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Submitted by jtorry 2636d ago | news

Xbox 360 recently enjoyed biggest sales week ever

Microsoft has revealed that its Xbox 360 recently achieved its biggest sales week ever, no small part thanks to the September price drops which lowered the price of the Xbox 360 Arcade to £129.99.

"To date, we have sold 7 million consoles in Europe and recently enjoyed our biggest sales week ever," said Neil Thompson, senior regional director, Northern Europe, Entertainment & Devices Division, Microsoft Corporation. (Xbox 360)

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boodybandit  +   2636d ago
Oh boy
this isn't going to end well.
Another PR piece to fan the flames.
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Fishy Fingers  +   2636d ago
Well we've already had the numbers submitted, and countless break downs of those numbers, hopefully people have got it out of their system already, until next month of course. Sales figures are some what interesting, but I don't see what the big fuss is all about. I don't remember people getting excited over the SNES sales figures or how many games the Mega Drive sold in X weeks.
SRU9600  +   2636d ago
Some people are having a lot of trouble accepting the fact that Sony's days of console dominance are over.

The Xbox 360 will continue to dominate over the PS3.
That's just the way things worked out this gen. Maybe next gen the Playstation brand will come out on top. Maybe not.

Until then, get used to 3rd place. : )
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ultimolu  +   2636d ago
And somehow, three consoles can't coexist.

I don't know what's your beef with Sony and the PS3 but that's plain ignorance on your part.

Grow up.

Disagrees? I love them. You know why? They make me smile.
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TheColbertinator  +   2636d ago

What do the agrees make you do? :D


Excellent point
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ultimolu  +   2636d ago
They still make me smile because at least someone with a good mind agrees with my statement. I don't wish the 360 to die out. I wish that Microsoft would make a more reliable model so I can pick one up. I support the PS3 mostly but they did do a good job with this console at least.

I mean it so no 360 fanboys gang up on me for this.
kewlkat007  +   2636d ago
SRU9600 got it partially correct..hardcore Sony fans never been used to competition with 2 strong front runners..
Sony dominated the market since PS1 and have created some of the worst Fanboy Monsters I've seen, and even worst than Nintendo and SEGA days. Of course, they have sold over the most Consoles EVER(PS1/PS2), so when you think about it, that's a lot of hardcore faithful "Sony" gamers.

That's part of the problem..."UN-RELUCTANT TO FACE REALITY" let alone accept it.

Hey I've had all "Sony" consoles, all "Nintendo" consoles, all "SEGA" consoles and all "Microsoft" consoles. I have all current consoles this gen and I'll admit I used to be a hardcore "Nintendo" guy but I had all the SEGA consoles still and enjoyed many games. Sega 16-bit and "Dreamcast" were my favs.

You can read all my post, I do enjoy my Xbox 360 more from a preference POV because I got it first and have more games for it but that is debatable with Pros and Cons. I like the competition this GEN and see the benefits while some fanboys with the FUD/SMEAR/HATE/DOWNPLAY "goggles" on, can't understand, we will get better products because of it.

Plus, remember when have we ever had 3 Strong Brands on the market selling successfully?

I know some hate it..well it's not going anywhere if the success continues. Embrace the consoles but who am I kiddin, this is N4G after all.

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nycredude  +   2636d ago
That's part of the problem..."UN-RELUCTANT TO FACE REALITY" let alone accept it.

Dude you wrote a lot of stuff but most of it is BS. I am a hardcore Sony fan but you know what? I could care less about Sony not dominating! As a matter of fact I like it this way cause now they are forced, with stiff competition to step up their game, which i have no doubt they are and will be doing.

Most of these quotes you provided are posted by fanboys and not Sony themselves so all you hate towards Sony just prove yourself to be a fanboy:

"This this be Sony's year"
"Sony will take 2007"
"Sony will take 2008"
"Insert game here" will spell an end to MS"
"Yes the countless, Wait till, this and wait till that" From games(you name them) to HOME.

You should take your own advice and just embrace the fact that all consoles are here to stay and they can coexist.
Elven6  +   2636d ago
@ nycredude
I believe Sony exces had gone on record saying this was supposed to be the year of the PS3, regarding next year I believe only the fanboys talked, not Sony.
gaffyh  +   2636d ago
@above - nobody said that "Year of PS3" means PS3 sells more, for all we know that meant that there would be fantastic exclusive games out for PS3 in 2008, and there have been (and still a few to come for some regions). In that respect 2008 was the "Year of the PS3" and judging from next years lineup (compared to 360/Wii's) it looks like that will be the "Year of the PS3" as well.
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Anon1974  +   2636d ago
Wow. And what exactly is the "reality" that Sony fans can't face?
That MS Gaming Division somehow trumps Sony's gaming division? Um...reality just called and it says that PS2 and PS3 games still routinely break into the top 10 in sales, over and over again. Microsoft fanboys like to pretend that the PS2's market dominance simply ended when the 360 came out. Here's a news flash. It didn't. Sony's games division still brings in 4 billion (that's billion with a "B") more every year than Microsoft. They did last fiscal year. They did this fiscal year.

Here's another reality that seems to be ignored. 360 sales growth has slowed and has now reversed. Of course the 360 saw a boost from their price-cut..but again...guess what? Sales for Sept, Oct and now it's looking for Nov this year are actually down 35% from last year at this same time. If you look at the sales charts and accelerate the present rate of growth - the PS3 still looks set to catch the 360 in worldwide sales next year. Will it happen? I don't know, but that's certainly what the data seems to suggest from the present course.

To me it doesn't matter. I'm loving Gears 2 and Fable 2 and once I'm done and trade them in I can't wait to sink my teeth into LBP, Fallout 3 and COD-WOW. These fanboy console wars just make me shake my head how so many can ignore so much data, blinded as they are by their own console preference (or how the PS2's continued success is by and large ignored in these debates, as are the waves the Wii is making)
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jaysquared  +   2636d ago
I think you should care about the sales figure because of Sony's financial trouble. The PS3 was made and was expected to continue the dominance Sony had in the console market and if it doesn't continue you might not see the PS4. So all the Sony fans better start putting their money together and start advertising the PS3 and games since Sony doesn't have the money to do so.
cmrbe  +   2636d ago
The problem
with most of you xbox fans here is that you guys don't look at trends and factors that are and will come into play in this console war.

@ SRU9600 : Say that again when the PS3 gets to 199 or even 299 price point and the majority of proven PS franchise like GT,GOW,Jak etc arrives.

