Producer Jeff Morris on the next UT

CVG sat down with UT3 producer and all-round good guy Jeff Morris to chat-up the recently-renamed shooter instalment, what's in store for the finally-announced 360 version in which Jeff Morris made the following statements:

How are you finding fitting the massive wads of game data onto the Xbox 360's DVDs, as opposed to larger PC HDD and PS3 Blu-ray discs?

"Morris: Blue-ray is certainly appealing for guys coming from a hard drive background to have a much larger footprint to store that sort of data, but because we want the game to be the same on all platforms the chances are it'll be the same sort of size that will fit on all of them.

But while we want all of the versions to be the same that's not to say we won't do exclusive patches for each platform and that would enable us to do some pretty spectacular exclusive content.

I can tell you we have 30GB versions here today and we copied two versions to each of those PCs, so by the end of it we had about a terabyte of copies over there. So we've got to get smaller - big is cool, it lets you have more environment diversity and stuff like that but at the same time you have to deal with the actual load times. We don't know the exact number of maps we'll ship with but we want it to be between 30 and 40 - that's substantially more than other games in the genre."

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zonetrooper54307d ago

"What have you learnt from Gears development that's benefited UT3?

Morris: Well we benefited immensely on the 360 version of the game by having them reach completion on it, so we have a highly optimised version of the engine that's making the Xbox 360 version of UT3 that much better and that much faster - that's an immediate benefit absolutely.

We also got a lot of experience with certification and the whole process of what it takes to get a game on to the Xbox and then also a lot of great Live experience, so now when we implement Live all the neat little features that are available to us we're going to do to a good degree and still have plenty of time to nail.

There's a lot of things like achievements that are different in a 360 title from a PC title even though the game is "the same", and that's where our in-house expertise will prove invaluable."

TheMART4307d ago

Yup and that's why over and over again the 360 will get the best versions of multiformat games.

The combination is just unbeatable. The graphics are better, or at least equal to other versions. But the jokercard is the premium online service.

Imagine. UT3 looks the same on 360 and PS3. Just imagine. I still believe the 360 will have the better version, but that left beside. It looks the same. The 360 will have extended online functions, the PS3 will have none to a few.

We've seen it over and over again:

better graphics: FNR3, COD3 etc.
better online: Tony Hawk, Virtua Tennis 3 (first two PS3 has no online gameplay), MLB 2k7 (360 has 30 persons league's, PS3 has 12 persons league's)

There you go. The 360 just nails the multiplatforms over and over again

techie4307d ago (Edited 4307d ago )

Yus and we'll definately see once UT is released!

Though, a note of caution. He says 'that much faster and that much better' - that doesn't mean 'that much faster and that much better than the ps3' - it means that the xbox360 version will be 'that much faster and that much better than it would have been if gears of war hadn't been developed before'


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