Trophies = Epic Fail?

Phreaky from PS3 Attitude has this to say on trophies:
"Trophies, in their current iteration, do not work.

I realise that statement is a sweeping generalisation. It is meant to be. So go ahead and wipe the spattered coffe off of your screen and read on before spouting profanities at me and saying untoward things about my mother. I know she's fat.

The whole concept behind trophies and achievements is that people get trophies and lord over friends how awesome their gaming prowess is. For the most part this works really well. It's exactly what I shall be doing when I FINALLY beat Zico.


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thor3191d ago

Your grammar is an epic failure.

You both fail.

rucky3191d ago

your mom last night = epic fail

You bought an Xbox3191d ago

Who's there
Jack who
Jack Ass

DreamcastFanboy3191d ago

Your life and everything you stand for=Epic fail.

REDZEV3190d ago

I have been saying for months not only are Trophies a "EPIC" fail, Its the most gimmicky and sad and pathetic Rip-off to date by a console maker. If they would have launched with POS3 instead of coming out like what, 2 years later and not half-ass it would of been different. Epic Fail on Sonys part!!!

ravinshield3190d ago

Trophies been a failure from the beginning. achievements are the real deal.

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NeonSkull3191d ago

someone should tell him all games will have to have trophy support after jan 2009.

phreaky3191d ago

read the article, I'm very particular that 'in it's current iteration' trophies don't work.

I agree things will be peachy when Jan comes around, but it's been a long time going.

Mr PS33191d ago

And let me pop a bubble
This aint no article and it aint news
Basically its a Blog
Trophys might fail for you because you Suck
And not to mention it dont take a genius to work out that not all games have them but just for you
But i suppose your articles aint getting much attention so what do you do
Bash the PS3 in some way
Because thats a good way for your articles or the Website your putting crayon to paper for to get Hits
Either way its you that FAILS
And i hope this pathetic submission does'nt get Approved

Spike473191d ago

How can trophies be an epic fail? Besides the fact that SOME GAMES don't support it, there is nothing wrong with them.

Danny_D3191d ago

Did you read the article Spike? I recommend it.

ruibing3191d ago

Didn't we just hear that trophies will be mandatory early next year?

The Dark Knight3191d ago

They are making trophies mandatory from January 2009..

So makes this article a EPIC FAIL

jwatt3191d ago

Are they really making trophies mandatory in 2009 or is it something we just heard?

SRU96003191d ago

Achievements and Gamerscore = awesome!

Trophies = lame.

Seriously, I get a Trophy and I'm like "who cares?" but when I earn an Achievement I'm like "yes, more Gamerscore for me!" lol

It's one of the reasons that I buy multiplatform games for my 360.

Max Power3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

they are the same thing. One has a score that increases, and the other has a level system. personally i don't care if i have 10000 gamer points but if i am level 6 i'll be happy, because i know where i stand amongst other gamers, espically with the different trophies (bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.) where any one with an xbox can rent crappy games and get 300 points and add it to their score with no real indication of the difficulty of those points, but with ps3 you can see what kind of trophies people have, if some one has a bunch of bronze and hardly any silver or gold, then they aren't as dedicated to their games as they would like you to believe.

Panthers3191d ago

The only reason Gamerscore might be better is because you have more friends on 360. If it was the other way around, then you would care about trophies more. Plain and simple.

Heywood Jablomee3191d ago

Even though trophies came second they are much better than a point total, this article blows.

SRU96003191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

They might sound the same on paper, but the way that they are actually put into use are completely different.

The 360's Achievement/Gamerscore system is beautifully done and executed.

Trophies are just a tacked on gimmick that Sony can point to and say "see, we have Achievements too!"

Heywood Jablomee3191d ago

Care to explain how they are different? No, thats right dumbass.

SRU96003191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

Why should I bother? Your little pea brain will just continue to say "PS3 rooolzzz!!!1 and 360 sukzzz!!!1!"

Sevir043191d ago

you have done nothing to back up your claims.. my conclusion, you are an epic fail and a fanboi to boot. If you are gonna make such a statement give a reason to back it up.. trophies are no more an epic fail than achievements. both of them give gamers a state of standing an brag rights. one uses a point system which really you can heighten, and the other does the same thing but show's class and level of difficulty, and heightens your gamer level. one's more organized and the other is just a string of numbers that say's you've got plenty of points, and certainly dont show you it's level of difficulty.

if you ask me. both are well thought out and well executed, but one does it better than the other, the one which is far more organized and breaks everything down into classes does the job and gives everyone one your friend list what kind of ganmer you are. Platinum gamer, gold, silver, Bronze... while the other just says you are a points wh*re, it tells the others that you've got points and plenty but that's it, doesn't show how much work or class of gamer you are just a gamer with plenty of point to brag about

Heywood Jablomee3191d ago

My peabrain, ha, have fun after the warranty dumbass.

Legion3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

Sevir04... let me answer for you. The reasoning behind the Trophy fail is due to the fact it does not allow for every game you play to be a part of your leveling. You could be an expert at COD4 and played through only a handful of games that support trophies and look like you are not as experienced as the guy that purchased that AWFUL game that is so easy to give him Platinum trophies.

If it had been made mandatory for ALL games at the beginning then this posting would not be here. People are blaming the game companies for not going back and modifying their games (that they had already spent time and money to make) because Sony chose to add the capability on a whim after the fact.

The only main differences between the 2 systems is that achievments have individual pictures and labels for each achievment. While trophies give you a more behind the sceenes account of what your level is and gives you no real differential between each trophy in style. Both systems give you a leveling feel (neither though are real leveling accounts) where you can count the numbers of different types of trophies and see the amount of achievments earned for each game for those achievment whores.

I would say from my point of view that with achievments you can see exactly what achievment the person got. I can see my friend has all his Gears 2 online achievments mostly maxed out and know that he is going to be able to back me up better then the guy that doesn't seem to care for the on-line achievments.

Is one better then the other? Only in the fact that EVERY game is supported by achievments while trophies are an after thought that has not been implemented on every title.

N4Flamers3191d ago

you must be a freaking moron to think achievements cant show you how good someone is at a game. Did you know every 360 game has achievements and you can actually see what they are for.

Heres an example, if I see a gamer that has something close to 1000 on dead rising I can give him respect, being close to that score myself I know what he had to go through to get it. 7 day survivor is no joke. I can even see which achievements he has for every game he has ever played on his gamertag.

I agree though this article is an epic fail because trophies or achievements shouldnt make you think youre better than someone. They should be a way to get some extra enjoyment out of your game. Its like youre girls on myspace fighting about who has more friends on their list.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

What the Phreaky (author) fails at is understanding that the "trophy system" was implemented late so it's natural to have most title not take advantage of it. With other titles doing updates it won't be as easy as inserting a missing letter in a Microsoft Word Document. Example Uncharted: Drake's Fortune the trophies were tied to the reward system.

The "trophy system" itself isn't bad the author (Phreaky) just needs to relax new titles will take advantage of them. Thinking realistically is something to consider Phreaky, lol, if a game is 70% done developers aren't going to stop production because of a late implemented feature.

There is a saying "Rome wasn't built in a day" you should think about.

PS3 FTW3191d ago

The whole article is a complaint about how trophies are not in all games.