What you people seem to not get is the fact that Sony has been competing with MS and Nin for the last 2 years with

1. A significatly higer price point.
2. With mostly new untested IP's like Uncharted, HS, LBP, R1, Lair up against Nin and MS heavy weights like Mario,Super Smash Bro,Zelda and Halo,NG,Fable and now Gears 2 for MS.My point is most of the proven franchise from Nin and MS are already out unlike Sony.
3. Generally negative media perception of the PS3.

Dispite all of this. The PS3 still managed to outsold the x360 since launch with Sales increasing from year to year while the x360 have seen decrease in sales from year to year despite all the advantages it has from the beginning which they are still currently enjoying. To put it plainly, The PS3 at its weakest has been competing with the Wii and x360 at their prime but still manged to do well and even outselling the x360 since launch.

@Kewllkat. Despite what you may think. Most PS fans are not in denial. Here is how it is. If the PS3 is at an affordable price point say 199 and most of PS franchise are out like GT,GOW,KZ2,Jak,Sly etc but it still not able to dominate like they use to in the PS2 era. I will then agree with your statement. The truth is its too early to call. Don't you guys remember what it was like last gen initially?.

You guys talk like the console war is already over when its far from over. Perhaps for MS but for Sony there is still another 70% of last gen gamers that haven't migrated to current gen yet.
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arrrgh   2636d ago | Spam
cherrypie  +   2636d ago
Its not a PR piece as such, its just sales data.

And, Xbox 360 has sold its highest week to date.
cmrbe  +   2636d ago
Are you saying that the PS3 will never reach 199 and games like GOW3 and GT5 will never come out and out?.

Its inventible just like how the x360 reached 199 this year and Halo 3 came out last year as well as NG2, Fable 2 and Gears 2 this year.

I don't understand why this is hard to understand. You guys just seems to focus on the current state of the console war while PS fans generally look at the general outlook of the whole console war and i think that is where we are not undestanding each other.

Are PS fans suppose to blantly overlook the fact that most of proven PS games will be released in the future and the PS3 will reach 199 in the future just so that we don't talk about the future?.

Thats like saying we should concede defeat in a basketball game in the first 1/4 even though MJ will only start playing in the 2nd 1/4 for our team.

Put it this way. If the roles are reversed. I will never tell x360 fans to face facts or their console is done for with the knowledege that the x360 is still double the price of the PS3 and most of the xbox proven franchise haven't been released yet i.e i know for a fact that the best is yet to come for the x360 as it still has alot of cards to play.

I will wait until most if not all cards are played or at least 70% of last gen gamers have migrated before i would say something in that effect. I am just saying you guys are jumping the gun way too early.
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cherrypie  +   2636d ago
nycredude Claim:
"That's part of the problem..."UN-RELUCTANT TO FACE REALITY" let alone accept it."

then, darkride66 (who has 8 bubbles on N4G... for saying stuff like):
"360 sales growth has slowed"

In the comment section of a story that tells him:
"Xbox 360 recently enjoyed biggest sales week ever"

This entire website needs to realign itself and FACE REALITY. People who are willing (darkride66 for example) to say ridiculous things in praise of Sony are rewarded. Bullcrap stories from kombo, blorge, gamespot and other "non-news" sites that fabricate FUD against MS or Xbox 360 are on the front page daily (because of the trolling "lol!" like and others). And, actual game news gets left to die because it doesnt fit the "pro-sony, anti-MS" agenda.

N4G is living in a fantasy world all it's own. Want to understand it? Lookup "cognitive dissonance".
mint royale  +   2636d ago
let darkride chat his bullsh1t. Everyone knows his numbers are just made up. 360 sales are up, of course they are they've cut the price and finally reached a mass consumer price after not dropping the price in the first 2 years. Well done MS you've put in alot of effort and now you are getting your rewards by winning this holiday season in terms of sales.

This is good for the market, now sony will have to respond.
Traveler  +   2636d ago

You hardcore PS3 supporters are really fond of saying things like "just wait until the PS3 is down to $199" or "just wait until 'X' game comes out", but what you guys don't seem to understand is that the 360 is not just going to be sitting still waiting for the PS3 to do all these great things. It's going to be doing its own great things: it's going to have its own great games and added features and price cuts.

How long until the PS3's price can be cut in half to reach the $199 price point? I would say it is going to be a while. Even if they drop the price a full hundred dollars sometime next year, the 360 is still $100 dollars cheaper. Not to mention that by the time the PS3 reaches $250, the 360 could be selling for $150. There is obviously going to be a price war and the 360 has the advantage there since it is cheaper to make.

The 360 is ahead by around 7 million consoles. For the PS3 to catch up by the end of the generation it would have to outsell the 360 by more than 2 million consoles each year. And so far they aren't coming close to reaching that goal. In fact, it looks more and more likely that the 360 will have outsold the PS3 worldwide again this year.

So far, the 360 has gained a lot of market share for the Xbox brand, while the PS3 has lost a lot of market share. Last generation the PS2 owned about 75% of the market, but this generation the PS3 owns about 22% of the market. That is a significant decrease in market share.

The 360 is doing great and has gained a lot of market share this generation and that fact seems to bother a lot of hardcore Playstation fans, who can't seem to accept that Sony now has legitimate competition in the core gaming market.
cmrbe  +   2636d ago
Once a console reaches mass market price that when it will sell the most. 199 it is. Even if you go lower it won't have the same effect as say dropping from 299 to 199. If price is really a big factor as you are suggesting. Why isnt the x360 selling like the wii then?.

I didn't say MS won't do anything but what i am saying is that MS don't have that many cards left to play unlike Sony. What else does MS have in terms of SW?. Alan Wake, Huxley, KI3?. How do these games compare to GT and GOW3 anlone?.

Since when did the gap between the PS3 and x360 get to 7 million lol!. I am telling you. There is no way on earth the x360 just suddenly outsold the PS3 by 2 million in the last couple of months.

As for Marketshare. You are so wrong on so many levels. The console market includes the PSP,DS,WII,PS2,PS3,x360 in which case Sony is still ahead.

But if you meant the current gen console market then answer this question.Was the PS3 expected to sell 35 million console overnight to gain 70% of the current gen (10 million for x360 in late 2006, 0 for the wii)?.Come on man be logical. Even wii with how well its doing hasen't managed to reach 35 million in 2 years.

It took Sony 9 years to gain 70% of last gen market with the PS2 and yet you expect them to them to do it with the PS3 in 2 years?. get real.

