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Submitted by PS3Blog 2631d ago | rumor

Want Cash for Home? Collect Trophies

It was posted on the message of the day within Home, that Home users should all meet in the Central Plaza between 8-10pm (eastern). The three developers took questions from the crowd and had this to say:

"There will be a money system. you earn money from collecting trophies. and you will get money for the trophies you already have". (Home, PS3)
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RyuStrife  +   2631d ago
Trophies not important now? Epic Fail? Who knows, but it sure is getting hot now.
GrieverSoul  +   2631d ago
It would be nice if true!
Its a nice reward system and not just bragging rights! I hope this system works.

Off topic but within the Trophy System, how about loosing a trophy everytime you convert it to Home Money? Would it make U keep your games in order to squeeze more trophies for money trade? Just a thought... uhm....
Mr_Bun  +   2631d ago
I don't think I would want to lose trophies when they convert to money..I spent too much time collecting them in the first place and some of the games I had to replay after trophies were patched.

Off Topic: If the 18+ rumor is true, at least when you are talking to what you think is a girl, it won't be an "underaged" male on the other end.
Tsalagi  +   2631d ago
If the 18+ rumor is true, at least when you are talking to what you think is a girl, it won't be an "underaged" male on the other end.
Now it'll be a 20+ guy.
SSCOOLCHEA  +   2631d ago
This is all true
I was part of the crowd last night talking to the home staff . All trophies that you collected for every game . you can use that as money to get new clothes .( But you will lose the trophies ) .. Home is awesome guys . I can't even put it into words . i also thought this home thing was stupid , but after carefully wondering around you find some interesting , good people to talk to. I see it as a way for ps3 owners to talk about games without the fanboy shhh.
Homicide  +   2631d ago
This is pretty awesome. Now I won't have to spend money on home.
Hershy999  +   2631d ago
I think that'd be pretty stupid if we lost our trophies when we spend them on Home stuff. That defeats the whole point of trophies as bragging's not the same to brag about virtual clothes and furniture.
barom  +   2630d ago
This is the feature that will drive Home. This is why people want to visit Home again and again.
-EvoAnubis-  +   2622d ago

That's all I have to say.
thetan5000  +   2631d ago
More trophy's = more premium sh1t for apartment etc?
I'm in.
PirateThom  +   2631d ago
I though this had been confirmed previously?

Sony didn't want trophies to be a arbitrary score with little use past a "urination" contest and were going to offer various rewards for trophies.
Fishy Fingers  +   2631d ago
Nice, already got around 160 of them. Nice to know those hours of frustration might not of been totally in vain.
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UNCyrus  +   2631d ago
you're frustrated with 160? Hahaha, imagine my frustration, I have 645 of them...
ultimolu  +   2631d ago
...Wow. xD

Nice dude.
Nathaniel_Drake  +   2631d ago
damn that a lot of trophies for both of yall I have about 20 all from Resistance 2, awesome game, oh and Happy Thanksgiving to all!!! =)
Austin_SJ  +   2631d ago
I think it would be cool if you actually had a trophy cabinet in your apartment, and all the platinum trophies were stylised depending upon what game they were from, that way, you could really show off "I choose the impossible" trophy without have people have to use the compare trophies thing.
Hambowen  +   2631d ago
There is
Pretty sure they already announced they will have that. So your trophies will be displayed how they look. Aka the trophy sackboy statue will be there for all to see.
heroicjanitor  +   2631d ago
Never thought of that
That is a really good idea, I thought we would actually have to pay for it, but this encourages people to buy more games so it's a win-win situation
CrippleH  +   2631d ago
Trophy got some use if this is true after all.

