Edge: Japan's 360 Turnaround

By the time that Tokyo Game Show 2008 kicked off back in October, a fair few people had already snaffled a copy of Weekly Famitsu, intended for release the following day. It showed Xbox 360's hardware sales ahead of PS3's in Japan for the fourth week in a row (It had remained ahead up until early November.)

It set the tone for Microsoft's ballsy push into the Japanese market that was to be made evident at the convention. With the price of the console now below that of Wii in Japan, and its gaming catalogue promising tasty software deals with Japanese publishers like Square Enix, can Xbox 360 really conquer a region that previously seemed so very uninterested in what it had to offer?

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IzKyD13313247d ago

wow, the rejects over at edge make a 360 turnaround article AFTER the PS3 starts kicking it's ass again

Danja3247d ago

360 sold -->29k in 8 weeks....

PS3 sold ---> 39k one week....

Sarcasm3247d ago

Yeah the 360 sure did make a 180 in Japan. Then pulled another 180 right back around doing a 360.

Pun intended.

Firstkn1ghT3247d ago

Danja, you are completely wrong. Stop making up stuff. You know the 360 sold around 36k when Tales came out.

SL1M DADDY3247d ago

It's best if you just stay naive to the ways of the dirty sanchez. From whay I hear, it's a pretty crappy experience.

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mikeslemonade3248d ago

A turnaround really? Talk about 360 getting a free pass. If 360 turned around in Japan then PS3 has zero things to worry about in America. The only time they actually sell more than they do is when an exclusive game comes out and other then that the sales go back to the way they are a year ago. After 2009 I doubt 360 will have any exclusives with Japanese developers unless Mystwalker gets payed another load of money to make more.

NaiNaiNai3248d ago Show
STARS3248d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

Cry more, you want to bring MGS4 into this thread, eh? MGS4 > Gears of War 2. Here you go, spin this:

Oh, and as far as the article is concerned, I stopped reading after I read the word "Edge."

Fanboy Slaughter3247d ago

Nai, for future reference...calling someone a "droid" won't bode well for you here.

Please refrain from doing this again. Or take it to the open zone, your choice.

Pennywise3248d ago

This edge site is a freakin' joke.

I can forgive bloggers, but bloggers who are paid to be journalists... no excuse! Do they believe what they write?

dukadork3248d ago

edge = xbollox propaganda for noobs

Rigmaster3248d ago

Edge, they use to be good back in the pre-WWW days because they were the best source for high quality screenshots of games.

That was a long, long, long time ago.

Now they are nothing more than a pathetic joke of a site.

BIoodmask3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

Microsoft has done a pretty good job of getting titles available on the 360 that Japanese gamers seem to be interested in.

Danja3247d ago

Well to be fair , M$ has done better in Japan with the 360...props to them....

BUT..the JRPG's that they are offering while yes those are the kinda guys the Japanese gamers wants..pity nmost of those RPG's are just average at best ...

even the PS2 is still getting better RPG's than the 360..Persona 4 tops them all..

Sarcasm3247d ago

Very true, it appeals to them.

However I have came to the conclusion that Japanese consumers really have poor taste in a lot of their video games.

I am currently playing Valkyria Chronicles and it's the only "RPG" this generation so far that's actually innovative, fun, polished, lengthy, and with a deep storyline to boot.

Yet, it didn't sell too well in Japan. Shame really.

cyclindk3198d ago

I'd say Japanese gamers have a taste for quality hardware over schit that breaks all the time, has no HD optical playback capabilities, et cetera.