If you meant current gen with just the wii,x360 and PS3 then that means we exclude the PS2 altogether. In that case everyone starts from scratch with 0 x360 in 2005, 0 PS3 in 2006 and 0 wii in 2006 as well. In this case. MS actually lost market share of "Current gen" because they had the current gen market all to themselves before the wii and PS3 launch in 2006.
Rhoic  +   2635d ago
If you honestly think the PS3 will hit $199 before the PS4 is released, then I pity you.. Not to mention, if the PS3 hits $199 and the XBOX 360 is cheaper to make than the PS3, wouldn't that mean that people could buy a 360 for $120? Here's the thing.. XBOX 'fanboys' know more about gaming than SONY Fanboys.. and do you know why? Because the majority of xbox fanboys WERE SONY fanboys and wanted to see new things. Not to mention that most of the xbox 'fanboy's I've seen on here have stated they've owned all sega, nintendo, sony, and MS consoles.

"Oh XBOX fanboys don't know anything about gaming." Yet Microsoft was in gaming since Windows was released to the public.
cmrbe  +   2635d ago
Once consoles reach affordable or mass market price the price difference between them become less important to consumers. For example. It would make a hell alot of a difference for consumers if say the x360 is at 299 with the PS3 at 399 than if the x360 is at 120 with the PS3 at 199. Value in this case will come to the fore as both are then affordable as price and costing is not that big of a deal.

Your arguments are totally whacked as well. The majority of x360 fans are PS fans?. The xbox had a userbase of about 25 million which is no longer supported unlike the PS2. In 3 years with all the advantages that the x360 had over the PS3 its now just about to reach the 25 million mark of the original xbox. This suggest the majority of x360 fans are xbox fans unless you think most of the 25 milion xbox fans switched to the PS3 or wii.

Look guys. I honestly came here to argue and discuss but obviously you guys just sprout out arguments without any basis.
Hellsvacancy  +   2636d ago
Lap it up Ms lap it up its not gonna last long
People are buyin your console because its cheap as chips, This dude i know from work said to me last night that his 13 son REALLY wants a Ps3 but my then told me that he cant afford it and is thinkin about buyin him a 360 because its sooo cheap

My point bein for the next few months the 360 will hav major spikes in sales especially over christmas but how long do u think its gonna last, Ms hav already stated that this will b the last price cut for a long while

As soon as the Ps3 gets a price cut Ms will be crying

I never celebrate until i know i hav Won
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Jok3r  +   2636d ago
I ´ve heard that claim EVERY SINGLE TIME a Major PS3 game will launch...
-Uncharted "Uhh that game is GONNA make Xbox 360 bye bye
Did it..? No!
-MGS 4, the same there
-LBP, yup same thing there too!
Fishy Fingers  +   2636d ago
Fans of all formats spurt equal claims, let's not be naive enough to think otherwise.
Captain Tuttle  +   2636d ago
I respectively disagree Fishy...
At least here on N4G. Sony fans have dominated this place for quite awhile now. I've seen very little "Gears 2 is going to kill off the PS3!" talk.

It's all good though. I come here for the news and the occasional civilized discussion. Everything else is just comic relief.
Bucky Sligo  +   2636d ago
@ Hells
The Xbox360 is priced the same now as the PS2 and look how the PS2 is going.
kewlkat007  +   2636d ago
Mr Turtle, lets not forget the counteless
"This this be Sony's year"
"Sony will take 2007"
"Sony will take 2008"
"Insert game here" will spell an end to MS"
"Yes the countless, Wait till, this and wait till that" From games(you name them) to HOME.

I agree you have people on both sides of the isle whether provoked or not I never did see Gear of War 2 will spell Doom and gloom or this game and that game. I just do not think MS or some of it's fans are that desperate as other will make you believe on here.

From what I see there is a lot of "Wait till this Happen" with the PS3..since it's debut.
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green  +   2636d ago
And the best of them all goes to "Little big Planet will embarass xbox live".
prowiew  +   2636d ago
definition of fanboy (
Fanboy is a term used to describe any individual who is devoted to a single subject in an emotional or fanatical manner, or to a single point of view within that subject, often to the point where it is considered an obsession. A very essential and very common for a fanboy is to become aggressive or violent to discuss the amateur for whom it is dedicated, often leaving behind the taste of others or even underestimated.

The term is most commonly associated with adolescent and teenage males but can be applicable to any age or sex, and is mostly applied by others as a derogatory label.

Cryos  +   2636d ago
I completely agree fishy, and bubbles to you for saying so.

Captain Tuttle, while it may be true that PS3 fans are "dominating" the site, you have to look at the big picture. Go back to June of '07 and try to remember the 360 fans comments and even the "articles" that popped up then. EVERYTHING seemed to be anti-PS3, whether it was Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD, No Games, or High Price Point.

The bottom line is this, it does come from every side, and usually, only when 1 particular side is winning over another. PS3 fans were quiet then, and I believe the chatter now is a sort of "retaliation"
Captain Tuttle  +   2636d ago
Good point Cryos...
But it wasn't right back then and it's not right now. And there does seem to be a tendency for the rabid Sony fans to proclaim every big title as "the one that will win the war". Just going by what I read here.

Like I said though, I get almost as much laughs here as I do news. I keep coming back in spite of myself.
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Halo crazeee  +   2636d ago
yes the comments by the sony fans may be for retaliation, but I agree that theyve been proclaiming that every AAA game that has come out or will come out will end the Xbox 360, yet it hasnt happened. So they still have to look at the big picture and that is that the ps3 is still behind the Xbox 360 in sales worldwide and install base.
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Xi  +   2636d ago
Microsoft has already won in their eyes, but the war they're fighting isn't the same as the one that fanboys are thinking of.

Microsoft has won in the sense that they've deveoped a larger name recognition, they have become profitable and have surpassed the install base of the original xbox. In all accounts they've won their war. (specially the profitable part)

It's not like the imaginary war on N4G where the weapons are sales and review scores, graphic comparisons, where the loser will become the successor of the dreamcast.
coookiie   2636d ago | Spam
mirroredderorrim  +   2636d ago
Biggest week ever with their lowest price ever.

