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Edge: Japan's 360 Turnaround

By the time that Tokyo Game Show 2008 kicked off back in October, a fair few people had already snaffled a copy of Weekly Famitsu, intended for release the following day. It showed Xbox 360's hardware sales ahead of PS3's in Japan for the fourth week in a row (It had remained ahead up until early November.)

It set the tone for Microsoft's ballsy push into the Japanese market that was to be made evident at the convention. With the price of the console now below that of Wii in Japan, and its gaming catalogue promising tasty software deals with Japanese publishers like Square Enix, can Xbox 360 really conquer a region that previously seemed so very uninterested in what it had to offer? (Industry, Xbox 360)

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foo-19  +   2508d ago
SpaceCowgirl  +   2508d ago
A deep, thought provoking conversation.
No U!
Shadow Man  +   2508d ago
Whats a Dirty Sanchez?
MAR-TYR-DOM  +   2508d ago
wow, what retards
Only Edge......
sackboy says hi  +   2508d ago
EDGE is sh1t.. :/
IzKyD1331  +   2508d ago
wow, the rejects over at edge make a 360 turnaround article AFTER the PS3 starts kicking it's ass again
Danja  +   2508d ago
Note To Edge..
360 sold -->29k in 8 weeks....

PS3 sold ---> 39k ..in one week....
Sarcasm  +   2508d ago
Yeah the 360 sure did make a 180 in Japan. Then pulled another 180 right back around doing a 360.

Pun intended.
Firstkn1ghT  +   2507d ago
Danja, you are completely wrong. Stop making up stuff. You know the 360 sold around 36k when Tales came out.
SL1M DADDY  +   2507d ago
Shadow Man - "Whats a Dirty Sanchez?"
It's best if you just stay naive to the ways of the dirty sanchez. From whay I hear, it's a pretty crappy experience.
mikeslemonade  +   2508d ago
A turnaround really? Talk about 360 getting a free pass. If 360 turned around in Japan then PS3 has zero things to worry about in America. The only time they actually sell more than they do is when an exclusive game comes out and other then that the sales go back to the way they are a year ago. After 2009 I doubt 360 will have any exclusives with Japanese developers unless Mystwalker gets payed another load of money to make more.
NaiNaiNai   2508d ago | Offensive
STARS  +   2508d ago
Cry more, you want to bring MGS4 into this thread, eh? MGS4 > Gears of War 2. Here you go, spin this:



Oh, and as far as the article is concerned, I stopped reading after I read the word "Edge."
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Fanboy Slaughter  +   2508d ago
Nai, for future reference...calling someone a "droid" won't bode well for you here.

Please refrain from doing this again. Or take it to the open zone, your choice.
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2508d ago
nai fail
Pennywise  +   2508d ago
This edge site is a freakin' joke.

I can forgive bloggers, but bloggers who are paid to be journalists... no excuse! Do they believe what they write?
dukadork  +   2508d ago
edge = xbollox propaganda for noobs
Rigmaster  +   2508d ago
Edge, they use to be good back in the pre-WWW days because they were the best source for high quality screenshots of games.

That was a long, long, long time ago.

Now they are nothing more than a pathetic joke of a site.
BIoodmask  +   2508d ago
Microsoft has done a pretty good job of getting titles available on the 360 that Japanese gamers seem to be interested in.
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Danja  +   2508d ago
Well to be fair , M$ has done better in Japan with the 360...props to them....

BUT..the JRPG's that they are offering while yes those are the kinda guys the Japanese gamers wants..pity nmost of those RPG's are just average at best ...

even the PS2 is still getting better RPG's than the 360..Persona 4 tops them all..
Sarcasm  +   2508d ago
Very true, it appeals to them.

However I have came to the conclusion that Japanese consumers really have poor taste in a lot of their video games.

I am currently playing Valkyria Chronicles and it's the only "RPG" this generation so far that's actually innovative, fun, polished, lengthy, and with a deep storyline to boot.

Yet, it didn't sell too well in Japan. Shame really.
cyclindk  +   2458d ago
I'd say Japanese gamers have a taste for quality hardware over schit that breaks all the time, has no HD optical playback capabilities, et cetera.
GWAVE  +   2508d ago
Call me when the 360 breaks a million in Japan. Then we'll talk.

As it stands the 360 hasn't broken a million consoles in Japan and that's at a CHEAPER price, MORE exclusive JRPGs, and a 1-YEAR headstart.

