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In Microsoft's first person shooter, Shadowrun, two sides -- the mega-corporation RNA and the ancient group known as Lineage -- battle to control magic. Players choose a side and a race (humans, trolls or dwarves) and embark upon an epic struggle for power in a world where spells and machine guns co-exist. In addition to the standard lot of pistols and sniper rifles, gamers use cybernetic enhancements to see through walls as well as magic to resurrect comrades, heal themselves and pass through solid objects. Each map supports up to 16 players (with or without bots), and thanks to Microsoft's Live Anywhere technology, people playing on their Windows Vista installed PCs can frag Xbox 360 users. Combine all this with cooperative mini-games, the ability to purchase equipment and system-link support, and Shadowrun may be one of 2007's biggest hits, providing its multiplayer component hides its limited single player offerings.

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Boink4337d ago

I somewhat excited about the game, I'm WAY more excited about live anywhere.

UrbanJabroni4337d ago matter how good your online play is, I can't justify your purchase when you have _zero_ offline content. Better luck next time.

TheMART4337d ago

I don't know that for sure.

I almost only play multiplayer online and I'm not the only gamer out there doing so. My gamerscore is very low compared to a lot of gamers, but I play many hours. I've only played Gears single player through the end because I played co-op with a friend (another form of multiplayer), but I have far more gaming hours in the 4 x 4 Warzone matches.

So it's just a market evolving I guess. If it's very strong multiplayer it could depend on it. Aren't there online games that became big on only multiplayer stuff? World of Warcraft and that other biggy Second Life? Totally other genre, but I bet this is a growing thing

BrotherSic4337d ago

first off i am hoping that this game is cheaper than normal games because of the lack of a full single player story, however...

alot of games now dont really offer a single player story such as Unreal Tournament, Battlefield (not sure if the newer editions do), America's Army (i used to play when it was free, not sure now)

Having said that i dont think this game will be very good, for me magic has no place in a fps.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4337d ago

I guess you just weren’t one of the masses of people who played Oblivion or Dead Rising. Because I don’t remember playing any capture the flag on Oblivion. Franchises change just look what happened to turn based RPGs. The Shadowrun franchise just wasn’t making enough money (the artist need to get paid). Love it or hate it but if you’re a fan you stick with it, you never know they just might add on if it sales.

gogators4337d ago

Most of the games I will play, will be played online. If shadowrun, which I used to play many years ago in role-playing form, is implemented well and the online play is engaging then I'll ante up.

Has there been any recent news on Mechwarrior?

FirstknighT4337d ago

...thier are alot of games that dont offer single player game like Unreal! I personally dont mind if the multiplayer is fun! But I do expect alot of maps and extra goodies! But I'm excited to finally have war with PC veterans! 360 controller vs PC keyboard & mouse! Should be war!

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