Jaffe: GTA IV too arty


"It turns out David Jaffe isn't a fan of GTA IV. In an exclusive interview with Play, the God of War guru said that he had lost interest in the GTA series now it's become "more artistic".

" I was enthused by games from Atari. I loved the old Atari 2600 games like Adventure. Raiders of the Lost Ark and Combat were also great and I the game boxes framed on my wall. Nowadays, I play MGS4, Bad Company, COD4, stuff like that. I've lost interest in GTA now it's become more artistic".

Jaffe also revealed to Play that the main reason he left Sony was because of money disputes. "God of War was a really successful game," he said. "And I felt the reward I recieved from having so much input just wasn't enough"."

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ICUP3435d ago

Shame on SONY for not showing David Jaffe the money

He deserve every pennies.

The Matrix3435d ago

David Jafee needs to shut up. I'm beginning to think that his talented team was the only reason why God of War was one of the most amazing games ever made. Jaffe seems to be to stupid to have made such an epic game.

barom3434d ago

Jaffe didn't deserve the money. The team did. Let's face it, Jaffe might not have been that influential. I mean the God Of War team made a GREAT sequel, in fact they made everything I wanted God Of War 1 to be and even better. What has Jaffe done lately? Made Calling All Cars which was alright, made Twisted Metal Head-on, also just alright.

Masta_fro3434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

GTAIV sucked balls...and not just any balls, you know the monsters from Alien Vs. Predator? Yea...their balls.

Cajun Chicken3434d ago

Calling All Cars! is awesome!
There's nothing like that frustration of wanting to tear out someones throat right next to you!

Maxned3434d ago

Maxned: Jaffe too douchey.

InMyOpinion3434d ago

He won't be the first to leave. I mean, imagine how terrible it is if your games isn't even near the same success as God of War. I won't mention any studios but if you look at exclusive PS3 games and their sales lately you know which ones I mean.

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peedie163435d ago

whats wrong with sony if I were them I give him what every he wanted

TOO PAWNED3434d ago

I guess most of you that think like this are kids with no job. This is not how things work in real life

xhi43434d ago

how old are you?


DrWan3434d ago

I dont think there is any role in us, the gamers, to determine how much money he should get. He is just an employee of a company which end up producing a successful iconic series.

The fact that he still has connection with Sony as well as that he keeps on saying in previous interview that "Sony has treated me very well" sounded like to me, that he felt the only way for him to go up higher in his career was to start his own company which makes alot of sense to me.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with a successful person going out to establish something he can call his own; I think enough if Sony has given him more money or credit for what he does, he will eventually move on because some people just want soemthing to call their own at the end of the day, and there is nothing wrong with David doing what is right for hismself.

jkhan3434d ago

Isn't this old news? I mean I read these words last year or something.

mrdxpr23434d ago

goes to show how much u know 3 hasnt neven been out it doesnt neven have a release date and if u didnt like 1,2 then skip gears,halo,R1,2, just quit gaming yeah stay with zeebo//

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