The same old BS line of "oh...well...it's doing great compared to the previous Xbox". It's still doing horribly. I love how fanboys will mock the PS3 for being SOOOO behind in sales in the USA (even though it has a faster adoption curve than the 360) yet the 360 gets a free pass in Japan because...why?
cyclindk  +   2458d ago
360 sales might not break a million in Japan, but at least that many have broken in the US (get it, broken as in RRoD) :)
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi  +   2508d ago
'With the price of the console now below that of Wii in Japan'
;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D
Oh Dear!!! It STILL can't beat the Wii!!! ;-D

Even if it was FREE it wouldn't beat the Wii!!! ;-D

Yeah Turnaround xBox 360 can keep walking, and never come back!!!;)
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SONYSLAVE  +   2508d ago
please go look at the game sells and u will see who is really winning
morganfell  +   2508d ago
360 turnaround and then re-turnaround.
cmrbe  +   2508d ago
Another turn around
you then get a 360 and then you fall from dizziness.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2508d ago
Yeah it can't beat the Wii in Japan, but the 360 sure slapped your little Sir_Ken_Kutaragi avatar around. What place is the PS3 in again?
Stereojet  +   2508d ago
LOL! Are xbots still going on about how the 360 sold more PS3's in Japan in four weeks out of a whole year?

Can they possibly be that desperate?
Fanboy Slaughter  +   2508d ago
I saw that it was from Edge and disregarded it almost entirely.
yz250  +   2508d ago
to fanboy slaughter
Nai, for future reference...calling someone a "droid" won't bode well for you here.

Please refrain from doing this again. Or take it to the open zone, your choice. LOL! Are xbots still going on about how the 360 sold more PS3's in Japan in four weeks out of a whole year?

Can they possibly be that desperate? <---you posted below this comment and didnt get it deleted and it says "xbot" in the post.(stereojets comment) here ill post the n4g rules for ya again in my post, but first, if you are going to be "fair" and uphold the rules i feel sorry for ya you got a lot of deleting to do from the sony camp on here. posting guidelines for gamerzone on n4g-....Gamer Zone Posting Guidelines
The Gamer Zone is for members who want a more friendly and civilized discussion. This section is heavily moderated by the N4G staff, so leave your fanboyism at the door please. Members who are unable to behave in a mature and respectful manner will be temporarily or permanently restricted from posting in the Gamer Zone. Using words such as Xbots and Sony droids, or other words from the console war vocabulary, is strictly prohibited in this Zone.
Fanboy Slaughter  +   2507d ago
good for you
that you found it necessary to point out that word in a post that I neither replied to or saw before my post.

People do post things at the same time, I always see comment pop up that weren't there before I wrote mine.

Congratulations, I hope you sleep better at night, now go away.
KARMA2009  +   2508d ago
LOL No prooof and numbers
Obama  +   2508d ago
I know what the people in the picture are thinking. " I can't be happier, am getting paid just by holding a brick."
NegativeCreep427  +   2508d ago
LOL! So True.
I bet they were all thinking "alright, now lets pose for the American company that just gave these 7.7 pound papers weight to us and lets just hope to whatever God we pray too that we can play this thing for at least a month without it sh*ting out on us"

This just validates my view on how biased and one-sided Edge is. After giving Resistance 2 a 6 out of 10 (and I thought giving R2 an 8 was ridiculous) I questioned Edge's integrity. But this story just proved my suspicions.
KingDizzi  +   2508d ago
Outselling the PS3 for a few weeks by a few thousand units simply shows how badly 360 is doing in Japan, this is seen as astonishing news. Not only that but in the last few weeks PS3 already made up for all the gains 360 made for the few weeks and then some.

Mind you this was simply with 2 bundles and PS3 sells 30K in one week, negating any gains 360 made just like that. WKC comes in December 25th, remember that date folks. It will do very nicely in Japan and after that simply watch the U-turn by good ol' Square Enix.
KARMA2009  +   2508d ago
EDGE are LIARS heres proof on NOV/19/2008


1. NDS Hoshi no Kirby Ultra Super Deluxe (Nintendo) - 97,449
2. PS3 Samuraidou 3 (Spike) - 81,047
3. NDS Tongari Boushi to Mahou no 365 Nichi (Konami) - 71,914
4. NDS Fushigi no Dungeon Fuurai no Shiren DS 2: Sabaku no Majou (Sega) - 45,327
5. PS3 Resistance 2 (SCE) - 33,584
6. NDS Nishimura Kyoutarou Suspense 2 Shintantei Series: Kanazawa, Hakodate, Gokkan no Kyoukoku - Fukushuu no Kage (Tecmo) - 33,079
7. NDS Ryuusei no Rockman 3: Black Ace (Capcom) - 33,067
8. NDS Rhythm Tengoku Gold (Nintendo) - 30,434
9. NDS Wagamama Fashion: Girls Mode (Nintendo) - 29,870
10. NDS Pocket Monsters Platinum (Pokemon Co.) - 26,767


DSi - 85,327
PSP - 38,153
Wii - 26,787
PlayStation 3 - 17,448
Xbox 360 - 7,983
PlayStation 2 - 5,421
DS Lite - 3,559

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OuterHaven  +   2508d ago
what turnaround?
GWAVE  +   2508d ago
The 360 turnaround, silly!

