allow a website do it for me.

I have briefly played Gears 2 single player and, from what I played, I thought it was superb. Friends have told me the same.

We should ask John Carmack which he thinks he's better, considering he's the God of gaming. Or the people who made the original HL (the greatest FPS of the past 10 years). They'll be a voice of reason. But I suppose they're biased...

I think it's quite clear now I am not a fanboy, simply an asshole with an honest and informed opinion. If you disagree, fair enough, but don't accuse me of being a troll because I wasn't being one. I have a PS3, not a 360.

slinkey1233435d ago


Resistance is a better game IMO, im no PS3 fanboy either. My ps3 is actually collecting dust right now. I have gears 1 and 2 and they are both great games, but the multiplayer is complete bullsh*t. The shotgun is useless unless your the host. For example i shot someone in the head from 1 meter away 4 times with a shotgun and they didnt even get downed. Where as if im the host i cud shoot them in the leg and they would blow up. The lancer is also pointless because it takes WAYY to many bullets to kill people. AND GEARS OF WAR IS NOT POLISHED AT ALL!!!! one of the most glitchy games ever!

Remember thats my opinion

I think resistance 1 and 2 are a lot better, both the single player and multiplayer and especially no bullsh*t connections...

kewlkat0073435d ago

if you say anything negative about Ps3 related games, whether is a personal opinion, like most reviews are. Some are sensitive and are hurt very easily.

Though my cousin has this game and likes it, I'll probably borrow it and see for myself. I did play resistance 1 and didn't think it was anything special but I won't make comparisons.

heroicjanitor3435d ago

If you don't have a 360 then don't gives us some bullshit opinions that gears is better... Gears is glitchy as hell online so don't dare say it is polished, and both games depend on what you want from a game. Better online is resistance and better story is gears.

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jamesrocks31473436d ago

why did the US reveiw get 9.5!!!! and the UK get 8.2 bullsh*t

heres the link to prove it

N4PS3G3436d ago

That doesn't prove anything

Fable II - IGN US=8.8

Fable II - IGN UK=9.5

same site,diff people,diff opinions

Omega43436d ago

Yep its pretty strange, seems like US IGN have been giving PS3 exclusives abnormally high scores especially compared to other sites

I guess the US 'incentives' from Sony didnt reach the UK

GlibGamer3436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

And the flip side of that argument can't be said about the UK IGN being biased towards the 360?

Please people, you're smarter than this.

EDIT: Let me clarify, I'm not calling IGN UK biased. I'm saying that his baseless accusation can be applied to his detriment as well. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Kill Crow3436d ago

you need to turn up your sarcasm detector ...

Brixxer6003435d ago

The other thing that it proves is that games reviews are extremely flawed, one man's Resistance 2 is another man's Haze, never go with what other review sites say, if you like the look of a game then get it, the guy could've been having a bad day when he reviewed it, maybe he wanted to review Fable 2 but "Dave" got it before him, he then put his sulky face on and decided he wasn't going to like the game he had to review ?

With a game the size of Resistance 2 how are they going to review it properly ?, they simply do not have enough time to play every game mode, both online multiplayer and single player campaign.

die_fiend3435d ago

British people have different tastes unsurprisingly. I don't know why you're getting all flustered just because they didn't think it was great. I'm English and I thought the first was about 7/10 and if it hasn't improved greatly then 8.2 doesn't seem that absurb. Look how many other reviewers gave it 8 before you break down mate...

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jamesrocks31473436d ago

but it wont update the comment...

mesh13436d ago

rfom 2 is nothing but garbage rfom 1 was better.

whoelse3436d ago

Anyone here got the game? What would you give it?

Surfman3436d ago

solo: 8,5 / 10
coop: 10 / 10
multi: 9,5 / 10

Serjikal_Strike3436d ago

And I'd give it a 1st person shooter i played this year!

Raptura3436d ago

9 / 10

More if you like futuristic type shooters, but that's not that much for me. I got kinda bored of it.

edwardcrisel3436d ago

sp 7 mp 5 mp co-op 8.5 seriously this game is crap it is just like halo but without vehicles the co-op is really fun though i bought the game beat it and sold it not somethin that would keep me playing if u like this game u should get a 360 and buy halo 3 it is a better game.

dukadork3436d ago

solo: 8,5 / 10
coop: 10 / 10
multi: 9,5 / 10

overall: 9 at least

dukadork3436d ago

solo: 8,5 / 10
coop: 10 / 10
multi: 9,5 / 10

overall: 9 at least

BulletToothtony3436d ago

then the single campaign it's easily a freaking 9.2 yes it could have been done better.. i followed the project abraham and the story on this game is deeper than MOST people think, it's very complex, but to the people who might've not finished rfom or not understand the story i can see how the story is nothing better than an 8..

it would be like watching lotR the return of the king without watching the first 2, it just wouldn't be as good.

the co-op is easily a 10 it's quite lots of fun.. and competitive i find it that some guns are not as well balanced as they should be resulting in sometimes a frustrating game.. i would give it an 8.9

Single player 9.3
Graphics 9.0
Sound 9.0
Co-op 10
Competitive 8.9

Overall 9.4 BUY IT!!!

callahan093436d ago (Edited 3436d ago )

Solo 9
Co-Op 9.1
Competitive 9.9
Overall 9.5

rexor07173435d ago

Solo: 8.9 It is very fun and well put together. The boss fights are great, even though they are heavily scripted. But the main reason for not having a 9 is that there are to many cheap kill moments. Its a bit annoying in certain parts.
Multi: 9.9 It is fun that no other console shooter offers. The number of players makes it very uniques, but it is the weapons that really set it appart. Each weapon has so much stategic potential. Some are not easy to use at first(not a bad thing) but when you get used to them, you can own people. The only reason its not a perfect ten is because skirmish on Bryce Canyon sucks.
CoOp: 10 There is so much to do here. If you like playing with your friends then this is for you. If you love upgrading characters, then this is for you. If you love the Resistance story, this is for you.
Graphics:9 There are some beautiful areas in the game, but some textures are ass and some areas are pretty bland while others are gorgeous.

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xxsnowmanxx3436d ago


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