Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 16

The latest bloody skirmish begins here. Seven more cross-platform releases are appraised for your feverish attentions across the next few pages, backed - as usual - by the best range of comparison assets on the internet. That'll be full 720p and 1080p HDMI 24-bit RGB screengrabs, and h.264-powered 1:1 precision videos.

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tomfoolery3249d ago

every time.

poor little stupid sony droids.

Darkseider3249d ago

Without looking or even gracing their site with a hit I will predict that the 360 wins AGAIN. amirite? This has become a comedy installment more than anything else.

BIoodmask3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

Baja: Edge of Control:

Manages to be even worse on the PlayStation 3.
PS3 version = Collapsing frame-rates (even on the vehicle-selection screen - that must have taken some work), zero anti-aliasing, pared-down lighting and missing environmental detail.

Mirror's Edge:

PlayStation 3 has nothing in the way of anti-aliasing to smooth off the image, whereas the Xbox 360 code employs AA selectively to make the game look marginally more appealing.

Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway:

There are no v-lock issues, but this does make the frame-drops that much more noticeable and, of the two games, it's the PS3 version that suffers the most.


The PS3 game looks a little fuzzy in comparison, it's because a pretty substantial drop in resolution: 1152x648 versus the more normal 1280x720 - a 23 per cent improvement in favour of the Microsoft console.

Guitar Hero: World Tour:

PS3 version has a resolution drop from 720p to 1080x545 or thereabouts, and less impressive lighting effects compared to the 360 code.

vitz33249d ago

Oh Bloodmask, when will your fanboyism end? LOL, by now you must realize that everyone thinks you're a joke and won't read articles you submit.

BIoodmask3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

seeing as how I submit more news than anyone on this website. What does quoting things form Eurogamer have to do with me?

You act like I wrote the article or something.

Rockstar3249d ago

Absolutely 0% of all this console x is better than console y BS means anything the the general public I.E. the people buying the consoles.

Let me break it down for you:
Ooh, I like GeOW 2, I guess I'll buy a 360
Ooh, I just saw the commercial for Resistance 2, PS3 for me I guess.
That 360 price tag is looking pretty sweet, I'll go grab one.
I've had all of Sony's consoles and I love them, time to upgrade.
Ooh, I really like Mirrors edge, which console has a better frame rate/lighting etc. etc. etc.

BIoodmask3249d ago

They are good for people who own both consoles who want to know which version of the game is superior. That way they can make an informed purchase.

monfa3249d ago

Reviews for the anal gamer you mean ?
I doubt there are a whole lot of people that pick a version based on these minor differences.
It is more likely that someone owns both consoles ,already has one favourite they buy all games for ,and keep the other around for exclusives.
You might be right though ,but I personally read something like this more as another bs "mine is bigger then yours" article.

Real Gambler3249d ago

"They are good for people who own both consoles who want to know which version of the game is superior. That way they can make an informed purchase."

It doesn't matter that much, since all games look pretty much the same no matter what and in the end, if you own both consoles, you may simply pick the game for the console with the highest reliability record. That way, you'll still be able to play your game in 5 years from now, on the same console you bought on day 1... This week saw a real bad anniversary for 360's owners. The end of the 3 year warranty. Not sure I would buy anymore game for my launch 360 if I had both consoles. Maybe end up being costly, buying games for a 360 out of warranty, just for a few more pixels...

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Captain Tuttle3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

Pretty interesting.

xg-ei8ht3249d ago

Bloodmask i'm not quite sure why you have alot of bubbles other then the fact you submit alot of crap.

You must need the dough.

But in case your wondering, ps3 wins mirrors edge hands down, with better lighting and shadow detail.

But guess what eurohomo, likes everything the 360 does.

And just for the sakes of it, i'll throw in my own piece of info.

Every game their other then mirrors edge is total crap. On both systems. They are made by companies who don't invest alot of time in ps3.

The only people that invest alot of time in ps3 games, is SONY. First party Exclusives.

UNCHARTED - Makes gears look like an original xbox game.

GT5P - Makes forza 2 look like a snes game.

KILLZONE2 - 360 has no answer to that one.

RACHET AND CLANK - Makes Banjo look very very poor.

RESISTANCE 2 - More going onscreen that 360 will ever achieve.

GOW3 - 360 has no answer to that one either.

Heavy Rain - 360 again has no answer.

I could go on and on.

But the fact of the matter is, i've played these games, except the few that are due 09. And can honestly say, the 360 equivalent aren't even in the same ball park/

littletad3245d ago

Fight fanboyism with fanboyism huh? Anyways, I have both Ratchet and have played Banjo, and Ratchet isn't all that much better. Heck even Kameo still holds up against Ratchet. The game that does put Banjo to shame is Lbp. Second of all you should know by now that Microsoft has a habit of only talking about games that are due soon and within the year, with some exceptions. So to say that they don't have anything "to answer" is a little shallow for Rain and Gow 3. I agree with you however that they have nothing comparable to Killzone 2 at the moment, and probably never will.