Don't you know the old saying about how the 360 turns toward good sales and then turns right back around and goes the other way?
Ju  +   2508d ago
That's why its called "360". Just one time 360 dgr. and you're right where you started.
Marceles  +   2508d ago
"With the price of the console now below that of Wii in Japan, and its gaming catalogue promising tasty software deals with Japanese publishers like Square Enix, can Xbox 360 really conquer a region that previously seemed so very uninterested in what it had to offer?"

Conquer...sigh, just sigh
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PimpHandHappy  +   2508d ago
hey they had a month
in 3 years
GWAVE  +   2508d ago
True. Let's give them credit. Y'know. You have to use positive reinforcement, kinda like potty training a child.

"Awwwwww. You've had crappy sales since you were born, but you went doo-doo in Japan's toilet for seven whole weeks this year! Hurray!"
Bladestar  +   2508d ago
what when the xbox 360 was selling less than 2,000 and when people used to say, "Nothing can make the xbox 360 beat the PS3 in Japan.. not even for 1 month"... Personally I thought that beating the PS3 in terms of sell for 1 full month was impossible.

I still doubt that the Xbox 360 can complete against the PS3 in Japan for obvious reasons... but looking at LBP numbers recently and the fact that Star Ocean will come to the xbox 360.. you never know... also the fact that the xbox 360 seems to be selling over 7,000 consoles for a long time... that to me is a turn around when one compare what the sells were when the xbox 360 came out or the original xbox.

This may mean nothing to many here (specially in this pro-sony site)... but the fact that the xbox 360 can allow 3rd party developer to be profitable in Japan is a big deal... the fact that the xbox 360 can reach a million and can beat the PS3 for a full month right on their backyard is a huge deal.

If the xbox 360 can manage to sell over 7,000 consoles the week that LBP came out... what will it do when Star Ocean come out? and even at the possibility that Final Fantasy XIII will be released on the xbox 360? Don't think for a second that Microsoft may not be saving that announcement for later.

I mean, if this was WW2 Japan is the Capital of Germany... That's like selling Pork fried rice to a Vegetarian or an American white guy going to Iran and and asking Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to be allowed to marry his daughter.
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ultimolu  +   2508d ago
You don't know me so please don't suggest anything about me.

I know what was going on but we should be talking about Edge's assumption that the 360 turned around in Japan and not about LBP.
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Firstkn1ghT  +   2507d ago
WOW! Looks like I missed a pretty big battle.
andron666  +   2507d ago
Wow, yeah what was that??
I missed it, but it doesn't look good...
kwyjibo  +   2507d ago
Well done to moderators for doing their job...
But the blanking of posts is just not enough. Users who's posts are so poisonous or off topic as to be blanked should have bubbles removed.

It would help to negate some of the fanboy-on-fanboy celebratory bubble backslapping when they agree with each other's ridiculous opinions.
Gitaroo  +   2508d ago
late published article ftw! Bet they will never mention that the system just drop back to the bottom of the list after the 6 weeks of PS3 domination and the new PS3 bundles pretty much overwritten everything that the 360 did for those 6 weeks in 1 week. Last Rement might bring the 360 back up to the list but since White Knight Story is just around the corner no body cares.
#17 (Edited 2508d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
KingDizzi  +   2508d ago
MS have worked very hard to make some inroads in Japan but fact of the matter is that it is too little too late. 3 years and it got to 800K consoles, that is nothing to be proud of after have so many exclusive JRPG while the main rival has had none and it double the price.

Any strides made with price cuts, TOV and IU have already been wiped out by PS3 and PES 09 releases next week in Japan so yeah, 360 will get screwed for some time now in Japan. Said it before and will say it again......WKC 25th Decemeber will be HUGE.
cmrbe  +   2508d ago
Trun around is
too strong of a word to use. Perhaps back from the brink of failure is the right phrase.
Dread  +   2508d ago
I just wish for once that we could have a conversation about the 360 in this site without having an overwhelming amount of Sony fan boys ruining everything.

it really is a double standard in this site.

the N4G community is oversaturated with Sony fans.

