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Buy the Gold Lancer...for 99999MS Points

Do you want the Gold Lancer for Gears of War 2? Did you not purchase the limited edition and now feel helpless? No more worries, you can now purchase the gold lancer through Microsoft's website for the low, low price of 99999MS points! That is roughly $1250...did someone say "Great Deal!" because that's what I'm seeing. Note: Sarcasm. (Gears of War 2, Xbox 360)

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jack who  +   2442d ago
Great Fing Deal
now am the big ms fan on this site but this is just dumb funny
mrdxpr2  +   2442d ago
wow wow wow.. i have a feeling some idiot will buy this and then hes gona say i bought it for $1250..this is ridiculous this is an error cant be true if it is then MS really wants u to buy the game new
Maxned  +   2441d ago
Wow bad error. Some idiot might buy it though...
jkoz  +   2441d ago
I sold mine for $80, looks like I got ripped off.
Rapture333  +   2441d ago
I could get 3 PS3's, and 1 game!
Lifendz  +   2441d ago
Can't you just buy the limited edition Gears 2
and get it anyway?
No Way  +   2441d ago
That's the point. =P

Or, maybe, it's to see how many suckers buy it, for that price. o.O
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Johnny Rotten  +   2442d ago
lol someone posted this earlier... I got mine for free!


EDIT: HOLY CRAP, someone posted this earlier letting people know it was for free, that's how I got it, it cost me nothing, I guess they jacked the price up a little!

here's the post from earlier http://www.n4g.com/xbox360/... look at comment 7
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Johnny Rotten  +   2442d ago
ummm I think they ended up taking points from me cause now I'm missing a 100 ms points, that's not really fair is it? I only downloaded it cause it as free :(
Panthers  +   2441d ago
its M$... what do you expect.
No Way  +   2441d ago
@Johnny Rotten
Eh, well, it's only 100 MS points.. You got a good deal, sir. =P
typikal82  +   2441d ago
its now 999999 lol, I was going to try it but it says i have to pay :(
iggypop123  +   2441d ago
my friend got the COD free weapon lets see if they take away points from him
drdistracto707  +   2441d ago
pp, where are you? This deal has your name written all over it!
No Way  +   2441d ago
That's a great deal, indeed. I'ma jump all Over that deal!

Ha. That's hilarious, though. Wonder who the sucker, that's going to buy it, will be..? o.O
GearsOfWar  +   2441d ago
Bill Gates. :P
Pablos102030  +   2441d ago
46 million of them to be exact...
(58 billion/1250 dollars=about 46 million)
Covenant  +   2441d ago

What a bargain! I'll put on eBay and make a mint off resale.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to sell seashore property in Oklahoma.
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Itrguy001  +   2441d ago
if only it was a real life gun with real gold on it then it would be a bargin
Snake Raiser  +   2441d ago
BIG BOSS snaps neck of every one in room, steals gold lancer. Sells for 50000 U.S. dollars.

Yes, big boss CAN steal virtual things.
MerkinMax  +   2441d ago
The Reason Its Like This...
I put my code in so I could download the Flashback MP. While it was downloading I tried to download it again on accident and it said 99999 ms points as the cost. So this is just simply implying,"YOU DON'T GET THIS WITHOUT CODES MOTHA!"
Fobuo  +   2441d ago
Hm,I need to read a review before I buy it
SDS Gamerfiend  +   2441d ago
I'd pay that much for them to fix the lancer's chainsaw problem where you can walk right thru fire, shotgun and anything else and chainsaw LOL!
SprayandPreycom  +   2441d ago
golden boy gun
everyone with this gun gets ragged on when we play horde they always call him the golden boy ...lol
I am Legend  +   2441d ago

deathtwo7  +   2441d ago
i dont even use the golden lancer i have, i think it looks stupid
Sarcasm  +   2441d ago
"Note: Sarcasm."

aza619  +   2441d ago
this is madness
GarandShooter  +   2441d ago
Madness!!?? THIS...IS...SPARTA!!!
Rekyyli  +   2441d ago
Getting this day one.
micro_invader  +   2441d ago
Wait, so is this a skin for the in-game lancer or a real-life replica that they send to you? I'm confused.
cRaZyLeGs 93  +   2441d ago
micro_invader  +   2441d ago
Wow, $1250 for a skin. You'd have to be a nutter to actually purchase this.
eletin   2441d ago | Spam
ThaGeNeCySt  +   2441d ago
I was able to get the gold lancer and gears 2 theme for free before MS patched this
M3 Superhero  +   2441d ago
Kush  +   2441d ago
When I submitted this story I thought it might get a few laughs, but I never thought it would become the #1 story on N4G...or end up getting my site over 7500 hits!
JUSTICEFORALL  +   2441d ago
f**king stupid whos gonna be the moron and actually buy this? sad thing is when gears becomes old and who gonna bother or care? no one im happy with what i got
ph201  +   2441d ago
So many serious people...
Guys, Microsoft sets that price on purpose. They don't want you getting it and no one in the right mind ever would. That is the same price of the Golden Hammerburst and M1A1 Carbine class from preordering Call of Duty World at War.

Strangely, yesterday it was free instead of 99999 and I managed to download it before the price was changed.

Xlll  +   2441d ago
Another classic case of M$ telling those bots to bend over.
Cheeseknight28  +   2441d ago
Or just a simple typo.

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