Nintendo Urges Customers to Buy Consoles Ahead of Time

Softpedia: "Nintendo is clearly a happy company for quite a while now, largely due to the fact that the Wii and DS consoles are selling like hotcakes, even if over two years have passed since their individual launches. People are still queuing up to get their hands on the very innovative Wii console and everybody wants to try out the new DSi handheld device that has recently been launched in Japan.

The holiday seasons have always been hard on Nintendo, because of the massive demand, which the company just couldn't keep up with. We've seen some very interesting statements about the upcoming Christmas season from the president of the company's North American division, Reggie Fils-Aime, who said that the holiday period would be very profitable for the company."

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wiizy3643d ago

and they will continue to sell like hotcakes..cause the wii is the only innovative system out there.. and the wii 2 will be the best system out if sony and microsoft stick to having they system out for 10 years