I do not go to Sony threads and bash Sony. I actually like Sony very much.

the problem with Sony right now is the fanboys.

it is a shame.

I mean we all know that the 360 has not been a hit in Japan. So it is starting to sell some consoles. That is good news. No one is suggesting that the 360 is beating Sony, so why are Sony fanboys so intimidated?

be gamers not haters

#20 (Edited 2508d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
DiabloRising  +   2508d ago
Edge shows their bias... or preference... however you want to spin it.

Yes, the 360 is doing very well. Better than anyone expected in Japan, due to smart business moves and bundles. I commend them for that. But FOR EDGE to label it a turnaround would be a free pass. The 360 still needs to prove it can sustain such interest as was said. Will they? I guess we will find out, won't we? They very well could, which would be great for competition!

But if one month in Japan is a turnaround, can we stop the whole "PS3 is doomed in America" talk as well then? Seems a bit hypocritical considering the PS3 was outselling the 360 for a few months. That's all I'm saying...
#21 (Edited 2508d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Death  +   2508d ago
By a show of hands, who here actually read the article?
"Is Japan ready to fall in love with Xbox 360? Not quite yet. While gamers are picking up the reduced-price 360 in order to buy these games, with SCE unwilling to push PS2 titles and PS3 losing its grip on Japanese content there is little choice in the matter. Xbox 360’s popularity is, for the moment, a matter of circumstance. "

Yeah, that is blatant fanboy favoritism if I ever read it. Seriously, read the article before commenting on it. There is nothing here to get upset about even if you are the most die-hard Sony fan. It's an observation of the past month's new found interest in the Xbox 360.

cmrbe  +   2508d ago
True. But turn around is still a strong word to use. Before the price drop and the realease of JRPGS on the x360 the x360 in Japan was considered by many as near dead or dead even with about 3-5k a week. Now its hovering around 7 to 10k which could be a considered back from a coma lol!.
ultimolu  +   2508d ago
...Turnaround from where?

Their sales in Japan were impressive but Sony wiped them out like a tsunami, lol.

Lol @ the disagrees rolling in. Sony kick their asses in less than eight weeks. If that wasn't a tsunami, I don't know what it was.
#23 (Edited 2508d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Bladestar  +   2508d ago
tsunami? wow! more like a mosquito spit! You make it sound like if the SP3 beat the xbox 360 in japan by 2,000,000 this past week...

Grrrr! behold! here it comes the tsunami! run for you lives!

By the way... I didn't disagree... you actually made me laugh..
#23.1 (Edited 2508d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
ultimolu  +   2507d ago
...The PS3 wiped out the 360 lead in one week by 39,000 units. Am I right or am I wrong?
ViceKingz  +   2508d ago
so if the 360 in japan is a turnaround....
then the ps3 in america and europe must be a revolution
darkdoom3000  +   2508d ago
That.... dosent make any sense... what so ever.

the x360 was always on par with ps3 in the us/eu.

the x360 was doing horrible in jpn. Ps3 was doing ok..., but a lot better than the x360. then in the recent weeks x360 was beating the Ps3, which was amazing. thats why it was called a "turn around" - it went from looser to winner. (then back to looser....but thats another story...)
Darkiewonder  +   2508d ago
The only turnaround that's going to happen is people jumping off the failboat!
darkdoom3000  +   2508d ago
Nice one, it would make sense if they posted this 2 weeks ago. Ps3 is selling more again. and WKC is just around the corner.

but still it was suprising that 360 actually beat Ps3, kudos to MS.
sak500  +   2508d ago
Ps3 flopping in japan and most of the western world is making droids cry.
Bathyj  +   2508d ago
Shouldnt they be talking about the Xbox turnaround TURNAROUND by now.

Thats why its called 360 and the next will be 720. M$ just keep going in circles.
Rhythmattic  +   2508d ago
But When the 360 hits 270 (rrod) , Its back to where it came from.
#28.1 (Edited 2508d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
NMC2007  +   2508d ago
you guys never fail me lolz! N4G comedy club is now open for business.

This site needs a name change.


I think it is impossible for this site to have 1 topic that doesn't turn into s*** by the fanboy wars, not ONE topic, every topic on this site is more than likely garbage city.
robotnik  +   2508d ago
Bots in denial, PS3 isnt flopping there, Xbox is flopping there and in Europe.

Poor Xbots.
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