Who'da thunk it!?
Bucky Sligo  +   2636d ago
Tell that to the people claiming the price cut had no effect.
Firstkn1ghT  +   2636d ago
The 360 is picking up some serious steam right at the biggest time of the year.
dirtrider  +   2636d ago
i just want to say before firstknight, and captain turtle get slammed with disagrees
i agree with both of your posts. first off yea micro is building some sales at a very critical time. i think for all the consoles this holiday they all will do well, and the ps3 sales may surprise some when its all said and done. and to captain- a lot of "contributors" on n4g would rather ignore the huge problem of the sony fans on here rather then do something about it. i like it when the sony faithful say well over a year ago it was opposite on here! thats a lot of BS. i was here then and not once did i act/post the rhetoric that they do. i also didnt break the rules of n4g like they do, and abuse the comment system like they have for some time- and neither did the xbox fanboys in those for the rest of my comment. i will say micro needs all the sales it can gain this holiday, because i do think 2009 will be a great year for ps3.
Anon1974  +   2636d ago
...the 360 isn't really picking up steam. Look at last year's worldwide figures. Since the price cut...Sept and Oct sales are down 35% from last year - Nov sales are break even. Wouldn't you think with games like COD5, Gears 2 and Fable 2, and a price cut that 360 sales would be up, not down over 3 months?
Tiberium  +   2636d ago
that's because a little game called halo 3 came out in september. Even the wii couldn't outsell the 360 sep. 07.

that still doesn't explain why there has to be mandatory installs just to get the ps3 games up to speed with 360 games.even their exclusives require installs (mgs4).
Anon1974  +   2636d ago
But Halo didn't spike sales.
Hardware sales last year stayed pretty much the same before Halo's launch to after Halo's launch. Look at Sept hardware sales. Halo 3 hits Sept 27, look at October hardware sales post launch. A difference of about 50,000 consoles worldwide, that's it. Either way, it's only one game. This time around Gears 2, Fable 2, Fallout 3 and COD-WOW all hit at the same time and you're telling me that shouldn't move 360 consoles? Well it's not compared to last year. What do you make of that?
#4.4 (Edited 2636d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
likedamaster  +   2635d ago
Darkride won't be content till someone spews something negative about the 360. Nothing positive should be said and NOOOO celebration toward the 360's success or else! LOL. Be the bigger man, when a 360fanboy trolls your ps3 posts don't come back and do the same.
#4.5 (Edited 2635d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Citizen Cook  +   2636d ago
30 Million consoles sold by years end???
Too high?
BIoodmask  +   2636d ago
It's not really suprising
Some of the biggest 360 titles have been released(Gears 2, Fable 2), the price drop, and the increased holiday sales all factor in.
#6 (Edited 2636d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
Kill Crow  +   2636d ago
but PS3
has also had some of it's biggest releases .. LBP, R2 etc ... why no super massive spike?

Are we saying that it's all about the proce and not about the games?
InMyOpinion  +   2636d ago
Don't forget marketing. Sony are gearing up to do a big LBP ad campaign in December. It might boost their sales considerably. Will be an interesting holiday.
lokiroo420  +   2636d ago
We'll see how all this warranty crap is going to pan out before anybody gets to inflated and swollen with pride and envy.
likedamaster  +   2635d ago

You mean the warranties that are up for the early buyers? I purchased my elite this year and have 2 years left in my RRoD warranty.
heroicjanitor  +   2636d ago
They are selling more
Obviously... It's half the ps3's price and they have made rip-offs of playstation party games so they can take europe. The plan seems to be to have a lower price with the same games, and misinformed people who think they are getting the full 360 experience with the arcade are buying arcades, so now the standard is lowered. With ps3 developers expect blu-ray, they expect hard drives, Sony did the right thing for it's customers by making these standard and making better games possible, but third partys don't take advantage of it because the 360 holds it back, so it's up to Sony to show what it can do. Come on killzone 2, gow3, uncharted 2, let's show these mofos whassup. And besides as soon as ps3 gets a price cut ps2 owners will get one, unless 360 tries even harder next year to turn into playstation.... And maybe people will see it that way... Stop copying! make new stuff! Not one development has been made by Microsoft I want something new and innovative!
#7 (Edited 2636d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(14) | Report | Reply
Bucky Sligo  +   2636d ago
If it wasn't for achievements, there would be no trophies. I guess sony copies as well.

Also, do you have any concrete evidence whatsoever that the xbox360 is holding back multiplat games?
ultimolu  +   2636d ago
Unreal Engine.

That's your proof.

Not all multiplatform games work well with the PS3 because of the unreal engine.
#7.2 (Edited 2636d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
heroicjanitor  +   2636d ago
Didn't I just give 2 during that rant? No standard hard rives means developers can't rely on it. No blu-ray means developers have to have games which fit on dvds. So since all of the multiplats fit on dvds, they aren't using anywhere near the full space on the blu ray disc.Get it now?
Bucky Sligo  +   2636d ago
Sorry heroicjanitor, still not good enough. Why does PS3 GTAIV run at a lower resolution than Xbox360 GTAIV? Disk space alone doesn't equal better games, it's about the whole package. The Xbox360 holding back the PS3 with multiplats is a myth created by PS3 fanboys to comfort each other. The PS3 can have unlimited space but if the development costs are to high or the hardware is limiting, what does it matter?

I asked for CONCRETE evidence, not assumptions.
kwicksandz  +   2636d ago
@ ulitmolu
Third partys choose to make their game with UE3 not microsoft so 360 cant be blamed for the choices of others. That's not holding back the ps3, its system architecture and bottlenecks are.
heroicjanitor  +   2636d ago
OK ps3 performance is 2 teraflops, 360 is 1 teraflop. Ps3 is twice as powerful. So knowing that it has a hard drive and a blu ray holds nearly six times as much space(9GB vs 50 GB) We can agree that at least in theory the ps3 is more capable right?

Since a lot of gamers are content with the 360 games no need to do better right? The unreal engine is used a lot because it runs well on 360 and pc since they are the same, but on ps3 it doesn't run that well, because it is optimised for pc. So the unreal engine would be changed for a better engine like the ones sony have now got for killzone 2. Since Sony show what is capable with the Killzone 2 beta, not even the full game, surely the thrid party's could come close to matching it right? Wrong because they aren't making them exclusively for ps3 they have to take the 360 into account, a less capable machine.
cheapndirty  +   2636d ago
Stop copying?
The original xbox was the first console to have the following:

Wide screen high definition gaming with 480p,720p, and 1080i content AVAILABLE.

5.1 Dolby Digital and 5.1 DTS

Broadband gaming and with one gamertag for all games.

My bet is you are very young (maybe 14) and did not know this stuff.

Neither sony or MS are completely original in what they offer. Everyone copies everyone. Its called staying competitive.
heroicjanitor  +   2636d ago
Just stop that. You know as well as everyone else microsoft are trying as hard as they can to become everything that made the playstation franchise great they copy their casual games strategy EXACTLY. No innovation just the exact same games under different names. Graphics will always get better from generation to generation so you can't really say they copied microsoft for getting better graphics. Just think about it they are trying to take sony down. They want sony's position. They don't care about nintendo they are going after sony and thats it. Why didn't they make their own distinct feel? Nintendo was always nintendo playstation was always playstation, now microsoft is almost playstation. Why didn't they create their own games?

