Resident Evil 5 - Limited Editon images

Capcom published some images from the Resident Evil 5 Limited Edition version of the game. Set for release exclusively through Capcom's e-CAPCOM sales site, this version will include a 32-page all color art book, complete with exclusive staff commentary, a BSAA waist pouch that's meant to look like an item Chris wears in the game, and a 2 gigabyte USB memory card shaped like an anti virus item from the game. All this will ship in a deluxe box. Pricing is set at $135. At the moment will be available only in Japan.

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Mandaspt3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

Maybe too expensive?

MrWonderful3302d ago

so is this the same limited edition that gamestop has listed on their website?

Fade_Walker3302d ago

From the sounds of

I hope we still get something good though.

RAF-TECH3302d ago

how about 2 dollars for a DL disc.

TrevorPhillips3302d ago

too expensive but a good game its definetly worth buying comon its resident evil

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