Sony you officially got me trying to collecting trophies now if that's true.
Dark General  +   2631d ago
Totally ingenious way to integrate trophies with HOME. Gives more incentive to get trophies as well.
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi  +   2631d ago
That's COOL!!! ;)
I Wonder how many Trophies i need for me to buy a Virtual Reality xBox 360 for my Apartment??? It's safer that way!!! ;-D
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GrieverSoul  +   2631d ago
As long as the virtual reality Xbox360 doesnt come with virtual reality Red Rings of Death, Im in! XD
sunnygrg  +   2631d ago
Yeah, I hope the virtual 360 doesnt burn my HOME.
THC CELL  +   2631d ago
i have over 400 trophies hehe wonder what that would get me
LukaX23  +   2631d ago
Anyone have a nerdgasm just now??? hoolllly craapppp. HOME FTW!!!
Marceles  +   2631d ago
Nice, 545 trophies and counting
Kale  +   2631d ago
Finally someone realized there could be a use other than proving you have no life!
I actually might start caring that games have trophies now!
This person deserves a giant pat on the back/head/sports!
SmokedOut  +   2631d ago
Better yet, release Home....
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CrippleH  +   2631d ago
You guys are crazy. I only have near 200.
Arsenal4Ever  +   2631d ago
Hiphop gamer said this a while back and the majority of people slated him for it.
ultimolu  +   2631d ago
He's always getting attacked for the wrong reasons. -__-
Hercules  +   2631d ago
i only have 3 from gta....but thats because i stopped playing it...madden has my heart
dark loard  +   2631d ago
trophies 186 for me
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J@D  +   2631d ago
over 217 here. So I'm average ^^

But that's a great idea I hope Sony patented the idea just like certainly copy that like copy & paste ideas from other *cough*microsuck*cough*
Itrguy001  +   2631d ago
u guys really are crazy i only got like 100. HAPPY THANKSGIVING
baum  +   2631d ago
I have like
switch42  +   2631d ago
so trophies will get you money to spend in home obviously not cash
Mikelarry  +   2631d ago
a bad idea it would make me hunt for more trophies. cant wait till open beta so they can add more users
GlibGamer  +   2631d ago
IF it's true
Remember that it's an unconfirmed rumor. But if it's true, maybe it will make Microsoft consider adding a real value to their customer's gamerscore by allowing them to use gamerscore to purchase Avatar clothing options. Personal opinion: Microsoft will continue nickle and diming their customers with microtransactions that will just have a bad end result - many generic Avatars on the NXE, including mine.

Anyway, it looks like I have some trophy earning to do. I had a sneaking suspicion that Sony would make trophies worth more than a level, and it looks like that might be true. Awesome! It's a good time to be a gamer, with the companies competing like this!
LokMessier  +   2631d ago
This is nice for those who do not like trophies and those who do not want to spend hard earned cash to get clothing and items within' the game. As my friend does not like them, but I am sure he will try to get trophies to spend a few HOME-bucks. So far I'm starting to like the way sony is going with home at this time, granted I may not like getting trophies, but overall I'm finding them easy to get at the same time so no lose to me.

Though whatever they choose to do I'll stand by it I suppose, just as long as their will be a few updates to the clothes just as well, everyone looks practically the same :).
Sarcasm  +   2631d ago
I find that in the games that I play and not even try to get trophies, I end up with about 30% of them anyway.

So anybody who just completes the game will get a good amount of trophies if even they aren't even trying.
Arsenal4Ever  +   2631d ago
i have 175
mushroomwig  +   2631d ago

600+ trophies? Yeah right lol

I smell bs ^_^
Super-Brad  +   2631d ago
i beleive them, a dude on my friends list has near 700 :|

JasonX43  +   2631d ago
True Or False?
If this is true, Sony just smashed Microsoft's Achievement system. If this is false, shame on whoever made this up!!!
outlawlife  +   2631d ago
kind of lame that you lose them

now will you be able to re-earn the trophies and reconvert?
if so i see major exploitation of games that have easy trophies, just a bunch of people grinding to have cooler stuff than their friends
hfaze  +   2631d ago
It still accomplishes the goal of getting people to buy/rent more games.

I'm glad to hear that Sony is at least trying to make trophies/PSN level mean more than just bragging rights.

I'll be in the central plaza tonight to see what all of the commotion is about... =)
PS3_FANTASY  +   2631d ago
you got 645 trophies? that's awesome
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