I know it's hard to imagine because sony playstation defined gaming but nintendo came up with something original, they have their own set of games. Microsoft muscled in on playstation and is taking their games and making the same games and they are hoping pure financial muscle will defeat sony. Halo and gears are their only really defining games and the rest of the time they concentrated on getting playstation games and sayin you can now get them on 360 when they shouldve made their own great games and said look we are advancing gaming games only found here etc
#7.8 (Edited 2636d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2636d ago
UltiJuuken: So you are blaming the engine and not the dev's? Give me a break. The 360 did not invent the Unreal Engine, it was around before the Xbox 360. The developers choose to use that software and MS has no part of that decision. You can blame Sony for making a console that doesn't play well with one of the most widely used engines in the industry.

Sounds to me like Sony is holding back Sony from having superior multiplatform games.
Xi  +   2636d ago
what ripoffs?
last I checked.
Microsoft music mixer came out before singstar
scene it came out before buzz.

So please what has MS ripped off from sony.
#7.10 (Edited 2636d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
cherrypie  +   2636d ago
"I asked for CONCRETE evidence, not assumptions"

You're asking the wrong forum. Their is no end to the backflips and contortions that take place to malign the Xbox 360, its games, LIVE or anything else MS on N4G.

Data, evidence and reality be damned, they've committed their self-worth into the Playstation brand!
Traveler  +   2636d ago
The amount of space on a disc has very little impact on a game's quality. This has been explained many times. Disc read-speed and throughput has an even bigger impact on the quality of games. This is part of the reason that many PS3 games require mandatory partial installations, to offset the slower speed of the Bluray drive in the PS3.

Anyway, it's the PS3 versions of multiplatform games that tend to be somewhat inferior to the 360 versions, not the other way around. Even when the game is developed on the PS3 as lead platform we sometimes find that the 360 version is the better version. BTW, have any of you compared both versions of the Dead Space demo that is out now? I have and I was surprised to find that although they are very close the 360 version still came out on top.
Bucky Sligo  +   2635d ago
"OK ps3 performance is 2 teraflops, 360 is 1 teraflop. Ps3 is twice as powerful"

I'm clearly wasting my time
krakdol  +   2636d ago
Of course it sells, 360 is half the PS3 price now. 360 was outsold worldwide by the PS3 every week before this desperate price cut, and it already cost less.

The problem for M$ is basically it's Sony which now can decide when the 360 dies. If Sony cut the price too, it's over for the 360, since with such a low price, 360 barely outsells the PS3...
#8 (Edited 2636d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
Darkseider  +   2636d ago
While I try not to post in the Open Zone this comment struck me some. I don't believe the 360 will die when Sony cuts the price on the PS3. What I do see though is a drastic shift to PS3 purchases. Whether the PS3 is an upgrade from a PS2 owner or a second console from a 360 or Wii owner. In any case it will definately impact the overall 360 sales when the price cut happens. To what extent remains to be seen.
alexM  +   2636d ago
360 is 1/3 the price of a ps3 in europe
NOTICE ms included just a few regions for ONE SPECIAL weekly sales ---due to gears 2

However PS3 still beats x360 in the PAL region (eu+middle east +other territories)

Those are Crap MS spin

X360 has never beaten ps3 for a single week in the PAL region
Traveler  +   2636d ago
Do you have any proof that the 360 has never beaten the "ps3 for a single week in the PAL region"? If not, just STFU. You have no right to spread lies and misinformation like that. Microsoft is answerable to the whole world (gamers, investors, shareholders, journalists, etc.), who are you answerable to? That's right, nobody. You can just run your mouth and it means nothing. MS can't just lie about these things and it show an extreme amount of naivete that you think that they can.
TheColbertinator  +   2636d ago
Well this is the holidays and that is expected.Gears 2 and Fable 2 just released along with the NXE to top it all off with a price cut.I think the 360 might extend this prosperity to January if MS advertises that month
ultimolu  +   2636d ago
Most likely.
TheColbertinator  +   2636d ago
I hope that the slim 360 doesn't overheat.If MS announces one I might just pick it up
ultimolu  +   2636d ago
Exactly. 360 fans may think I hate the 360 but the reason why I don't own one is because I'm scared of it breaking. There are games I *DO* want to play but the unreliability holds me back. I can get very angry when something breaks on me so I'd rather not throw the system out of the window.

If they come up with a slim and it works well enough, I'll pick one up.

I don't hate games. I just have a picky preference.

I just cannot stand some 360 fans who get on as if they're high and mighty just because they own the console, as if three consoles can't exist or something.

I have a different outlook on things.
#9.3 (Edited 2636d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
TheColbertinator  +   2636d ago
Fair enough.The RROD warranty just expired and I got RROD twice even with an intercooler.You have to make sure you pick up the best model available

Just take your time and buy one when you feel like it.I have not regretted buying my 360 with great games like Mass Effect and Fable 2.No one should be forced to buy a console but only another 360 or PS3 when they are ready
ultimolu  +   2636d ago
Yeah, I'll take my time but for now I'm getting the Wii for Christmas.
InMyOpinion  +   2636d ago
It's their biggest loss this generation. Instead of just releasing a premium with HDMI and 60gb HDD they should have redesigned the interior so that it doesn't overheat. The only problem is that it would be unfair to the ones who bought earlier versions, but so is adding HDMI and a bigger HDD. I hope they at least extend the warranty. The 3 year warranty should restart from scratch if you get RROD.

Yuk, that reasonable statement made me feel dirty inside...
ultimolu  +   2636d ago
And now you understand why I was scared of picking up a 360 in the first place.
InMyOpinion  +   2636d ago
Does that mean we agree on something?

*Hears hoofbeats as the four horsemen of the apocalypse appear on the horizon*
sak500  +   2636d ago

So 25million users are not worried about their consoles breaking but you are? I'm playing games on both consoles for last 2 years and no issues after getting them fixed early on in their lives for RROD. These are games consoles not parachutes that you are afraid that if it doesnt open i will die. FFS the only RROD stories about 360 breaking 5-6 times are from ps3 lovers. How many of true 360 owners have reported breakage more than 2 times? Hell, my ps2 broke down 2nd year and there was no warranty, luckily i knew the distributor and swaped it with his person ps2. You have been crying about not buying because you're afraid it will break so you would rather not play AAA+ games just cuz it might break. Now that the later models have even less failure ratio. I'm sure even if they come up with the most reliable consoles you will not be piking up an MS console anytime soon, just like i wont pick up ps3 for playing games.
ultimolu  +   2636d ago
Jenzo: Yes, I do believe the apocalypse has come. We agreed on something. o_o At least there's no hatred between us. xD

sak500: I won't even bother reading your wall of text. Even Jenzo himself admitted that Microsoft really messed up with the RROD. That is *why* I'm skeptical of picking one up. You don't even know me outside of this site. I could have a 360 right now and you wouldn't even know. I still plan on getting a 360 but ONCE it's more reliable. I don't like things breaking on me within a month or a year. I've had plenty of Sony products and they never broke on me. But there are a few unlucky people out there who did have issues, especially with the PS2.

