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Submitted by wwedx 2561d ago | video

Killzone 2 mulitiplayer Beta video (Good quality)

this is a video of the killzone 2 mulitiplayer beta going on right now The video is Good qulity enjoy (Killzone 2, PS3)

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ToastyMcNibbles  +   2561d ago
lmao ahh sorry run!
Crazyglues  +   2561d ago
Yeah that's priceless...
I love in the beginning he shots his own team mate and is like "Oh sorry I'm New"....LOL

This guy is total Noob..
sunnygrg  +   2561d ago
1) Shoots his own teammate. Yells "Sorry I am new (nooob)"

2) Watches his teammate bleed to death, tells himself "Aw I shoulda helped him."

3) Sprints recklessly into enemy territory and dies. Shouts in a high pitched voice, "Rescue me, Rescue me."

Why do they let these damn noobs into the beta? I have invested over 20 days worth of my time into COD4 multiplayer. Why not me?
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BiggDaddy311  +   2561d ago
lol love the grenade toss bouncing off the wall and him saying "Sorry ...RUN' Awesome noobness.
stevenhiggster  +   2561d ago
The game looks great, even though the guy controling it sucks. LOL
Tarasque  +   2560d ago
Ok first off the guy playing sucks balls and secondly the video and audio quality is terrible.
ultimolu  +   2559d ago
...How could he not see that the nametag was green and he shot his own teammate? xD

I'm new in the game too but seriously...I know my teammates...O_o

But that was funny as hell. I'd like his PSN ID too.
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Kush_Reaper  +   2561d ago
lol he shot his own team member.

"rescue me, rescue me" epic.

Gue1  +   2561d ago
why you say OBAMA!!!? is that some sort of inside joke?

mmm just curiosity...
Obama  +   2561d ago
he's summoning me to defend the ps3 from the bots.
psycho360  +   2561d ago

New face same mentality. Stop being world police, your country gained more enemies than friends with this policy.

Try fighting the financial crisis than CIA spawned terrorists. Here as well these droids are spawned by lies of sony.
lokiroo420  +   2560d ago

If you all took care of yourselves the US wouldnt have to be the world police, stop letting your neighbors slaughter and kill innocent people, stop letting dictators and terrorist regimes bully and murder their own people. Dont worry its easy to be a bigot to the US then to give equal freedom to others yourself, go ask the people of iraq if they want their old lives back.
jack who  +   2561d ago
flopzone 2
Serjikal_Strike  +   2561d ago
jack who
admit it you want killzone 2..dont you? you just jealous that your xbox toaster wont get it! lol
pwnsause  +   2561d ago
nah, jack 2 loves power rangers, if you know what game im talking about
PoSTedUP  +   2561d ago
this game will suck, the ps3 sucks, sony is stupid, ahhh my ps3 just died!! btw the graphics suck too because it is the nature of ps3 games to suck.
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Obama  +   2561d ago
jack off please.
Rice  +   2561d ago
ur lucky that im approving this, if i see anymore videos like this ima report it.
IzKyD1331  +   2560d ago
bow before great master rice! /sarcasm
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Narutone66  +   2561d ago
Look very fun to play.
Lol at the player shouting "Sorry, I'm new", *high-pitched voice* "Rescue me, rescue me", then killing his wounded team mate and saying "Had to put him down, it's better for him".
Time_Is_On_My_Side  +   2561d ago
lol, you highlighted the best parts of the video, if I was in that server I would be laughing like crazy, lol.
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Serjikal_Strike  +   2561d ago
The blood looks amazing
anybody wanna feel generous and give me a code? :D
N4M3L355  +   2561d ago
LOL...this guy is hilarious, but I'm sure his teammates may disagree.
poopsack  +   2561d ago
lol that was the best part
how do I heal you?........... (shoots) I had to put him down, it was best for him.
fopums  +   2561d ago
this is the greatest audio I've ever heard during a match! LOL
swiftshot93  +   2561d ago
what a noob...
akaFullMetal  +   2561d ago
funny, and yet this game is so sweet, i really wish everyone could play in this beta
AmericanPsycho23  +   2561d ago
The video's just don't do this game justice, the beta really is just better than imagined. Friend me up if you want AmericanPsycho23
Panthers  +   2561d ago
Funny vid but the sound is horrid.
Chapulin  +   2561d ago
Looks good
That guy is funny ,but would not want him on my team.
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Meus Renaissance  +   2561d ago
I want this guys PSN ID. He sounds fun to play with, you guys are too serious man. "I had to put him down, it was best for him". Lol I can only imagine what that guy was saying
Lykon  +   2560d ago
Yeah i agree, it's nice to see someone playing and having FUN I'd like to add him too. The use of the word 'NOOB' is so gay and last year.
Ilikegames76  +   2561d ago
What if they add
this feature: to the game? It will blow away all the games out there.
Imagine if all PS3 games support that.
cyclindk  +   2561d ago
The only thing really wrong with noobs isn't accidents like the one in the beginning, it's the generally schitty ways of playing they use that anyone who has played an FPS knows not to do, i.e. standing next to a guy in a narrow corridor so that guy can't move the fuk out of the way because your dumb azz is standing right beside him like a stupid Siamese twin and they both end up getting killed; absolutely no excuse for that. That's the main downside of having dumb azz team mates spawning with you...all of a sudden there's some dumb azz spawned right behind you or something and you can't freaking move or they all of a sudden appear and you shoot em because they come out of no where and then you get punished for it... AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
Mr Tretton  +   2561d ago
haha, painful to watch a noob
r2kcipher  +   2561d ago
this guy is so funny he's the one from that L4D video..
cherrypie  +   2561d ago
Uh-oh. Looks like they arent exactly living up to expectations. Lair of early 2009.
Why o why  +   2561d ago
you wish. Too bad though. It must burn your retinas when you witness all that is killzone 2, yeah yeah, i know, its all about gameplay and sales now right
DeZimatoR  +   2561d ago

