Want Cash for Home? Collect Trophies

It was posted on the message of the day within Home, that Home users should all meet in the Central Plaza between 8-10pm (eastern). The three developers took questions from the crowd and had this to say:

"There will be a money system. you earn money from collecting trophies. and you will get money for the trophies you already have".

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RyuStrife3435d ago

Trophies not important now? Epic Fail? Who knows, but it sure is getting hot now.

GrieverSoul3435d ago

It would be nice if true!
Its a nice reward system and not just bragging rights! I hope this system works.

Off topic but within the Trophy System, how about loosing a trophy everytime you convert it to Home Money? Would it make U keep your games in order to squeeze more trophies for money trade? Just a thought... uhm....

Mr_Bun3435d ago

I don't think I would want to lose trophies when they convert to money..I spent too much time collecting them in the first place and some of the games I had to replay after trophies were patched.

Off Topic: If the 18+ rumor is true, at least when you are talking to what you think is a girl, it won't be an "underaged" male on the other end.

Tsalagi3435d ago

Now it'll be a 20+ guy.


I was part of the crowd last night talking to the home staff . All trophies that you collected for every game . you can use that as money to get new clothes .( But you will lose the trophies ) .. Home is awesome guys . I can't even put it into words . i also thought this home thing was stupid , but after carefully wondering around you find some interesting , good people to talk to. I see it as a way for ps3 owners to talk about games without the fanboy shhh.

Homicide3435d ago

This is pretty awesome. Now I won't have to spend money on home.

Hershy9993435d ago

I think that'd be pretty stupid if we lost our trophies when we spend them on Home stuff. That defeats the whole point of trophies as bragging's not the same to brag about virtual clothes and furniture.

barom3434d ago

This is the feature that will drive Home. This is why people want to visit Home again and again.

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thetan50003435d ago

More trophy's = more premium sh1t for apartment etc?
I'm in.

PirateThom3435d ago

I though this had been confirmed previously?

Sony didn't want trophies to be a arbitrary score with little use past a "urination" contest and were going to offer various rewards for trophies.

Fishy Fingers3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

Nice, already got around 160 of them. Nice to know those hours of frustration might not of been totally in vain.

UNCyrus3435d ago

you're frustrated with 160? Hahaha, imagine my frustration, I have 645 of them...

Nathaniel_Drake3435d ago

damn that a lot of trophies for both of yall I have about 20 all from Resistance 2, awesome game, oh and Happy Thanksgiving to all!!! =)

Austin_SJ3435d ago

I think it would be cool if you actually had a trophy cabinet in your apartment, and all the platinum trophies were stylised depending upon what game they were from, that way, you could really show off "I choose the impossible" trophy without have people have to use the compare trophies thing.

Hambowen3435d ago

Pretty sure they already announced they will have that. So your trophies will be displayed how they look. Aka the trophy sackboy statue will be there for all to see.

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