Just because you've never had the issue, doesn't mean other people never had it. Just like when I could say my PS3 is still running well, PS3's broke on other unlucky people. That wasn't the point of my comments.

I don't care how many AAA games the 360 has. Once an unreliable console, always an unreliable console. I'm sorry but I don't want to get a headache over sending a console back for repairs every single time it breaks down. I'm just not that type of person. Same thing goes with a PS3 or a Wii. If it breaks twice, I'll fix but but the third time is the last straw.

Seeing the disagrees on honest comments I made just shows just how some of you 360 fans act. At least Jenzo knows where I'm coming from.

That's why I can't stand some of you.
#9.10 (Edited 2636d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
SRU9600  +   2636d ago
You said that you were not even going to read his "wall of text" and then you went on to address everything that he said.

ultimolu  +   2636d ago
You know what?

Forget what I just said.

For all of you wishing for Sony's demise, keep dreaming because it won't happen anytime soon.

Long live the PS3. :)

green: Could you read what I just said clearly? Most of the 369 fans here do want to see Sony's demise. Just like some PS3 fans want to see Microsoft's demise.
#9.12 (Edited 2636d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
green  +   2636d ago
From the 1st comment, who has wished for Sony's demise?No one.
Captain Tuttle  +   2636d ago
I just want to know what a "369" is. Sounds dirty.
InMyOpinion  +   2636d ago
I've only had bigger problems with 2 consoles. My Playstation 1 that stopped reading discs (had to turn it upside down and when that stopped working calibrate the laser by hand to get it to work) and my 360 that has RROD'd on me once. I've never owned a PS2 but one of my friends had problem with his. Had to buy a new one.
sukru  +   2636d ago
"the reason why I don't own one is because I'm scared of it breaking."

If that's all, you do not need to worry. With the 3 years RROD warranty + latest chipsets it's a much better investment right now.

I had my Xbox serviced (no RROD, actually I found out I was over worried), but the replacement came in less than a week. (The coffin took 3-4 days too, so around 10 days total).

Just do not call the customer service, but go to They have an online form there to have you 360 replaced (almost no questions asked).

FYI: I'm on my 3rd PS3 (1 sold + 1 broken), and 2nd 360 right now. And I don't even care about it, as long as I can play the games I want.
Traveler  +   2636d ago
@ utimolu

I can understand to a point why you are worried about the RROD, but at the same time I hope you realize that the problem was mostly with earlier consoles and has been greatly exaggerated by people who want to see the 360 fail. I know about 7 people (friends and family members) that have purchased a 360 in the past year and not a single one of them has had a problem. When I talk to my friends online on Xbox LIVE I just don't hear about it nearly as much as comments on the internet would lead you to believe.

Then you also have to consider that even if you did have a problem at least the console is covered by a three year warranty for any hardware failures. When I bought my PS3 I was actually more nervous than my friend who was buying a 360 at the same time. He knew that if by chance his console were to die on him in the next three years he would be covered. On the other hand, if on the off chance my PS3 died on me after the first year I would be screwed. In a strange way that three year warranty works out to actually provide you with a more secure feeling because you know that you are going to have a working console for at least the next three years (minus 1 or 2 weeks if you actually have a problem). It gives you a little peace of mind.

I have more anxiety about my PS3 breaking down, because although it is less likely to break down, it does happen. And if it did happen I would be completely screwed. I spent $500 on my PS3 and if it died I would have to spend $150-$200 just to get it fixed. I'm not that worried about it, but I do like the peace of mind you get with the 360's three year warranty.

Anyway utimolu, I do favor the 360 for gaming but I own a PS3 and I would in no way like to see it fail. I personally want Sony and MS competing for our money and support. It benefits all gamers. But when I come on this site and see the overwhelming number of PS3 fans attacking the 360 in ways that are totally unjustified, untrue and unfair then that makes me want to jump in and correct the misinformation and to give the other side of the story.
insomnium  +   2635d ago
@ traveller
"makes me want to jump in and correct the misinformation and to give the other side of the story."


"at least the console is covered by a three year warranty for any hardware failures"

The warranty is solely for RROD is it not? That's what other users have said when they tried to get their 360 repaired due to freezing or disc scratching.
xaviertooth  +   2636d ago
right now, its safe to say that the 360 is now on lifeline.

that lifeline is the low low price it carries.. games are not a factor at all.

i agree with 2.0, it's now in the hands of sony to kill the 360. so 360 owners, be thankful that sony is still prolonging 360's life. that's how generous sony are despite how bastards you've become.
Keele  +   2636d ago
You'd make a great comedian.
sak500  +   2636d ago
Oh really 360 on lifeline. I thought droids were crazy / hypnotized idiots but you are one more step below... ie. retarded idiot. Ps3 has been struggling to gain a foothold in gaming society since its inception, 360 has been scoring games/hardware/sales hits left right and center and you talk about 360 on lifeline.

No wonder your parents left you at the gorilla cage right after you were born.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2636d ago
@3.1: He wouldn't even make a great comedian.

360 on lifeline? you have got to be a real idiot to think any of the 3 consoles are going to die.
Traveler  +   2636d ago
I have a 360 and a PS3 and I don't want either of them to die, but I am so sick of these PS3 fanatics that want nothing more than the PS3 to have a monopoly on the gaming market and to kill off the 360. How ignorant and shortsighted. I want these two companies to be locked in close competition, since we gamers benefit most that way.

In any case, the 360 is doing very well and it is the PS3 that has some catching up to do.
mint royale  +   2636d ago
How the hell can sony fans have the cheek
to claim that the 360 is on a lifeline when its outselling the ps3 2-1 worldwide this holiday. Jees, you are all really deluded. Thank god your just some dumb 13 year old who has just learned to type on the internet.

Don't you see that its good for the consumer that there are 3 viable consoles on the market and all 3 are doing good. The wii especially.
-GametimeUK-  +   2636d ago
kudos to microsoft
they are really stepping it up
Magic_The_Celt  +   2636d ago
Only 7 million?
SONYSLAVE  +   2636d ago
Only 7 million?
it just eats at you don't it
ultimolu  +   2636d ago
Yeah, and they still can't beat the Wii overall.
What a joke.