cherrypie, your trolling skills leave a lot to be desired :/ You should go ask PoG to teach you the basics... ;)

Anyways, this guy is awesome! xD

'Soryy! I'm new!'

'I had to put him down, it was the best for him...'

'Oh, I should have helped you!' *teammate bleeds to death*

'How do I heal you?' *executes teammate* 'Sorry, I had to do it, it was the best for him.'

*misses grenade throw* 'Sorry, RUN!'

Hahahahahaha! I'd love to play with this guy :P
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ultimolu  +   2559d ago
...Jealous much?
Shane Kim  +   2561d ago
Good quality? The quality was a joke. You should see the real, uncompressed HD videos. It'll make your jaw drop.
Tony600  +   2561d ago
Tony600  +   2560d ago
I had to put him down.hahaha
TIKUP  +   2560d ago
OMG this guy is sooooooo funny,the thins he said were piss funny and i laughed for ages......This guy made my day!!!
TIKUP  +   2560d ago
killzone 2 beta swap
Also does anyone have the beta for killzone ??
If yes i will offer you a Littlebigplanet kratos code....just private message me on N4G if u would like to swap!!
Alcohog  +   2560d ago
bviperz  +   2560d ago
Nice to see
No bunny hopping for once in a FPS. But I'm sure I will...
Kyur4ThePain  +   2560d ago
"I had to put him down"
tonywood  +   2560d ago
Turning the tide of the war is easy...
All sony needs to do is accept the defeat of Resistance 2 (Great game, but should not have been matched up to Gears w), and bring KILLZONE 2 out...the SAME week of Batman: The Dark Knight!

I promise that the sales of ps3 systems would be off the chartz! Saving Grand T., God of War 2, Drakes 2, The new jak and Rachet, Hevenly Rain, The agency, MAG, and inFamous, as AAA exclusives for nest year. 360 adn wii are good, but Sony ps3 is the best system..and it's not even close! *This is not superfan material...honest non-bias facts*

In 2008, after a full year lead, the 360 has only produced Gears 2 and a OK Fable 2. Mass Effect was a "flop" in terms of hype vs. sales.
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   2560d ago
I had to put him down!

It was best for him...

Lmao, this guy is hilarious.

Btw the commander voices are pretty awesome.
ugabugaz  +   2560d ago
Anyone have a spare KZ2 Beta code? I've got Home and a few other things. Pm me if interested.
PSN: ugabugaz
wwedx  +   2560d ago
Xbox 360 out the door
i Cant wait to sell my xbox 360 and get back my ps3 i hope i get it in time for this game

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