I try to be nice on the 360 side and 360 fanboys gang up on me. Just pathetic.
#12.2 (Edited 2636d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2636d ago
Still can't beat the Wii overall is pathetic? Then you must recognize how even more pathetic $ony is. $ony was a the king for the last 2 generations, 120mil PS2's and they are being beaten to death by Nintendo. Even Microsoft, the biggest underdog in the console biz, is having a good junk of $ony's dinner.
#12.3 (Edited 2636d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2636d ago
What did the PS3 sell?
likedamaster  +   2635d ago
360 only 9 million from the Wii. What's your point?
PimpHandHappy  +   2636d ago
i'll say it now
if MS sells 350,000 a month for the next 6 months they will be a solid 2nd place for more then a year easy!

thing that gets me is this

your cheaper then the Wii

Do you ever hear Nintendo say sh!t like "WE ARE WINNING"?
even if they have crushed everyone with the launch of a sub $200 piece of sh!t system
likedamaster  +   2635d ago
Nintendo was humbled last gen with dismal sales of the Cube. Sony, on the other hand, has come to this gen with arrogance in tact from last gen and are in need of humbling. Also, lets not forget shareholders.
#13.1 (Edited 2635d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
OldParr  +   2636d ago
the 360 is selling deal with it!!! omg u people dont have to be profound about it; like is going to affect ur life routine
karlostomy  +   2636d ago
2008 xbox360
"recently enjoyed our biggest sales week ever"

2008 ps3
"recently sales in Japan fell to a record weekly low"

chasuk08  +   2636d ago
Some people seem to be forgetting that the xbox is on its 3rd christmas in the UK, and the this is Ps3's second. And PS3 is still holding its ground against a console thats less than half its price. So its not all doom and gloom for Sony, its just that microsoft are nearly 2 years ahead so its common sense that they are ahead really.

Will it change ?? If Ps3 went down to £200 then xbox would be finished, and i know people wont accept it but its the truth. PS3 still has a very long life ahead.

Anyone remember what Ps2 was like when it first launched ?? I remember. It was in the same situation as PS3 is now until a price cut came and destroyed gamecube, xbox and dreamcast.

Let the chart do the talking !!!!
Traveler  +   2636d ago
Actually, the PS2 sold well right from the word go.

The Playstation 2 launched in North America on October 26, 2000, in Japan on March 4, 2000, and in Europe on November 24, 2000. North America was the biggest market for the PS2, followed by Europe and then Japan/Asia. By September 19, 2002 Sony had reported that it had shipped 40 million units of the PS2:

So after being on the market 2 years and 6 months in Japan, 1 year and 11 months in North America, and 1 year and 10 months in Europe the PS2 had shipped 40 million units worldwide. Considering that North America and Europe comprised over three-fourths of the PS2's sales we can roughly average it out to be that the PS2 had been on the market around 2 years when 40 million units had been shipped. (17 million in North America, 12 million in Europe, and 11 million units in Japan and other Asian markets).

The PS3 in the same time frame will have sold somewhere in the range of 17.5 to 18.5 million consoles. As of the end of October the PS3 had sold 16.84 units.

The PS3 has sold at a much slower rate than the PS2 did. Those are the facts.
likedamaster  +   2635d ago
Traveler, let's not forget the statement from Sony Games Head honcho...
dirtrider  +   2636d ago
7.12 -
You know what?

Forget what I just said.

For all of you wishing for Sony's demise, keep dreaming because it won't happen anytime soon.

Long live the PS3. :)

green: Could you read what I just said clearly? Most of the 369 fans here do want to see Sony's demise. Just like some PS3 fans want to see Microsoft's demise.<----read all this carefully and it clarifies my first post in this thread. here we have a great example- a ps3 fangirl/boy whatever praising one console over another in the GAMER ZONE doesn't this comment belong in the open zone... especially with the nahtzee sounding "long live ps3". sorry playstation fans that this generation of gaming is more competetive than what you all were expecting. thing is we as consumers are the only ones that really benefit from all of the competition this gen- and i'm loving it, sorry some of you don't.
#17 (Edited 2636d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
arthur56k  +   2636d ago
both consoles are here to stay, Microsoft had the first movers advantage, and they seem to have better advertising than Sony. Pricing is also where its at, add that to some great games, you will see why they are doing well
Darkseider  +   2636d ago
Interesting Holiday Season
This holiday season will be interesting indeed. MS with their big titles out plus price cut. Sony w/ their big titles out and huge ad campaign about to start. That's for the US/EU. Japan will get one extra little bonus and that is WKC on December 25th. I would hope the impact of WKC in Japan is very positive but after seeing how The Last Remnant was received kind of curbs my enthusiasm a bit. In any case both consoles will undoubtedly sell well globally. Then there is the Wii... which will sell some ungodly amount of units because, to this day, it's the "IN" thing to have. I am also guilty of owning a Wii because the kids wanted a Wii last Christmas. Now it gets played a couple of times a week while the PS2s and PS3s get the lions share and the Wii gets treated like the red headed step child.
arthur56k  +   2636d ago
global economic slowdown tells us the cheaper priced consoles are going to do well, they always do well even when there is no slowdown.

plus Sony needs to up their advert campaign
AuToFiRE  +   2636d ago
best week ever my ass, the only reson they report that is because everything was RRoDing from NXE
cherrypie  +   2636d ago
75% of a console's sales come after it has reached $200 or less.

And, Gears of War 2 is a massive game, the biggest exclusive of the year.

This shouldnt be a suprise really.
REDZEV  +   2636d ago
This is just the beginning. Even the hard core Droids wont be able to resist the 360.
tonywood  +   2636d ago
xbox has been enjoying a lot of things...
The 360 is not a well put together system. People cry foul when the facts are talked about..calling others "fanboys" or "superfans".

MS celebrations wont last! It's not about hatin..(I like's too bad MS is handcuffing them with bad record deal type of contracts) but to argue about the stability of 360 to wii or ps3 is ridiculas!!
People hated when Sony put DVD drives in the ps2 ("DVD's wont sell sell and ps2 will flop")..and what did MS do with the xbox 1, of course..they copied. (This isnt new with them!) Faulty systems that the general public "gamble" hard earned money are selling...I guess used cars salesmen are not the only ones getting over! STOP BEING CHEAP. Most people, that cry about the ps3 price, most likley own a sweet car, 46-58 inch 1080p plasmas/lcd's, tommy h. or A&F gear. I don't want to hear it!! ps3 is Panasonic plasma and 360 is Vizio. Sure the Vizio is GREAT for the money....but it has plenty of flaws....which is why it's cheaper!!

I guess when you guys get engaged (or for the female bloggers who accepts rings), get it from the gumball machine or K-mart/Walmart, you know...because the cost is better. I mean, who cares about the quality of diamonds anyway. :) This educational session is on the house!
#24 (Edited 2636d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Xi  +   2636d ago
Microsoft put a hard drive in the xbox and guess who copied it...

Sony's optical drives were faulty in the ps2, so you think sony was being cheap by making a faulty system too?

Nintendo releases a motion controller... and look who copies it.

Rumble is last gen...

Do I need to point out more ridiculous statements with regards to copying stuff?

Maybe you should put your blind views aside and realize that everything you said about the ps3 could be said last generation about the original xbox and it's "superiority" over the ps2. But I'm sure you wont, you're having too much fun being the pot calling the kettle black.

ps... spell check is included on the dialog box.
Traveler  +   2636d ago
I know, it's silly. Sony have copied as much or more than anybody this generation. As a gamer who played on both the PS2 and Xbox last generation I can say without hesitation that the PS3 has become a lot more like the Xbox than the other way around. In fact, the PS3 feels like it is copying the Xbox 360 is so many ways that it hardly has its own identity any more. Universal gamer IDs, trophies, the online game and movie store, voice chat, game invites, and even the built-in hard drive itself are all things that I associate with the Xbox brand because that is where I experienced them first. The Ps3 has introduced a few unique things, but has copied far more. The Xbox and the Xbox 360 have copied a few things but they have introduced a whole bunch of things to the console space that I had never experienced before. Anyway, yeah, the Ps3 feels like it is becoming more and more like the Xbox 360, not the other way around.
insomnium  +   2635d ago
@ traveller again
1080p and HDMI says hi. Also wii avatars and lips etc games. What the hell are you smoking?
Traveler  +   2636d ago
Well, when a console has the largest game library, the best online service, the best multiplatform games, some of the biggest exclusives out there (Gears 2 and Fable 2), and is also the least expensive console available, of course it is going to sell well.
barakiu  +   2636d ago
Marketing opportunity failure
At no point did Microsoft ever sell the XBOX360 for 360$? What were they thinking?
PotNoodle  +   2636d ago
It only took 3 years.
likedamaster  +   2635d ago
Sounds like a back-handed comment. Nevertheless, the 360 has sold 25 million in 3 years opposed to the original xbox's 25 million in 4. It's an achievement considering the 360 was more expensive.
PotNoodle  +   2635d ago
Don't worry, i was only messing around. I just wanted to get in on the open zone fun!
midandian   2636d ago | Spam
SaberEdge  +   2636d ago
Get that spam off here, we are discussing the sales of the 360 not shopping for clothes.

So...yeah, the 360 is selling very well and it deserves to because it is an awesome system. It has the best games this season and you can grab one for only $199...seriously that is a good deal.
tonywood  +   2636d ago
Xi ?? Is this guy serious?
Really..tell it's April fools day!
First of all, I dumb down my comments because this is a basic communication, non-formal site. Chances are, you are a undereducated guy, in his late 20's, living at home, with your name on the milk carton saying, "don't touch".

Xi is it? Get your facts straight before stomping with the big dogs.
First of all...hard drives last gen were NOT used for system updates, Full game downloadable content, and system updates. MS put a huge hard drive into a system with no real idea of what it was going to be used for. No. 2, ALL of the companies had to pay for the rumble controller, as it was not just one system's singular idea. (Nintendo 64 Wave controller idea was sued and settled out of court...Microsoft did what they always do and paid the $...Sony dropped the rumble for ps3, but later paid the copyright, after the fans motivated the deal to get passed.) NEXT TIME, KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT! (And yes, N4G University is officially placing Xi on videogame academic probation. One more violation, and we shall request your dismissal.)

Also, the 1st Gen ps2 systems (Like most new tech. like plasma hdtv's) had issues, that were promptly fixed. There were no records of 15-30% failure rates, which led to massive recalls and expensive warranties. Xi, SPEAK WHAT YOU KNOW AND KNOW WHAT YOU SPEAK! Let us real blogger professionals chat, while you can be honored to read & learn from your professors.

P.S. I used the spell check this time.....hater!
#30 (Edited 2636d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Xi  +   2635d ago
Fun Fun.
I'll rip you apart backwards, starting with the point

"Also, the 1st Gen ps2 systems (Like most new tech. like plasma hdtv's) had issues, that were promptly fixed. There were no records of 15-30% failure rates, which led to massive recalls and expensive warranties. Xi, SPEAK WHAT YOU KNOW AND KNOW WHAT YOU SPEAK! Let us real blogger professionals chat, while you can be honored to read & learn from your professors."

you are clearly wrong about this considering the ps2 has had a severe class action law suit, if it were the case that the defects were in the 3-5% range it would not have gone through that. This along with the fact that sony did not provide a accurate or fair replacement system with the problem knowing full well how wide it spread leads me to believe they're in just as much wrong as microsoft this generation with the RROD problems.

"(Nintendo 64 Wave controller idea was sued and settled out of court...Microsoft did what they always do and paid the $...Sony dropped the rumble for ps3, but later paid the copyright, after the fans motivated the deal to get passed.) NEXT TIME, KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT! (And yes, N4G University is officially placing Xi on videogame academic probation. One more violation, and we shall request your dismissal.)"

Sony did not "later pay the copyright law" they tried to fight the lawsuit placed against them. They lost hard, and because they were currently in negotiations they could not put rumble on the PS3, it was not a choice, they just couldn't do it.

"Xi is it? Get your facts straight before stomping with the big dogs.
First of all...hard drives last gen were NOT used for system updates, Full game downloadable content, and system updates." MS put a huge hard drive into a system with no real idea of what it was going to be used for. No. 2, ALL of the companies had to pay for the rumble controller, as it was not just one system's singular idea."

wrong again, games such has halo had the blastacular map pack which were "full game downloadable content" which could be purchased off the game. Not only that there were updates to the xbox system over live.

"MS put a huge hard drive into a system with no real idea of what it was going to be used for. No. 2, ALL of the companies had to pay for the rumble controller, as it was not just one system's singular idea."

Actually they put it in the 360 so that they could sell the concept of a full home theater concept, one that you could load your music soundtrack to, and so that it could play in games.

you sir are full of fail.
likedamaster  +   2635d ago
Wow, seriously? Off-topic and wrong zone. Xi, way to rip him a new one.
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